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Pirates(Mallorca, Spain)

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Address: Calle Joaquin Sorrolla 17 Bajos / Edf. Alivia 07181 / Magalluf / Mallorca / Spain / Tel: (+34) 971 130 659

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    3 Reviews
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      22.11.2008 13:21
      Very helpful
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      Don't try this at home - like you could....!!!!!

      I've been to see the family show, although there is also an adult version. The family show usually starts at 8pm but on nights where there's the adult show the family one starts at 6pm. I've heard a lot about how great this show is - and it lives up to expectations. I went last year and there was a special offer on so the tickets were 45euros, I'm not sure how much they are usually. Many of the tour operators have an excursion there though. There are two prices, one for the main deck, where we were and one for the quarter deck, which is a bit more expensive but the food is better and there are goodie bags for the kids. You are sat at a long table with bench seats although they have a back so it's not too uncomfortable to sit there for a couple of hours. The food was sausages, chicken, chips and beans followed by ice cream. It wasn't anything to write home about but you do get unlimited sangria or wine and soft drinks all night. The story was about pirates (obviously) trying to steal the treasure. There are 4 captains defending it and the audience are divided up into sections to support each captain. Our section had the female captain so the blokes were happy and probably supported her and cheered for her rather more than they would have done for the other captains!!! The actual show left us open mouthed, with acrobats and fire eaters doing things that you didn't think possible. You haven't seen anything until you've seen a man balancing another man on his head WHILST climbing a rope ladder!!! A photographer goes around taking pictures and these are currently charged at about 12 euros each. There is also a stall for buying souvenirs and prices vary there. The buses stop nearby and taxis are reasonably priced (it was 5 euros from Palma Nova) to get there. It is also only a short walk from the main centre of Magaluf. It is a must see during your stay in Majorca. One tip is that if you go dressed up as a pirate people come round as you're standing in the queue to go in and if they like what you're wearing you get taken in and upgraded to the quarter deck. There were a few people that came looking fantastic and they went in and were upgraded but you'll have a good time no matter where you are.


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        13.09.2008 10:00
        Very helpful



        A great night out in Majorca

        I went on a clubbing holiday to Maguluf back in 2000 and then again in 2005 and both times I was there myself and my friends went to the Pirates show. So I thought I'd share my thoughts on this show with everyone as it really is an excellent evening out!

        What is it?
        The show is a mix of entertainment including acrobatics, music, dancing and staged fight scenes between groups of pirates. The whole evening takes place in an arena where guests enjoy the show whilst being served dinner and drinks. The show is quite action packed and also quite fast paced too with lots of audience involvement. The arena is laid out with huge benches and long bench type seats for everyone to sit on.
        The show runs from April through to October with two types of show; an afternoon show ideal for families and an uncut show aimed more at adults in the evening. It has now currently been running in Maguluf for 21 years.

        Whereabouts is it?
        The show is held in the arena which is in Maguluf, Majorca. It is set back from the main strip but only by a few minute's walk and is close by to the two main water parks. You cannot fail to see the arena really as most coaches pass by it on the way into Maguluf or Palma Nova and it is very eye catching and in my opinion looks like a giant rock with waterfalls and flags everywhere!

        If you book through a rep prices do normally include the transport to it if not directly in the area or if in one of the local hotels then you can normally make your own way there. We stayed in hotels within walking distance both times but went as part of a group and was taken in by the club rep.

        How do I book it?
        Well there are a number of ways to book and how you book can make a huge difference to the cost too! The obvious choice is to book directly with Pirates which can be done on their website. There are a couple of seating options so you can choose to sit in the 'main deck' area or the 'quarter deck' which is closer to the stage. I have sat in both areas and I can honestly say that for the extra money it is definitely worth paying more for the better seats. However this kind of brings me to the other option of booking as I actually booked through the tour rep once I was in resort. Now both times I bought a package along with my friends where we paid for so many excursions and nights out, including Pirates, in one go and it was at a minimal cost which when I worked out what each was worth, it meant that I didn't pay nowhere near the cost advertised on the Pirates website. However I think this may have been because the tour rep will obviously receive a discount for booking so many people!
        So if booking I would probably advise to book through the reps in the hotels as they can probably get a good group deal and with this option the seating I had was one of each section and yet I didn't pay any higher as I would have done by booking directly! However if you are going to book directly then you are looking at the following costs:

        Quarter deck - Euro52.80/35.60
        Main deck - Euro40.80/23.60

        Quarter deck - Euro59.00/40.00
        Main deck - Euro46.00/27.50

        Quarter deck - Euro66.00/44.50
        Main deck - Euro51.00/29.50

        As you can see there is not a huge difference between seat sections and to be honest as I said before it is definitely worth paying the extra for the quarter deck.

        What exactly is included in the price?
        Well if booking the uncut show which is the evening one the food normally includes things like chicken basket, chips, bread rolls and such along with unlimited sangria or soft drinks. The food is ok but, nothing spectacular. Also the way they do it is to give each person their own glass and then a huge jug of sangria in the middle of the table. When the jug becomes empty they just take it off of you and come back with another full one meaning that you don't even need to leave the table! The show lasts approximately 2 hours if I remember rightly with an interval in between.
        The show tries to get everyone involved and as the evening show is geared more towards the adults they try to get people up on stage at certain points and will also try and get everyone to join in shouting at the pirates on stage! At the beginning they will get a pirate to go to each section and tell the guests in that area that every time they come on stage they have to shout out a particular word so as you can imagine it gets quite noisy with all these different groups shouting and cheering along their own pirate! You also used to get a bandana and plastic sword as a souvenir too but, I think you know have to pay for these. You can also buy eye patches and other pirate type stuff to wear which is guaranteed to get people shouting out 'Me hearties!' and you can be sure you'll hear that plenty of times throughout the evening!

