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CSI: The Experience (Las Vegas)

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Test your inner crime-solver at the blockbuster new attraction, CSI: The Experience!

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    1 Review
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      04.11.2012 16:16
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      One to avoid

      We went to Las Vegas in September and one of the things we visited was the CSI: The Experience attraction. We decided to do this as part of an offer MGM resorts had running, whereby if you bought tickets for three attractions from a list of five or six, you got a small discount. My husband chose CSI: The Experience as he is a fan of the show. I wasn't really keen on going to this, as I'd read some reviews of it and they were all pretty negative, as well as the general idea of a CSI themed attraction not really appealing to me. I had to admit it did sound better than the other options on the list though, so we picked this as our third choice.

      The attraction runs at the MGM Grand hotel on the Las Vegas Strip and tickets can be purchased at the box office. I didn't think the attraction was very well signposted once we were inside the hotel, but thankfully my husband had spotted the entrance a few days earlier and remembered where it was.

      When we arrived we were directed down some stairs and arrived at a reception desk, where we handed our tickets over to the lady there and in return were given clipboards. These clipboards had details of a crime on them, which we were expected to solve. We were also told that if we wanted to we could get into the spirit of things by wearing a CSI vest, which were located on a rack near the entrance. They tend to let only a few groups go in at once, so we had to wait at the entrance for around 5-10 minutes for some more people to turn up before we could actually enter the attraction.

      Once we went in, we were taken to a darkened room with small stools where we had to sit and watch an introductory video featuring Gil Grissom from the show. Once that was done, we were directed through some doors into a room where we could begin solving our crime...

      There are three crime scenes at the attraction and you will be assigned to one, as detailed on the clipboard you are given. We were both assigned to crime two. You can only solve one crime - if you want to solve more than one, you will be expected to pay extra for the privilege. You are given a discount coupon for this on your clipboard to encourage you to do so.

      To solve the crime you have to go through several rooms each with a different function. First is a mock-up of a crime scene, then you get to a room where you can analyse DNA on a computer, a room where you can analyse different tyre tracks, analyse a substance, read the victims recent texts, that sort of thing. To be honest, I thought the crime was relatively easy to solve, I thought there might be an unexpected twist somewhere, but it was pretty basic. My husband described it as being 'a bit like put the square peg in the square hole' and I did see what he was saying - for example you get a board showing three fingerprints and you have to slide the suspects fingerprints over the top to see which matches. Hardly rocket science, especially as all three fingerprints bear no similarity to each other whatsoever!

      You can solve the crime at your own pace and I'd say we were there for around 45 minutes at the most. It possibly would have been even shorter, but there were six people assigned to our case and only two computers so we did have some waiting around whilst the other people finished up.

      At the end of the attraction you are expected to type the details you have written on your clipboard onto a computer. You are then told if you have successfully solved your crime and if so can then enter your email details to be mailed a certificate should you wish to do so. I went through the process of this, however I will freely admit I had no desire to receive a certificate, which is just as well as I got to the last page and was unable to submit the form!

      The attraction costs $28 (approx £17) per person and runs between 9am and 9pm daily. Children under 12 need to be accompanied by an adult.

      On the whole I thought this was pretty disappointing and I'm glad we got discounted tickets as there is no way it was worth the full ticket price. The crime was very easy to solve to the point I almost felt patronised by some of the questions on the clipboard, not to mention it was so short it felt almost like it was over before it began. I thought there would have been more things relating to the actual show and overall the whole thing was just a little bit disappointing. Unless you're a superfan of CSI, I couldn't really recommend this attraction.


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