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Walk of Fame (Los Angeles, USA)

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    3 Reviews
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      25.01.2012 11:31



      A must see, but very busy and a few weirdos about!

      I visited Los Angeles a couple of years ago, and one of the things on my to do list was The Walk of Fame.

      It is an iconic peice of Hollywood that every tourist must see!

      The Walk of Fame runs along Hollywood Boulevard, which is also the home to other landmarks such as the Chinese Theatre and the Kodak Theatre.

      When we first stepped out on to the Walk of Fame, we were bombarded with guys selling rap music CDs, the whole place is bustling with street sellers and it can get a little annoying being stopped every few steps.

      However, it is worth the annoyance to see this famous site, seeing stars dedicated to legends such as Walt Disney and Michael Jackson. All of the mega famous people's stars seem to be in and around the front of the Chinese Theatre and surrounding areas, as you go further down the street the names become less and less familiar, until we hadn't heard of them at all!

      Whilst there we saw a guy whose job it was to polish each of the stars by hand! What a pain staking, but quite cool, job!

      We also saw a lot of "weirdos" in this area. People yelling random things in the street and preaching about the end of the world etc....we even saw a guy arguing with an apple pie in McDonalds!

      So in conclusion, it's worth a look, just keep your head down and plough through the street sellers and the weirdos and you'll be fine!


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      29.11.2009 11:23



      Big let down

      I always thought of the walk of fame as where the true stars of entertainment are immortalised and honored for their achievements. In actuality, i'm pretty sure anyone vaguely famous can have one. Cilla Black has one for christ's sake and i didn't recognise most of the other names either.
      Apparently there are about 2500 stars on show. That's a lot of stars, and they go EVERYWHERE, down obscure back alleys, deserted avenues and so on. Hollywood is not a clean city in any shape or form, and these stars do nothing to add any glamour or glitz. They just make it even tackier.
      I think people, when they imagine doing the walk of fame, envisage bright yellow spotlights cascading over your head, flashing cameras of the paparazzi all wanting a piece of you as you slink down the path in an outfit worth thousands of pounds.
      In actuality, you're treading through gum, sweating like mad in the blistering heat, wondering who the hell these people are you're treading on and the closest thing to flashing cameras are the glazed eyes of all the bums.


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      20.11.2009 23:45
      Very helpful



      Good to See

      The walk of fame in Hollywood is so famous that I am sure everybody by now will have heard of it. We stayed in Hollywood for a few days on our Honeymoon and we were pleased to see that it was literally a five minute walk to the walk of fame. Now it wasn't what I expected at all in some respects but it was in others. All in all though we enjoyed seeing it and would recommend everybody go see it if you find yourself in the area.

      First what is the walk of fame. It was created back in the 60s and it is basically a tribute to a lot of famous people in TV, film, radio and theatre. As you can imagine they are immortalised on a star and then they place the stars in Hollywood so you can literally walk around and see everybody who has been recognised and let me tell you you should be able to recognise a great deal of people as there are some pretty famous people there.

      The stars that have the names on appear as follows. There is a black square piece of marble and then there is a pink marble star on there which has gold around the outside. The stars name is placed in gold within the star and then you also get the symbol which tells you what they do in the entertainment industry. The symbols are as follows;

      Music Industry - A picture of a CD.
      Film Industry - A picture of a Directors Camera.
      Theatre - A theatre mask
      Radio - A Microphone

      The stars include a whole host of people and some of my highlights were Britney Spears, Judy Garland, Walt Disney and Doris Day. There are also some very crazy stars there including Mickey Mouse and Snow White. We thought this was a little bizarre but it was kind of fun seeing all of these very distinguished celebrities and then seeing something like Bugs Bunny. Hilarious really!!!

      The walk of fame is huge because there are over 2000 stars so you do have to walk down one side of the street and then walk down the other side to see them all and then I can guarantee that you will still miss some. We walked down the same side about 5 times and still spotted different people each time.

      If you walk right down to the end of the street then you will reach the beginning of the walk of fame which has a gold statue of Marilyn Monroe and then also is where Elvis Presley and the Beatles stars are kept. It is nice here at the beginning so even though you may think it is quite far away I would still make the effort to see it.

      In my mind I thought the walk of fame would be in a very glamorous place and you would walk round it with ease and everywhere would be quite posh looking. It is not like this at all. Hollywood is a pretty place in some ways because the buildings are huge and places like the theatre are beautiful. The thing is that there are other shops there on the street including souvenir shops and as you can imagine it gets very busy.

      AS you are walking down the walk of fame you have to dodge people everywhere and were also quite a lot of people trying to get you to buy stuff, trying to give you leaflets and trying to get you to have photos with them for money and to be honest it got quite annoying cause all I wanted to do was look at the stars.

      You can tell that some of the stars have been there for quite a long time as some of them are broken and do not look well kept at all. I enjoyed the walk of fame and agree it is in the best location but it was just not what I expected.

      In conclusion I would definitely recommend going to see the walk of fame as although it was dissppointing to what I expected I still loved going to see it and seeing the photos of me with some of the stars we took. It is a brilliant idea to immortalise all of these very famous people who are very well known and I think they are going to have to find more streets if they are going to carry on. You need a good couple of hours to see it all at the minute and I can imagine you needing an entire day in the future, lol.

      I am going to give it 4 stars.

      Thanks for reading.



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