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Karnak (Theben, Egypt)

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    1 Review
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      22.06.2008 18:10
      1 Comment



      amazing, one of the most magical places in the world

      Karnak temple, Luxor, Egypt. Is most definatley one of my favourite places in the world, in fact i spent the entire time walking around open mouthed in admiration.

      It covers approximately 200 hectares making it the biggest temple complex in the world. Just for an idea The Hypostyle hall at 54,000 square feet has 134 columns is still the largest room of any religious building in the world. It was built, by the ancient Egyptians, over a period of 2000 years and dedicated to the Theben triad of Amun, Mut and Khonsu. Karnak temple is also home to the largest sacred lake of all Egyptian temples.

      It consists of four main parts of which only one is accessible to tourists, being the Precient of Amun Re. the columns at the entrance are amazingly perfect, and the colours are still intact after the thousands of years.

      one of the two amazing obelisks built by Queen Hatshepsut still remains, and i had the pleasure of seeing the sun setting behind it.

      There is also a scarab beetle statue, which is believed to bring luck to those who touch it.

      Karnak temple is beautiful, and definately worth a visit, however i recommend a tour guide, as it can be confusing and the history is well worth learning.


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