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Adventure Island (Southend-on-Sea)

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14 Reviews
  • Lack of food/toilets
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    14 Reviews
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      29.01.2010 06:45



      Not one of the "big three", but still good

      Growing up in Chelmsford, it was a given that I would frequent Adventure Island (or Peter Pan's Adventure Island, as it used to be called when I was really little), and it was a frequent port of call given that my parents could neither afford the tickets nor be arsed to tavel all the way to the likes of Thorpe Park and Chessington. While it in no way competes with the bigger parks, it's still a good laugh whether you're 8 or 28.

      The theme park is right on the Pier, next to the amusements and an admittedly not-so-great beach. It is well located, but sadly parking is REALLY bad, and you'll almost definitely have to walk a good 15-20 minutes on a Summer's day to get a space. The park is open-access, and you just buy a wristband to get on the rides, or buy tickets individually. At my last visit, a Wristband for the day was about £15, I think. It's not exactly cheap but then there are tonnes of rides and it does make for a fun day out.

      My favourite rides include the Archelon (a giant turtle ride that launches you around on an axis as you are chained into a seat), and The Claw, which spins round in multiple directions and is quite nauseating (my girlfriend wouldn't go on it!). The park also looks great a night when it's all lit up in the Summer, although it's worth remembering that the idiotic boy racers tend to come out at night, so be careful crossing the roads, or even driving on the roads!

      This park isn't high-rent or amazing, but it's got some fun rides and the general atmosphere is great. If you live nearby, I thoroughly recommend it.


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      01.09.2009 13:19
      Very helpful



      Strongly recommended

      I always find that, no matter where you look, you will never find a theme park or funfair that everyone likes. At a theme park, there will always be someone who doesn't want to go on any of the rides, because they're too scary. Or maybe they don't want to go because they have small children who won't be able to go on anything. Then, at funfairs, you will always get someone who says that the rides are rubbish, and not thrilling enough to live up to expectations.

      Well, this is where Adventure Island is superb. It provides a fantastic mix of small rides for young children, huge rides for thrill-seekers and common funfair attractions for those who don't fancy having their stomach turned upside down. It provides a great day out for anyone and everyone, and I strongly recommend it.

      Without doubt the main attraction for ride-loving thrill seekers is Rage, as it stands far taller than anything else at the park. Sat at the front of the cart, I got that amazing buzz you get from rides as I was sent tearing down a vertical slope into a maze of twists, turns, loop-the-loops and corkscrews. It was great fun, and a souvenir photo was waiting for me at the end!

      However, the one which really got my stomach churning was Scorpion. It's a ride which provokes huge amounts of dizziness, as you are sent spinning around at crazy speeds in a little boat that rocks back and forth. The quality of scary rides at the park was far superior that what I was expecting.

      There are also good rides in the park for young children. This includes the crooked house, a surprisingly weird ride in which you enter a house where it is impossible to stand up straight as the floors undulate. It's a great one for the children, and it made me laugh heartily.

      The park also provides good funfair stalls (such as hooking a duck) and some good eating facilities. The food from these places is freshly made, and it tasted great, but it was very pricey so perhaps take your own snacks should you choose to go.

      In terms of the prices for getting into the park, admission is free. However, to get onto the rides themselves, the best way is to buy a wristband. The price varies depending on whether you want to go onto the biggest rides or not. On-peak, the wristband to go onto every ride in the park costs £22. This is good, especially if you stay there for the day and go on all the best rides multiple times!

      One of the best things about the experience for me was the minimal queuing times. The maximum I had to wait for any ride all day was a mere 15 minutes, compared to the hour-long waits at the biggest theme parks.

      Moreover, the park is right next to the sea front and the pier, meaning that, if you were go to there for a day trip, you could leave the park for a while to sit on the beach or to walk along the seafront and get some good photos!

      In all, Adventure Island is a great, fun-filled day out for all, and considering it's low prices, I would strongly recommend it to all!


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        25.08.2009 12:11
        Very helpful



        A fun Summer's day out for the whole family

        For my cousin's 10th birthday last weekend, she decided she wanted all the family to take a trip to Adventure Island which is on the seafront in Southend, in South-East England. I'd been there last year but only went on a couple of rides and, even a year later, I didn't remember it being so big and having so many rides.

        The park isn't very big but there are so many rides crammed into it. It is a mixture of both theme park and fun fair containing rides and amusements from both. Although the place was just as busy as any other theme park usually is on a hot summer's day, somehow we never queued for longer than 10 minutes for a ride and most we managed to get on straight away, which is probably due to the fact that they have so many rides to choose from.

