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Falls of Baleine (St. Vincent, Caribbean)

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A waterfall found on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent.

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    1 Review
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      05.01.2010 08:34
      Very helpful



      A natural swimming area in St Vincent

      The Falls of Baleine are located on the North West side of St Vincent and can only be reached by boat, therefore for tourists that don't know anyone on the island the only way to get there is to go on an organised tour. A lack of tourists on the island will mean that getting a tour is not as easy as it is in other holiday destinations, where you are touted everywhere.

      In St Vincent it is the tourist that has to do all the hard work and actively seek out excursions because the tour operators/locals will not come to you. Whilst you will pay for the boat trip to the falls, entry is absolutely free and other than any other tourists that may be present you will be on your own.

      We managed to catch a boat from India Bay and the trip to the falls took around thirty five minutes. Given the size of St Vincent the trip to the falls will be under an hour, wherever you manage to get the boat from.

      Once moored up there is a properly constructed boardwalk along the rocky cliff and up to the falls. After hearing about the falls I built up an imaginary picture of a large cascading water fall plunging hundreds of feet plunging hundreds of feet into a large, and deep rock pool, nothing as big as large as the Niagara Falls, but something substantial nonetheless.

      When we reached the falls, I must admit that it was a bit of an anti climax. The falls are only 60 feet high, and whilst this is, I guess, quite large, it is miniscule to what I was expecting. I'm afraid it really was a case of "is that it?" Despite the small size of the falls it is in an absolutely gorgeous location. Being in the middle of a rocky valley surrounded by lush rainforest, but then this is the norm for St Vincent so I wouldn't have expected anything else.

      The face of the waterfall is ideal for climbing, with natural places for hands and feet, and is ideal for climbers of all abilities. It is not a challenge but given we didn't have any proper climbing gear or helmets it is just as well. It is also ideal for families and small children, which is good. There are numerous jumping in/diving in locations and different heights scattered up the face of the waterfall, which allows a jumping in point for everyone.

      Whether you are a thrill seeker wanting the 10m board, someone that likes to jump in from half a meter, or something in between, everyone is catered for. Even if you are not one for jumping in, scaling the rock face is worth it just to get under the cascading water, which is both bitterly cold and refreshing at the same time. One thing I should stress is that the rock face and all rocks around the plunge pool are very slippery so care should be taken at all times.

      The plunge pool is deep enough to allow a dive from the highest position so there are no dangers of going too high here. The water is clean, and crystal clear and you can easily see the bottom below, not surprising given the bottom of the plunge pool is nothing but rock. There is an abundance of fish, some of which are very large indeed, although most of these tended to stay over by the waterfall.


      Whilst not magnificent or stunning, the Falls of Baleine is definitely worth a visit if you ever go to St Vincent. It is located in gorgeous surroundings, but then this applies to St Vincent in general, so you're not going to see anything different, however jumping in to, and bathing in the plunge pool is just so refreshing.

      Other than swimming and sun bathing/just sitting around the pool there is little else to do at the Falls of Baleine. There are no walks around the site and no other touristy attractions at all. It is 100% natural and the way God intended it to be, which is good in some respects but not in others. The fact that it is untouched is great but the lack of facilities, especially toilets and refreshments may be a bit more problematic, especially in the hot Caribbean sun so make sure you take some liquids with you.

      Luckily, St Vincent hasn't really been affected by tourism so it is more than likely you will have the Falls to yourself, or in the event there are other tourists present there's not going to be too many of them so gaining access to the plunge pool and rock face will not be an issue.

      In my opinion the Falls do not have enough to keep you entertained all day, especially since there is no beach near it so even the "beach bums" among us won't be satisfied all day, but it will provide a good few hours of amusement. Because of this I would recommend taking an excursion that incorporates the Falls with some of the other natural beauties St Vincent has to offer.

      (This review has been posted on other sites under the name of yackers1)


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      A waterfall found on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent.

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