        Overall -
        I love the show as I think it is fun and definitely worth the money. The cost can obviously mount up if paying for a whole family and if you have got children travelling with you I'd definitely say it's best to go to the day show as because of the location it is in it is a prime attraction for the clubbers who flock to Maguluf and the evening one can get a bit loud and obviously they do advertise that it is more geared towards adults and so will swear during the show and also do more adults games such as the one we saw where they do musical chairs with a difference on stage! Participants have to go and grab boxers shorts, condoms and other things like that and get back to a chair or they are out if they are the last one back. I imagine on the day show if playing this game it would be toned down. I think it is good they have realised they can appeal to two type of audiences by doing two different shows and I think this is part of the reason they have been going for so long too. The actors and actress used have changed over the years as some will just perform for one season and some for more but each and everyone is chosen for their high ability in acrobatics enabling them to perform with ease during the show.
        I highly recommend you go and see this show if in Majorca as it certainly is a fun night out! The website contains lots more information and is www.piratesadventure.com .


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          12.07.2008 11:35
          Very helpful



          A once in a lifetime experience.

          "Good evening ladies and gentleman my name is Sir Francis Drake and I will be your Captain for this evening. Whenever you see me I would like you to shout my name and make as much noise as you can". This is how our Pirate's Adventure began.

          The show is situated in the centre of Magalluf, Mallorca and is very easy to get to by taxi or bus. Taxis are quite expensive with the majority being "Hackney" style so buses are the best bet with loads running from pretty much every part of the island for only a few euros each. Queueing up for the show is a bit of a chore as not only do you get hammered by Pirates trying to sell you extortionately priced merchandise, you also have to queue up for quite a while. We queued for half an hour in the scorching sun with only a couple of gazebos dotted here and there for shade. Hoewever at least there is a sensible reason for the queueing as one of the crew is meticulously planning where to sit your party.

          The Pirates Dinner Show is definitely one of those once in a lifetime experiences that everyone should try and see at some point if they ever visit Mallorca. An absolute outstanding World Class show with dinner thrown in The Pirates Dinner Show is simply breathtaking. Mind you, it has to be considering it costs a hefty fifty-one euros for an adult and twenty-nine fifty for a child. It is certainly one of the most expensive things a family can do in Mallorca but then you do get a lot for your money.

          Firstly, once seated one of the crew will come and explain how things work. You have a number of hanging basket type contraptions which your food is delivered on and soft drinks and sangria already on the table. These drinks are all included and if you run out you can simply hold up your bottle or jug so one of the crew can replace it. There are other drinks available too but there is a charge for these. Not that I can imagine ordering anything when I can happily down the sangria like it is ribena! The seating is very much in a diner style with long comfortable benches and rectangular tables.

          When the food is delivered (this is all pre-show) in the baskets it is in plentiful supply but it is never going to gain the chef a michelin star. Fried chicken, sausages, wedges, beans and pasta is what you get and if you do not like a bit of a junkfood binge then there will be nothing here for you. The food is hot and tasty but it is undoubtedly more KFC than a la carte. However, I think the thing to remember is that you are paying more for the show than the food.

          The theatre is well air-conditioned and this is a godsend as it is packed to the rafters. As the lights dim and the show is about to start we are greeted by our Captain and the whole of our side of the audience go nuts. Very much catering to a British audience our table starts a football chant of "Francis" clapping our hands wildly. It all sounds ridiculous but I challenge anyone not to get caught in the moment. As the campest compere in comedy history greets the audience we are introduced to the Captains who will represent the rest of the audience and boo in the best pantomime fashion and then the show really begins...

          The Pirates show is a dazzling display of acrobats, dancing, music and humour set to a theme of treasure and war against the evil French. As your Captain swings onto the stage you will cheer. The cast perform amazing acrobats and stunts and they even land in the audience! From fire eating to balancing to astounding shows of strength and agility the show has it all. Pirates are dangling from anchors, swinging round on ropes above the audience and bouncing off walls to a heart pumping musical score. In between these feats are moments of humour as the drunk cabin boy tries to escape the campest compere in the World and if you are really unlucky you may get pulled out of the audience for a surprise.

          The story is very weak and in the best pantomime tradition is merely a vehicle to showcase the casts talents but you will not care as the show is so breathtaking and you become so involved it is impossible not to love it. After a breath interval for ice cream the show resumes and the stunts become even more daring and you will gasp as the crew actually have to move the scenery so the actors land in the right place after launching themselves carelessly from the crows nest. And of course this all builds to a stupendous finale.

          After two hours you come out of the show absolutely knackered and mentally drained as if you have been at a cup final. Although, as I have mentioned the merchandise from chocolate treasure to bandanas is extorionate immediately after the show finishes the crew go straight outside for you to meet them and have your photo taken if you wish. I think this is a lovely touch and they are all incredibly accomodating and pleasant with no sense of rushing you along or impatience. Of course, this also makes a free and perfect souvenir of the show and makes an unforgettable experience near enough perfect.

          All in all this show was a million times more than what we were expecting. As long as you remember you are going for the show and not the food it is an amazing experience that you could not get anywhere else. It is perfect family entertainment that everyone should enjoy.

          N.B Our tickets were bought here


          They are also available in all hotels and excursion shops in Mallorca.


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          Make a date to join the fearless pirates for an amazing adventure in their purpose-built theatre in Magaluf.

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