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Cascade Brewery (Tasmania, Australia)

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This is Australia's oldest brewery, dating back to 1824. It is located in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

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    1 Review
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      21.07.2009 15:58
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      One of the best attractions in Hobart and a must-see

      The Cascade Brewery is Australia's oldest brewery being founded by Peter Degraves in 1824. It is set amongst the mountains of Hobart in Tasmania, Australia and is located only a short ten minute drive from the centre of town. When looking at the Brewery factory the building is in its old and original condition with dark walls and huge old fashioned windows. The building stands alone surrounded by mountains, trees and grassland at the base of Mount Wellington which makes for a beautiful photo. It does look very daunting though and it has an eerie feel and looks very much like an old haunted mansion.

      Cascade manufacture a range of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages including beer, cider and syrups. Even though Degraves originally emigrated from England, all of Cascade's products are very much Australian. The Brewery produces its own malt from local barley for its mainstream beers, and all other malt is imported from the rest of Australia. The non-alcoholic drinks get their fruits from those grown in Tasmania and everything is produced locally. Every bottle also holds an image of the famous Tasmanian Tiger.

      Alcoholic products:
      ~ Mercury Draught Apple Cider
      ~ Cascade Blonde
      ~ Cascade Pale Ale
      ~ Cascade Draught
      ~ Cascade Premium Lager
      ~ Cascade Premium Light
      ~ Cascade Green
      ~ Cascade First Harvest Ale
      ~ Cascade Stout

      Non-alcoholic products:
      ~ Cascade Apple Isle Premium Apple
      ~ Cascade Apple Isle Apple and Raspberry
      ~ Cascade Ginger Beer
      ~ Cascade Ultra- C Blackcurrant Syrup
      ~ Cascade Ultra - C Lite Blackcurrant Syrup
      ~ Cascade Raspberry Fruit Juice Syrup

      Some of the beverages which Degraves originally created when he first opened the Brewery are still being manufactured today including the very popular Pale Ale. Cascade Blonde is a drink which I think is targeted more towards the ladies with a light bitterness and a hint of citrus and was originally inspired by a local pretty fair-haired barmaid who is pictured on most of the Blonde products. Cascade Draught is Tasmania's best selling beer while Cascade Premium Light is the biggest selling light beer in the whole of Australia.

      Cascade Brewery is one of the most popular attractions in Hobart which you can visit to do a tour around the Brewery or simply to sample the products. The tour provides a look into the process of making the beer taking you around the factory, Visitors Centre, museum and retail shop. You'll find out about the Brewery's founder and the interesting life he had before he came to be one of Tasmania's and Australia's most successful entrepreneurs. The factory is obviously the most interesting part of the tour where you're given an insight into how the beer is actually made from the churning of the fruit to the labelling of the bottles. One of my favourite parts was standing up high over the huge mixing domes where the beer is fermented and getting to take a peek into the domes to see it bubbling away inside. It's best to do a tour on a weekday where you'll witness the actual operation of the beverages and see the machines all operating. This does mean though that you'll have to look pretty stupid for parts of the tour wearing safety jackets, safety hats and huge goggles!

      Another great part to the tour is the product tasting at the end which is a must for any beer fan. You will be guided back into the main bar and reception area which is across the road from the main Brewery building and are given three tokens which you can use to try out three of Cascade's beverages, whichever you prefer. Not being a fan of beer I stuck to the weaker and more feminine beers and tried the Cascade Blonde and Apple Cider. For me, the cider was a little too sweet but my husband, who is a cider drinker, loved it, but I preferred the Blonde which tasted very light and fruity. I also tried the Apple and Raspberry soft drink which was very sweet but it was very delicious and I can see why Cascade's soft drinks are very popular (although expensive) in Tasmania.

      Tours run daily from 11am and 1pm and last for roughly two hours. A tour must be booked beforehand either directly through the Brewery or through a travel or information centre in Hobart. One thing to remember before leaving for a tour is that appropriate clothes must be worn including fully enclosed flat footwear and full length trousers.

      Tours cost $20 (£10) for adults and $10 (£5) for children.

      Cascade Brewery is a must-see attraction for any beer drinkers but I'd also recommend a visit to those who aren't even keen on the drink. As I said, I don't really drink beer, yet I really enjoyed myself on the tour. The Brewery is such an old and beautiful attraction and Cascade is such a popular brand that a visit here is a must in order to view a core part of Tasmania's heritage.


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      This is Australia's oldest brewery, dating back to 1824. It is located in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

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