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Doha Corniche (Qatar)

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The seafront area is one of the most attractive area's in Doha.

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    2 Reviews
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      26.04.2010 15:09



      if you have a few hours in Doha, this is definitely the place to go

      The Corniche in Doha is actually a very attractive waterfront area curving around the bay of Doha. It stretches for several miles from the Islamic Museum of Art and the Souq, right around to the newly developed area with all the skyscrapers and fancy hotels.

      Because of the wide open spaces involved, it never feels crowded. Some people walk and jog along it, but it always feel peaceful and quiet, despite the busy traffic and screeching horns, only metres away.

      As mentioned, the Corniche starts around the area of the Islamic Museum of Art. This is an excellent museum to spend a few hours, and most of all - to escape the unrelenting, unforgiving middle eastern sun. Temperatures can reach into the 40's, so it's wise to take a break and enjoy some air conditioning.

      Around this area is also the older fishing area, where traditional boats gather. It makes for quite a contrasting picture, with the new skyscrapers gleaming in the distance behind.

      Overall, i'd say if you have a few hours in Doha, this is definitely the place to go. There are shaded areas where you can relax on a bench, or even on the grass, and cool down before you start walking again.

      It's very pleasant, and by far the most attractive element of the building site that is Doha.

      Just another additional warning though - don't stay out in the sun too long. You can get burnt to a crisp very quickly and without even noticing!


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      20.02.2009 14:02
      Very helpful



      A nice open space to watch the world go by

      When I travelled to Thailand with work some time ago we flew with Qatar Airways which meant that we had a change of aircraft in Doha. On the return flight, rather than connecting straight away, our work decided to have us actually spend the day in Doha instead, arriving into Doha in the morning and then fly back home later on in the evening. As we sell this destination it made sense for us to see some of the hotels and attractions here whilst the opportunity was there and so even though we were all very tired, the first thing they had us doing was a city tour and one of the places we went to whilst on the tour was the corniche.

      What is it?
      The corniche is an area along the seafront where you can stroll along and enjoy the modern and very clean surroundings. The area is very spacious and never too crowded. The Corniche is not far from the airport at all and makes the city of Doha very welcoming as you start to get into the city from the airport.

      What is there?
      The area has some places to buy food and drink and there are a couple of parks just back from the seafront along with a few hotels of which the Pyramid shaped Sheraton is most prominent. The park is actually named Sheraton park and is across the road from the seafront area. The park is very clean and tidy and has a few childrens play areas on it. There are plenty of places to sit and relax and just enjoy the sunshine whilst having a coffee or juice from the small cafe at one end of the corniche and is generally never too crowded. In fact when I was there I didn't see a single person in this area although that might have been because it was still quite early. However no matter where we went in Doha there was generally not lot of people just walking about. There is also an area to one end of the corniche where it overlooks the bay and is stuck out so that you can stand looking over to the other side of the bay where all the bigger building and main bulk of hotels are. It is quite impressive as because there is hardly anybody about it is actually very tranquil and the sea is very clear and a lovely striking blue colour so it really does look very nice.

      Overall opinion:
      The corniche is not somewhere you go because of the amazing facilities on offer as it is really more of a place to come and relax and watch the world go by. When we were there in March time the weather was just perfect - not too hot and not too cold. I imagine that the Qataris would probably feel it was slightly cold as they are used to scorching hot summers but, for us Brits it was the perfect time of year to sit out in the sunshine without feeling the need to take shade every two minutes! So for me this would be the perfect place to just do nothing. Maybe take a leisurely stroll and have a drink in the small cafe. If you are driving in Qatar there is a car park that is ideal if you want to drive to the corniche and then walk down it for a while. Overall this is a nice place to relax and basically do nothing!


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      The seafront area is one of the most attractive areas in Doha.

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