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Park Moczydlo (Warsaw, Poland)

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Picturesque park in Warsaw, Poland.

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    1 Review
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      08.08.2011 08:44
      Very helpful



      Not a bad urban park

      Do you ever have have that feeling of déjà vu? I seem to experience it a lot since I moved to Warsaw. I guess the reason is because I visited Warsaw often before I came to actually live here. My son was already living in Warsaw and we used to visit it him in the winter and early summer. He took us to many parks and attractions in the city but having a head like a sieve I had forgotten a lot of these trips

      The other Sunday I decided to go walkabout to a park that isn't far away from where I live. At first it didn't look like anything special just a normal urban park until I walked to the very end of the park on ul. Górczewska and noticed a huge concrete statue of Christ. I was intrigued by the beauty of this concrete apparition. The figure looked calm, curvy and not too out of place amongst the urban sprawl of apartments and busy roads. Passing by the figure of Christ I walked on and noticed how overgrown the grass was which is very unusual in a Warsaw park. The maintenance guys are usually on the ball in the spring and summer, mowing the grass and cutting back whatever needs to be cut back. I also noticed quite a bit of litter strewn around which is also unusual but then it had been a hot weekend and I should imagine the park would have been packed with families. Still, no excuse to leave litter everywhere.

      Having wandered off the main path I noticed a slope that led to a small lake and it suddenly clicked. I had been here before and remembered my son's dog jumping in the lake and splashing around like the daft, demented retriever he is. There are four lakes altogether in the park which is nice to see as they are all enveloped by willow trees which are my favourite kind of tree. I also like to see bird life on the water and I thought the Mallard ducks seemed very tame but I suppose they are used to being fed by children who come along with their bags of stale bread.

      When looking at the layout of the park I was intrigued by all the ups and downs in the shape of small hills and realised that the park is man made with its iron bridges, lakes and stone clad steps. This whole area was once used as a landfill site and if you look properly at the design you are able to envisage the old landfill site. Thankfully, the park designers have introduced some nice touches to make the park attractive. I particularly like the use of smooth tree trunks cut in uniform shapes as a form of fencing. Cycle paths are everywhere and all through the park are tall circular lamps. Stone steps lead up to the many small hills which makes it is easy to walk up and when you get to the top there is a good view of the whole of the park and a typical urban scene of apartment blocks and tramlines. This is a very built up area of Warsaw and somewhere where a park is desperately needed to add a big splash of of green to the slate grey of the buildings. I didn't notice many flowers apart from yellow dandelions but I didn't mind as I was quite happy looking at the trees and the ripples of water on the lakes. Not so sure about the quality of water though - it looked a bit murky!

      Like all other parks in the city and its environs there are always lots of wooden benches and litter bins. Shame some people forgot to put their rubbish in the receptacles provided. There is a children's playground which is fenced off and has a gate. The floor surface of the playground is covered in thick golden sand which is much better than concrete even if it does get in your sandwiches. Kids love sand and there is a sandpit here for them to play in as well. Just before the playground I did notice some big gates and a football field with seating. I believe this is the entrance to the Olympic Sports Club.

      As the park is within walking distance from where I live I have visited a few times now and really like the park especially early on a Sunday morning. It covers a large area - 37 hectares in all which is good as it means you can walk all the way round the park and feel like you have had a 'good walk.' Even when the park is very busy there always seems plenty of space and space is what I like especially living in a capital city.


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