        ~ Big Adventure rides ~

        Archelon - named after a giant turtle, the Archelon is made up of lots of individual swings which take you up and spin you round high in the air. These have always been one of my favourite rides and this one's even better as it goes higher and faster.

        Dragon's Claw - a circular ride where all the riders face each other inwards which throws you upside down, sideways and all over the place. I didn't see what this actually did beforehand and so I came off with a banging headache feeling very sick as I hate rides that hang you upside down. Quite a few of my family didn't like it either as when you're upside down, it hurts your legs and shoulders where they're digging into the safety harness.

        Green Scream - a small but very fast rollercoaster which whizzes you around the back of a giant crocodile - to be honest we all called this ride the green caterpillar as it looked more like a caterpillar than a croc but, either way, it was good, fast fun apart from flinging you around quite a bit.

        Ramba Zamba - one of the best rides for me where riders are sat in a huge circle facing outwards and the ride swings back and forth whilst spinning around.

        Rage - the newest, biggest and most exciting rollercoaster in the park. A vertical drop faces you, similar to that of Stealth in Thorpe Park, which provides the main fun and screams of the ride which then hurtles you through lots of loops and twists.

        Scorpion - a spinning ride where the individual carriages spin, attached to the main section of the ride which also spins, whilst the 2 person carriage rocks from side to side. I can't say that I enjoyed this one as I went on it straight after Dragon's Claw so it just had the effect of making me feel even worse. I think I would have normally liked it but it definitely isn't one for those who don't like spinning rides.

        Sky Drop - be lifted 21 metres into the air and then suddenly dropped back down to the ground. Similar to Detonator in Thorpe Park only a bit tamer - the ride makes your stomach flip but it didn't make me scream at all.

        Tidal Wave - Tidal Wave Blue whooshes 1 or 2 people in a rubber dingy down a 20 metre water slide and Tidal Wave Green takes 2 people through twists and turns in the dark before shooting out at the bottom. These were both really fun rides and neither of them got anyone too wet.

        Vortex - an orbiting ride similar to those you find in fun fairs which spin separate carriages around and the person sat out on the outside tends to get really squashed.

        ~ Junior Rides ~

        Barnstomer - a mini rollercoaster which takes the riders on spins and twists. This one was good fun for both junior children and adult riders.

        Cow Jump - a smaller version of Wild Thing at fun fairs where the ride faces forwards and does a 360º loop up in the air sending your stomach on a flip.

        Dragon - a huge roundabout which whizzes riders round and round in a circle.

        Drop 'n' Smile - a mini Detonator which takes you up high and then plunges back down to the ground to give younger kids a feeling of a big thrill ride.

        Fireball - similar to a Big Wheel but can only fit 2 people in and is open so you can see everything clearly.

        Mighty Mini Mega - another mini rollercoaster full of bends and twists. For smaller rollercoasters though I'd recommend Barnstomer above this one as it lasted much longer and we all got off this one feeling a bit deflated.

        Over the Hill - a brand new ghost ride with animatronic models, CGI animations and special effects to provide a terrifying and dark ride. There was only one part which made a lot of people jump but the rest of it was pretty laughable to be honest. Maybe for younger children it would be better.

        Pharaoh's Fury - one of my favourite rides in the park this is another spinning ride where the carriages spin as well as the actual ride spinning.

        Sk8Borda - similar to pirate ships which go back and forth in the air but this skater boy also spins round at the same time.

        ~ Mini rides ~
        American Whip - a mini Waltzer which spins round and round.
        Big Wheel - a mini Ferris Wheel.
        Blackbeard's - a special effects theatre show with Captain Blackbeard at sea.
        Choo Choo Train - a mini train ride round in a circle.
        Crooked House - the park's oldest attraction where you can walk around inside a completely crooked and crazy house - fun for adults too!
        Devil's Creek Gold Mine - spin round a twisty track through a gold mine (exciting for children but a little boring for adults!)
        Flying Jumbos - ride in flying pink elephants up and around in the air.
        Jumping Jolly Rogers - sail a pirate ship over the bumpy waves.
        Jungle Express - a train ride through the jungle.
        Lighthouse Slip - slide your way around the lighthouse on a mat to the bottom.
        Magic Monsters - a roundabout full of monsters.
        Sea Serpent - slide in a sack through a giant twisting snake and shoot out through its mouth at the bottom (very fast and dark so great fun for adults too).
        Viking Boats - a roundabout boat ride on calmer water.

