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Paper Shredder

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    1 Review
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      15.04.2009 19:59
      Very helpful



      A very good value product

      I bought this shredder from Wilkinson for the bargain price of £8. In my experience, shredders don't last that long, even the more expensive ones. They all do the same thing so I refuse to spend a lot of money on them. Also, I've tried the hand operated ones which you have to turn a handle to shred the paper. Not only do these only last five minutes, if you have a lot of shredding to do it can get tiring!

      This Texet SC10L Shredder is electric and mains operated. The top shredder part is smart metallic silver and the bottom wastepaper bin is black. It comes with a base for it to sit on and looks quite smart. The design has changed slightly since the dooyoo picture was taken and the one I have has a rectangular, instead of rounded top, which I actually prefer. It's fairly compact, which looks good and doesn't take up too much space, but ultimately means emptying the waste basket more often than a bigger shredder. The basket is a 10 litre wastebasket, which it states on the box hold 50 sheets of A4 paper, though I've not counted!

      The shredder will cut paper card and envelopes, but does not do cards or discs, which is ok for me as I don't have much call for these functions. It will shread 5 standard pieces of paper at once and cuts into 6mm strips. This is satisfactory, but a little big I feel. 6mm strips you can fit a few characters onto and a very dedicated fraudster could probably piece these size strips back together but I'm fairly happy it's adequate, it's still better than chucking your statements out whole.

      The large slide switch on the top of the shredder changes the controls. Flicking the swich to the centre is off and to the left to shred, and to reverse, flick to the right. This works reasonably well but it is quite easy to push the switch too hard while trying to get it into the central 'off' position and flick it into reverse!

      The box has the spec of the product on the side, and this claims that the shredder has 'Quiet operation.' This is a lie!! Unless the person testing the product was a little hard of hearing that is. Cutting the full 5 sheets muffles the sound a little but just shredding one piece is noisy. I can hear it downstairs if it's shedding upstairs! Still it does feed the paper through quickly so the noise is over with after a few seconds!

      I use the shredder quite a lot. The manual states that you should keep it turned off for 30 minutes for every 2 minutes of operation. This could be a pain in you have a heap of stuff to shred in one go but it's worth sticking by these guidelines to prolong the life of the product. Maybe giving the shredder to much work in one go was the reason my previous one died! I now just keep it on my desk and shred as I go!

      Overall, I product I would recommend for function, look and price, even if it's a bit noisy!


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  • Product Details

    Each A4 sheet shreds into 6 mm strips/35 narrow strips. Ideal for home & office use. Compact and slim design is ideal for under desk use. Auto on/off/reverse slider controls. Wide entry for envelopes and A4 sheets. Quiet operation.

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