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Yailata (Kamen Bryag, Bulgaria)

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    1 Review
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      08.05.2008 13:05
      Very helpful



      Dive in search of mussels!

      Yailata is an archeological reserve along the northern part of the Bulgarian Coast. A field's walk or drive away from the village Kamen Bryag, this place is starting to become visited more often. Archeologists found a Thracian necropolis and cave dwellings and it would seem that Thracians, Greeks, Romans, Slavs and Bulgars have all lived here and used it as a sacred place to worship their gods.

      Here you can find a great array of bird-life (owls, cormorants, golden eagles), reptiles and plants. Just 1.5km away is the "eternal flame", this is where the Bulgarian government went in search of gas reserves, they found them but decided that there weren't enough and it has since been piped to the top where an open flame always burns. This is a magical place, where people camp close by for free whilst others set up temporarily or even live permanently for the summer in the candle-lit caves.

      Be careful, when you leave the fireplace (where people sit around, cooking and playing guitar in the evenings), it becomes incredibly dark and some people have become disorientated and fallen off the cliffs. You will notice, the well-prepared Bulgarians come with little mining/camping torches around their heads..this is pretty wise!

      A rocky walk down the crags will take you to a small beach which is used by a mixture of local families, naked hippies and anyone who happens to be there at the time. The beach is strictly pebbles but the water is amazingly clear and many people come here in the summer to get mussles which are then cooked on the eternal flame and eaten with bread. Dolphins are regularly sighted here.

      Getting there & away is not particularly easy. If you have your own car, simply follow the road from Kavarna or Sabla but if you are without your own transport, there is only one bus a day which rarely seems to turn up. We hitchhhiked there fairly easily but getting away was always difficult (we had to go to Sabla to use the ATM and then finally leave) and it's best to organise rides with the people who came with cars and are camping as not a lot of traffic passes through this part of Bulgaria!

      There is one shop and one cafe/bar in Kamen Bryag. The shop is fairly low on choice but the cafe/bar/restaurant is an ideal place to drink coffee in the morning, drink beer or enjoy great meals. The woman who ran the place was amazing, working so hard, running around (15 hours per day) and still being very nice to all her customers! The bar also has showers and possibly rooms to rent as well, there are a few old ladies who rent out houses or parts of their houses too.

      The only foreigners we met during our time there was an Austrian who was brought by a Bulgarian friend and a guy who was writing the Rough Guide to Bulgaria.


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    A national archaeological reserve situated between Shabla and Kavarna.

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