        ~ Food & drink ~
        If you don't want to carry around a packed lunch for the whole family all day then there are plenty of cheap enough places to eat in the park. The food places are generally small take away shops which have some seats outside. There's a range of fish and chips, pizza, hot dogs, burgers, pancakes, popcorn, doughnuts and candy floss - all the usual take away and fun fair foods - plus lots of vendors selling hot and cold drinks and sweets. Prices weren't too bad - a large hot dog cost about £2.75 and a portion of fish and chips cost about £4.00 so you won't be breaking the bank. There are also a couple of restaurants where you can sit down and have a proper meal but I didn't even look at these as I just wanted something quick and simple to eat between going on the rides.

        ~ Prices ~
        The great thing about this theme park is that admission is free and you only have to pay anything if you actually want to go on any rides, apart from if you have to accompany a child on certain rides and then the adult goes free. This is a brilliant thing for any parents who don't like rides and only go there to take their children, like my aunt and uncle. In any other theme park they would have had to pay the same amount as those going on the rides, but here you can just enter the park and walk around for free.

        If you do want to go on the rides you have the choice of either pay as you go or buying a wristband. If you only plan on going on a few rides then you can pay for these there and then and they roughly cost around £2.50 per ride. However, a wristband is well worth the money if you're planning on going on as many rides as possible as you simply show this as you're getting on the ride. A Big Adventure band (over 1.2 metres) costs £22; a Junior band (between 1 and 1.2 metres) costs £15; and a Mini band (under 1 metre) costs £10. I do think this is actually pretty expensive though so a couple of ways to get cheaper tickets is to buy them online beforehand which saves you a few pounds per ticket or to use some of those invaluable Tesco Clubcard points to get vouchers which works out that you're actually paying half the price of a ticket - bargain!

        ~ Other activities ~
        The park also has some other pay as you go options which are not included in the price of the wristbands. These include Adventure Golf, the Dodgems, Go Karting, and a few other smaller fun fair type rides and games. There are also a few gift shops (where I'll admit to spending a little while) selling all sorts of bits and bobs as well as amusements. Most rides also take photos so you get the opportunity to see and buy these as soon as you get off the ride.

        ~ Opening times ~
        During the Summer, the park opens at 11am and closes between 8 and 10pm and wristbands are half price after 6pm.

        As you can see, there are literally so many rides and lots of entertainment to keep the whole family entertained all day. With no queues to wait in, you'll be practically on and off the rides the whole time so be careful you don't overdo it and make yourself feel sick as some of us did!

        The area is also lovely to spend a sunny day in as the seafront and pier is directly next to the park and the street is filled with restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops and amusements. Whether you live nearby or simply visit for a day trip, Adventure Island is a great priced theme park and brilliant fun for the whole family.


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          12.08.2009 16:19
          Very helpful



          very fun yet small theme park for everyone to enjoy.

          Adventure island has to be one of my favourite theme parks!
          Adventure island is situated in Southend right near the beach and the pier.

          There are several entrances into Adventure Island and then there are places to pay for your wrist band which generally takes a while depending on the queue.

          Often there are large queues which can be quite depressing and its quite a small park.

          My all time favourite ride there would have to be rage! probably the scariest ride there, it twists it drops and most of the time you spend upside down!

          There arent very many thrill rides compared to the bigger parks however.
          There is the claw which twists you upside down, 2 scary water ridess, the scorpian a very fast spinning ride and several small rollercoasters.

          Theres some rides for smaller children like the choo choo train, the crooked house and many more.

          There are 3 different wristbands.

          Theres the red band for people under 1 meter, This would cost £10 to get in and £8.50 if you got your ticket of the website.

          Theres the green band for people from 1 meter - 1.2 meters, This would cost £15 to got in and £12 if you get your ticket of the website.

          And finally theres the blue band for people over 1.2 meters, this would cost £22 to got in and £17 if you get your ticket of the website.

          After 6pm all tickets are half price!


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          09.08.2009 11:34
          Very helpful



          Worth visiting!

          Adventure Island is a theme park on Southend seafront and is next to the world famous pier which is the longest pleasure pier in the world. Adventure Island used to be called Peter Pans and is the biggest free admission park in Britain. This is really good and means that if you don`t want to go on the rides you don`t have to pay a rip-off fee like £30 if you don`t want to go on the rides. If you want to go on the rides you buy a wrist band or you can buy tickets but these are expensive. Adventure Island is no Alton Towers but is still a great day out!

