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Altstadter Ring (Prague, Czech Republic)

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    1 Review
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      05.01.2006 19:21
      Very helpful



      Prague is great holiday destination, and the old town centre and Altstadter Ring a must see!!!

      I visited Prague 18 months ago for a 5 day concert tour with my school. Because we were meant to be playing and rehearsing every day we didn't have much time to ourselves to just go off and explore unfortunately, however due to some of the places we were playing we were able to visit most of the main attractions in Prague, even if not for very long.

      Anyone who has ever been to Prague will agree that the city has some stunning architecture and some truly beautiful scenery. I went in the summer so everything was bright and sunny which was great, however I can't wait to go back in the winter when it's really cold and snowy, and visit some of their Christmas markets too.

      THE place to go in Prague has to be the old town centre which contains the Altstadter Ring, if you do nothing else whilst you are there you must visit this. The clock dominates the centre, which is layed out like an old market square, with stalls, bars and restaurants around the outside. In the centre there is always a hub of people, mainly tourists, usually waiting to see the clock chime, which it does every hour. The atmosphere here, at night especially, is truly buzzing, and this continues to grow as the end of the hour approaches. There are large groups of tourists, clustered around their tour guides listening intently to what they are saying, there are families trying to get their video recorders to work so they don't miss it, and yes there are a few drunken groups of men/women - usually on a stag/hen night, who've staggered out of the nearest bar to watch the clock, (or just to get to the next bar)!!!!! The clock itself is an astronomical clock which is meant to chime death at every hour with a bell shaped like a skeleton, it is truly unique, and a more than impressive sight. Even if you yourself weren't that impressed, you couldn't fail to get carried away on the atmosphere surrounding the old town centre.

      The stalls aurrounding the centre sell all sorts of souveneirs and gifts to take home to your friends, and at these prices it's hard to resist. Everything in Prague seemed to be ridiculously cheap when we went, a pint of beer cost the equivalent of only 50p!!! You can see why it's so popular with stag nights!!! I also picked up numerous pictures and paintings from local artists for a matter of pounds! You can have a cheap holiday, and still have a great time.

      If anyone is unsure about whether or not to go to Prague my advice would definately be to go for it. It was totally unlike anywhere I had been before, it was cheap once we were there and it was beautiful. Prague is full of character, the people are friendly - although I really couldn't understand what they were saying!!! and there's lots to do. You can shop till you drop in the new town centre which has plenty of shops to offer, you can sightsee and take in the culture, you can eat and drink in the numerous restaurants and bars or you could just go for lots of long walks and take in the scenery.
      Whatever you decide you're bound to have a great time.


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