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Fashion Show Mall (Las Vegas, USA)

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    2 Reviews
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      17.12.2010 18:29



      must visit place!

      We recently spent a week in Las Vegas for the first time. A friend of mine had recommended we make a point of trying a shop called Forever 21. We found this inside the fashion show mall. As we were there in November, the daily temperature was a high of around 24 degrees - so it was bearable for shopping! It is a completely indoor mall, so the air conditioning was a great relief! There were so many store I couldn't believe it! We did indeed find the Forever 21 store, and had to make 2 more trips make to grab another few bargains!

      From the outside it is split over 2 floors. As far as I know it was only restaurants on the top floor. The mall itself has 2 floor. On the outside, there are separate steps which take you to some restaurants such as Maggianos- this place is also worth a visit.

      This mall in general is a shopaholic's dream! There are more than enough shops. Ideally you should spend a full day there - it does open from 10am. The shops we liked were Forever 21, Abercrombie & Fitch, and a few other shops that we just popped into.

      Plenty of restrooms, places to stop for coffee, ice cream or a bite to eat. If you go all the way to Las Vegas you really should spend some time in here. Whilst we were there, there was a live fashion show, where the catwalk rises up from beneath the ground floor!


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      21.10.2009 22:40
      Very helpful



      A Good Shopping Experience

      Now me I love a bit of shopping and when you are in Vegas it is so hot outside that you are quite glad to go inside to some beautiful air conditioning. It was not until our last day that we found the fashion show mall. I was very pleased to go inside and finally get to spend a bit of money but I couldn't afford much but it is a great mall and here is why.

      The location is good as it is just off the centre of the Vegas strip but it is set back a bit from the road so unless you walk around the Treasure Island Hotel you probably wouldn't see it unless you were over the other side. It is in a busy part though which is good and you can hardly miss it as it has a massive spaceship type decoration as a roof and it is huge. It also has fashion show mall in huge letters so you will find it.

      Market Stalls
      The first thing you will notice is some market stalls at the bottom which is great as they sell some great things. I like souvenirs can you tell as they have magnets and handbags, cups and this strange top thing. Some very unique stuff that you wouldn't see back home.

      Then by these you have a ticket booth which sells half price and discounted tickets to all of the attractions and shows in Vegas which is great. We brought our show tickets from here and managed to save about $50 which was great.

      The Mall
      So inside the mall and you could be in any shopping mall. Yes it looks amazing from the outside but inside it is just normal. There are so many shops here though that you will find something you like. There are also Oxygen bars everywhere in the fashion show mall which you see alot of in Vegas. Apparently they give you energy but we didn't try them although looking back I wish we had given them a go. So the mall is quite big and on a couple of floors and we stayed in here for 2 hours but due to money issues we didn't go in all of the shops so I can imagine you could spend a lot more time in here.

      The Shops
      There is a healthy mixture of tacky souvenir shops and then very expensive shops. The souvenir shops are quite popular though and this is where you can get your magnets, pens, keyrings, cups, mugs, sweets, chocolate and anything else you can think of. What we were particularly fond of were the T shirts and we got some great Vegas ones for about $8 each which is so cheap. They have ranges of souvenirs from about $0.50 to $100 so you should be able to find something to take home for people. My favourite souvenir store was ABC stores.

      The next shops I noticed were the typical American ones you hear about so Macys was one I wanted to take a look around. Going around it I thought it was just like Debenhams here but then I looked at the prices and everything was so expensive. Dave said I like this shirt and then looked and it was $210 so very expensive.

      Other shops you can see are Abercrombie and Fitch (expensive), Saks Fifth Avenus (A bit overpriced) and then more mainstream shops like Gap. There are so many though I couldn't possibly name them all. My favourite though was the Swarovski shop but I love these anywhere. It was huge and had so many things I would have loved. My other favourite was the Victorias Secret shop as it seems to have different things to here in the UK so it was good to have a look. I couldn't afford to buy anything though, lol.

      In all though there has to be over 100 shops so I am sure you will find something you like.

      There is a food hall at the fashion show mall which has quite a few things such as KFC and Subway so you will recognise what you want straight away. I think the good thing here is for lunch it is ideal as it is not too expensive.

      Although we didn't see anything they do runway shows at the fashion show mall but I am unsure as to when these are. It is by Saks fifth avenue if you are ever there and want to go and see one.

      In conclusion the fashion show mall is a great place to go as it has all of the shops in Vegas you could want and you can spend as much money as you like. At the end of the day it is a mall so you expect shops and food and that is exactly what you get. It is a shame though that from the outside it looks so amazing but then when you get inside it isn't too special. All of the hotels dress up and have great things to look at everywhere you go but they didn't here. That is the only reason it is losing a star.

      Thanks for reading.



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