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Sights and Attractions in Singapore

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    2 Reviews
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      08.06.2009 22:11
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      amazing place to visit!

      I have been to Sinapore twice, first time as a teenager and secondly while backpacking around the world, both times have been very different experiences of sightseeing around the city!

      Ofcourse one fo the most popular places to visit is the Raffles hotel, this is very posh and a great place to visit for an hour or two. Make sure you enjoy a singapore sling while your sitting in the sunshine!

      Another great place to visit in sinapore is the night zoo/safari. This is so random! seeing (or not seeing) the animals in the dark. It's a bit scary hearing the Roars and bushes shake but it was a brilliant evening and i would definitely recomend you do this tour!

      Another great sight of Singapore is the shopping! including little India and china town. My favourite was shopping in china town, where you can pick up all sorts of oriental bits such as cushions and chop sticks and ofcours a kimono or too! Shopping is very cheap in Singapore just remember to barter for your good! walking awayt usual makes the price come down dramatically :P

      My top recommendation in realtion to sight seeing in singapore is Sentosa island. This can be reached by cable car, which gives you beautiful views over the city and the island.
      On the actualy island there are many beaches all of which have clear blue waters and white sand, with many cute tavernas.
      Also there is a butterfly garden, which is really good experience, there are butterflys as big as your hand flying about in there! You have to pay to get it but its dirt cheap and worth it! you also spot a few other things like colourful plants and lizards.
      There is a giant stone 'Merlion' which is posted on many tourist things around the island. This looks a great place to visit, although to be honest a little dissapointing, the view is nice from the top though!
      For the best view head to the Carslberg tower, this is dead centre of the island and turns slowly so you get a 360 view of the island and over singapore.
      Be warned, the cable cars get busy on the return jounery and they sometimes 'reccomend' getting off half way to get a taxi, if you do get off half way, the taxi is stupidly expensive, so i'd reccomend waiting at the other end to save the money!

      Sinapore is a beautiful city and a very easy place to sight see! Majority of people speak fluent English and it is a very safe place to travel, just be careful of rip-off taxi's! There are many other palces to see in Singapore which i have yet to visit, but look forward to exploring them all!


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        27.03.2009 08:55
        Very helpful



        Not the usual tourist trails.

        I have come across many people who would usually says that Singapore is clean and safe but very few know that lying within the concrete jungle, are interesting places off the beaten track to visit.

        When I was in Singapore, I used to travel to many parts of the country and I enjoy finding places that are unspoilt and not popularly known. These are places which most tourists wouldn't see unless they are informed.

        Here are some of the off beaten tracks in Singapore:


        There are over 200 working farms in land scarce Singapore. Most of these farms are located in the north western part of Singapore. There are fish farms, hydroponic vegetables farms, tropical fruit farms and farms that grow ornamental plants. It would be an interesting sightseeing day to see how farming is done in this land scarce country.

        These are two of my favourites:

        Before I went to Bollywood Veggies, I imagine it to be a bollywood themed farm. I was pleasantly surprised. The 10 acre farm is filled with tropical fruit such as mango, banana and papaya, various types of vegetables and herbs that are unique in the region. After a walk in the farm, visitors can enjoy a refreshing glass of cold aloe vera drink and indulged in their popular organic banana curry.

        Information on how to get there can be found in their website - http://www.bollywoodveggies.com

        Another farm which would interest many is Orchidville, the largest orchid farm in Singapore. Located near the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari, the farm has over 2 million orchid plants. Besides immersing in the splendour of the orchids, visitors can also participate in their orchids workshop, hybridization and cultivation and orchid craft.
        Find more info from their website: http://orchidville.com

        Nature Reserve

        There is a significant area of primary rainforest in this modern city. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is located 6 miles from the city and is a good place to get away from the busy city sights into the world of exotic birds, monkeys, squirrels and flying lemurs. Visitors can hike up the Bukit Timah Hill, the trail is easy and all you need is stamina to reach the top.

        There many other nature reserves in different part of the country ranging from mangroves reserves to wetlands. Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve is located in northwest of Singapore and it is a stopover point for migratory birds. There are several sheltered viewpoints in the wetland, enabling visitors to observe the behaviour of the birds without disturbing them. There is a diverse collection of flora and fauna ranging from mangroves to rare tropical flowers and plants.

        Islands around Singapore

        There are several islands around Singapore where you can do a day trip. Beside Sentosa Island which is a theme and tropical resort, currently developing as a intergrated resort with hotels, casino and Universal studio, there are also lesser known islands such as Kusu Island, St. John island and Pulau Ubin which are unspoilt and still retained its original charms.

        My personal favourite is Pulau Ubin. The island reminisce old time Singapore where village (Kampong) living is the norm. The village is a reflection of the days when life was simpler. Visitors can move around the island either by cycling or walking. The quiet ambience, natural vegetation and swaying coconut trees give this island its rustic charm. The island is also well known for its seafood dishes, a selection of chilli crabs, butter prawns, crispy squid, grilled chilli sting ray and more.

        The island is situated in the north eastern coast of Singapore and can be reached on a 10 min boat ride.

        Other things you can do in Singapore

        If you ever wonder how spices like turmeric, tamarind and cumin looks like in its natural form, why not go on a Spice Garden walk. There are two Spice Garden, one in the east, Pasir Ris and the other in the city, Fort Canning Hill. You can either explore the garden yourself; there are descriptive signs on each plant and tree where you can learn more about the spice and its uses.
        Alternatively, you can participate in a guided tour.

        As most locals live in flats located in suburban estates, it will be interesting to visit one of these estates. It is here where you can get the true sense of the local way of life. No suits and tie but men in t- shirt and shorts hanging out in coffee shops, mothers with children snipping out to the neighbourhood grocer for something small.

        Fancy a bit of cycling or rollerblading by the beach, the East Coast parkway is an excellent place to rent a bicycle or rollerblade. Ease through the entire stretch of the beach, stopping periodically for a cold mug of Tiger beer.

        It is easy to get to these places even though they are not the common tourist trails. As all signs are in English and most locals speak and understand English, you can move around in Singapore easily.

        There are definitely more to see and experience in Singapore, so look out for these places the next time you are in the region.

        More info can be obtain at http://www.visitsingapore.com


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