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Fall of Atlantis Show (USA)

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Type: Fall of Atlantis Show / Location: Ceasar's Palace Casino, Las Vegas

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    1 Review
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      23.10.2012 18:36
      Very helpful



      I'm glad it was free!

      We stumbled across the Fall of Atlantis show by accident. We were shopping in the Forum Shops section of the Caesars Palace Hotel, Las Vegas and were in the Nike shop which is located right at the back, next to The Cheesecake Factory. When we came out we noticed a crowd was beginning to gather, after which we noticed a sign saying that the next show would be on the hour. We had no idea what show this was, but we figured that since whatever it was appeared to be free and it was only five minutes until the start, we would stick around to watch anyway!

      Fall of Atlantis takes place on the hour, every hour from 10am-11pm Sunday - Thursday and 10am - Midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. No seating is available so you must stand. We were at the 11am showing and it was surprisingly busy.

      The show is held on a raised platform, with Roman style plinths topped with ornate statues. The back of the stage is actually a small tropical aquarium, which is well worth having a look at, as it's very pretty with a large variety of colourful fish.

      Just prior to the show beginning, a member of staff moved the crowd back a bit, with the words 'it sometimes gets a bit hot at the front'. By this point I really was wondering what on earth I was about to see! As the clock struck the hour, jets of water rose creating pretty fountains, dramatic music began playing and light effects came up on the ceiling.

      I think it was at this point that a throne rose from the back of the stage, on it a sort of animatronic king who spoke in a booming voice. I was quite surprised by this as I had been expecting a show with real people! The robotic king looked fairly realistic although a join on his neck seemed to have come loose a bit! He moved as he spoke, although I found it quite difficult to make out what he was saying, due to the noise of the running water. I asked my husband if he could make out what was going on and he too said he couldn't hear properly. The person next to me then turned to her companion and asked what was going on too, so it seems we weren't the only ones who couldn't hear it clearly!

      As the show continued, the king's animatronic son and daughter also appear on the stage and the story revolves around them fighting it out amongst themselves over who should inherit the city of Atlantis. I wont say any more on story as I don't want to give it all away for anyone who intends to visit - not only that but I struggled to follow it at times due to the poor sound! There are lots of special effects in the show and it is these that are the most impressive thing about it. As well as the fountains, smoke frequently billows and the lady was right - it does get hot a the front - as fire rises frequently, and the son's sword often had huge jets of fire coming from it. There are constant light and sound effects too. The whole show lasts probably around 10-15 minutes at the most.

      Although the special effects are undoubtedly impressive for a free show, I felt it was spoiled by the noise of the running water, jets of fire and claps of thunder and so on, which were constantly going on in the background, very loudly. These meant that I couldn't hear the narration properly and through much of the show I couldn't quite follow what was going on, which was a bit of a shame. I'd definitely suggest the sound needs to be tweaked as this spoiled the entire thing for us - if you can't hear the story then there is little point in watching.

      My personal feeling is that if you happen to be in the area near to the hour then I'd say pop along and watch the show - it is free after all. I wouldn't however recommend going out of your way to see it, unless of course you have some sort of particular interest in Atlantis, but I personally will not go again. I think two out of five stars is probably fair, I'd possibly go to two and half if half stars were an option. The sound problems ruined the entire thing, but the special effects are fairly good and the aquarium is also worth a look.


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