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Circus Maximus (Xbox)

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Circus Maximus: Chariot Wars is a brutal mix of racing and combat set during the height of Imperial Rome. The Great Circus provides entertainment to thousands of cheering crowds throughout the Empire. The greatest champions from the furthest reaches of th

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    1 Review
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      07.01.2004 03:27
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      Having had an Xbox for a long while and the amount of new and improved games running slim for the time being, I decided to go down to my local Game store and blow some cash. 3for2 offer? Well what better way than to waste my time with three games instead of two. I bought Mortal Kombat : Deadly Alliance, and Dungeons and Dragons : Heroes. As i pay nothing for the third game i thought 'what the heck' and picked up the lamest game i could see. Enter.. Circus Maximus. Expecting nothing from the game i jammed it into the console and read a little bit of the manual, only to find out it was a French game... I mean im NOT rascist in any way, but I've never heard of anything good coming from France... in an Xbox sense at least. The game play i assumed would be roman themed, maybe a gladiator style hack'n'slash AKA gauntlet. But alas, it turns out to be a very unique style. Whilst sticking to the racing genre, it adds a twist as you are to control the driver of a chariot, and the warrior that is stationed behind the lead. But hey you only live once, you may as well experience things as you go along... So i started up the first game. They try neat little tricks like using Roman words to name selections, like 'Empire' for 'Multiplayer'. It seems nice but to a new user it's all very daunting. The controls are also as daunting and un-configurable. The graphics are very weak in the sense that an N64 could have handled the game. The controls are slightly unreliable at times also. However, the single player - as bad as it is - is just the half of it.. The multiplayer is where this game gets it's 3stars. If you have a couple of friends over and want to get drunk and play video games thats fine (as long as you're old enough), but make sure you give this game a go. 4 player on the xbox is a right laugh with Halo, but it's been done, try something new. The main advantage of multip
      layer is the co-operative aspect. The teams are split into two, one 'driver' and one 'warrior' on each. With the Roman countdown at the start and the number of shortcuts available, there's plenty to keep people awake. It's when the crashes begin to happen that the fun starts (and believe me there will be crashes). All in all, even if you play this game just to laugh at it's ridiculously poor graphics, the rubbish sound effects, or the joys of crashing, it's worth at least one go on anyones console.


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