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Park Dreszera (Warsaw, Poland)

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Warsaw park: Address - Ursynowska Warsaw, Poland

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    1 Review
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      16.11.2011 16:15
      Very helpful



      A really nice park that tourists probably don't know about

      Throughout the summer I have been out and about in the city of Warsaw visiting parks and churches. There are so many parks in Warsaw it is difficult to see them all in one summer. My granddaughter has enjoyed coming with me on these trips and always takes with her an old broken MP3 player which she uses as a camera to copy me when taking photos. Perhaps the time has come to buy her a real camera.

      We have seen a variation of parks and each in their own way have a special interest or beauty. Park Dreszera is one I spotted going home on the tram from Park Krolikarnia one Sunday, a couple of months ago. I always make a mental note of the park's location and usually return the following week.

      Park Dreszera is located in Mokotow on Ulica Puawska but can be reached from Ursynowska Street, running alongside a main road and tram route. The park is fenced and the day we were there had wardens patrolling the park stopping cyclists entering. Probably the reason for this is that it is only a small park and not enough room for a cycle path and pedestrian walkway.

      The main entrance to the park is on Ulica Pulawska and this is a very fine entrance with a sheltered avenue of old chestnut trees. My granddaughter always wants to eat her sandwiches as soon as we enter a park. Usually I make her walk on a little but this time we both sat down on one of the wooden benches in the avenue of trees. It was lovely as the sun was shining through the tree tops and the breeze sent conkers falling to the ground. Opposite our bench sat two elderly ladies. One minute they were busy chatting away and the next they began to laugh out loud as a gust of wind blew lots of leaves and conkers on top of their heads. I thought they would be annoyed but not at all - they giggled like children and then got up to go and collect the fallen conkers. My granddaughter thought the scene was very amusing and wanted to offer the ladies a ham sandwich.

      After we had finished our lunch we carried on to the main focal point which is the fountain. People love to stand and gaze into the pool of water left by the fountain spray as I do. The soothing sound of the water mesmerises me and looking at this very pretty fountain I could feel myself floating off to lands afar. This fountain was particularly lovely as the stones on the bottom of the fountain pool were a yellow colour giving a golden sheen from a distance. With my new camera I really tried to capture the sun shining on the droplets of water rising into the air, sparkling and then falling into the pool. This wasn't a very high fountain but a very elegant one indeed.

      Leaving the fountain we walked towards a small garden area. This is separated into two triangular areas with a path in the centre. Either side of the gardens are tall chestnut trees - a very shady and pleasant area to sit if you are out with small children in prams. You can sit on a bench and dream away - that's if the children are sleeping of course. The planting of the gardens was very simple; two sorts of flowers, French Marigolds and Begonias. I think it was July when we were there and all flowers were in full bloom and this area was a mass of colour.

      Park Drezsera is a little different than other parks in the city in the way that there aren't many monuments - only one, dedicated to the Warsaw Uprising. Simple enough but very effective; two large slabs of granite with a large metal sculpture of the Uprising emblem, an anchor with the main shaft curling round to form a P for ( Powstanie = Insurgents). This is set in a cobbled area within a small garden of bushes. In front of the monument is a concrete block engraved with a dedication to the Warsaw Uprising. I liked the setting of this monument - it was in a peaceful quarter away from the main attractions of the park.

      As this is mainly a family park there is of course a playground with swings, slide, roundabout and climbing frames. The small park is enclosed with a gate and the surface is sand. Around the edges of the enclosed playground is a restaurant with a bar. I didn't try this out but wish I had as it looked very appealing. Tables were set under small marquees with linen tablecloths and on every table was a vase of flowers. Meals on the chalkboard advertised Traditional Polish cuisine. Waiters were dressed formally. As it was lunch time when we arrived at the playground this area and the restaurant was very busy.

      Another unusual thing I encountered was the toilet block. Usually in city parks the toilets are portable but this was a very old block, like something from Victorian times.This didn't matter to us - the block was clean with toilets, washbasins, mirrors, toilet paper and paper towels. There was no charge for using the toilets either which is strange. There generally is a charge of 1-5 zloty depending on how grand the toilets are and location.

      So there you go a very nice family park in Mokotow designed by Ing. Zygmunt Hellwig in 1938. There are other parks which are more beautiful on this route but I think this is different in the way it is more cosy and secluded with it being fenced in. I liked it and will definitely visit again next Summer.

      Trams number 4 and 18 will take you here from Centrum or Bankowy. If visiting with small children please note - outside the park is a busy road. Care is needed.


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