          The wristbands let you use the rides as much as you want all day. The wristbands vary and some let you go on more rides than others.
          Mini bands cost £10 off peak and £10 peak and are slightly cheaper online. These bands are for children smaller than a metre.

          Junior bands cost £12 off peak and £15 peak and are cheaper online. These bands are for children between 1 and 1.2 metres.

          Big adventure bands cost £18 off peak and £22 peak and are cheaper online. These bands are for people above 1.2 metres.

          Wristbands are cheaper if brought in the evening and there are various offers available.

          Adventure Island opens at 11am and closes between 8pm and 11pm.


          The Green Scream is a rollercoaster which is high up and themed around a crocodile. This ride is quite fun and most people would enjoy it.

          Tidal Wave has two waterslides one blue and one green. You go down them in rubber dinghy and this is a great laugh. The blue one is out in the open and good fun. The green slide is mostly in the dark and you can get very wet so I would advise you to go on this ride towards the end!

          Rage is the biggest ride in Adventure Island and is probably the best and the scariest! It involves a massive vertical drop and twists upside down and is the best ride for you thrill seekers!

          Archelon is another fun ride and is a giant turtle with swings which spins around high up in the air! This is not that scary and just a laugh!


          Barnstormer is another rollercoaster and is quite good.
          The Pharaoh's Fury is one of my favourite rides! It spins around and around and is themed like Ancient Egypt. The person on the heaviest side gets very squashed though!

          Over the Hill is a ghost ride which used to be the Beelzee Bob's Trail. It follows the same track but now has more computer effects and looks quite cool. I think this is a good ride and is not taht scary so little kids could come in here too!

          The Mighty Mini Mega is a great little rollercoaster which is quite fast and has lots of turns making it an enjoyable ride.


          Crooked House - This is a very old attraction and is quite small and you walk around the crooked house.

          Lighthouse Slip - This is basically a helter skelter.

          Big Wheel - This is a big ferris wheel which gives excellent views over the park and Seafront.

          Flying Jumbos - Ride an elephant that goes up a little bit and spins around.
          These are just some of the rides at Adventure Island.

          The park also has some restaurants like the Jungle Jive Cafe and some stalls to buy food like doughnuts and chips. There are some pay per play attractions like include go-karting, dodgems and rock climbing. There is also an arcade where you can get tickets and next to this there is an area with mini-bowling which is surprisingly fun!

          Another great thing about this park is there are practically no queues and the longest queues are about 5 minutes!

          Overall Adventure Island is a great theme park for all ages and is also fairly cheap. It has many rides and you also don`t have to queue long. Include the fact it is free to enter and you have a pretty good small theme park! I however would not travel more than about 30 minutes to get here!

          A fun day out if you live locally!

          Adventure Island
          Sunken Gardens
          Western Esplanade
          Southend on Sea
          SS1 1EE

          This review may appear on other sites such as Ciao.co.uk under the names ns1209 and mariofan123.


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            15.03.2009 13:53
            Very helpful



            A decent seafront adventure.

            I live close to Southend-on-Sea so have visited Adventure Island a fair few times.

            Adventure Island (formerly Peter Pans Playground) is situated on Southend sea front. You do not have to pay a fee to enter Adventure Island but you do have to pay for all the rides and attractions. This is a really good idea, although you can get some riff raff that hang around inside because they haven't got anything better to do!

            You can purchase wristbands which enable you to use the rides, unlimited, all day. If you book them online at the Adventure Island website you get them cheaper.


            The prices are as follows:-

            Mini bands (for children under 1 metre tall) - £7.00 off peak and £10.00 peak - which run through the summer holidays. Online price: £6.50 off peak and £8.50 peak.
            Junior bands (between 1 - 1.2 metres) - £12.00 off peak and £15 peak - which run through the summer holidays. Online price: £10 off peak and £12 peak.
            Big adventure bands (adults and over 1.2 metres) - £18.00 off peak and £22.00 on peak - which run through the summer holidays. Online price: £15.00 off peak and £17.00 peak.

            All wristbands are half price after 6pm.

            --Opening Hours--

            Adventure Island opens their gates at 11am and close at 8pm off peak and 11am to 11pm peak.

            --Getting There--

            You can reach Adventure Island easily by car, it is well signed up. Just follow the signs to the sea front. Southend Victoria and Southend Central train stations are also a short walk away from the the park. The train is free if you ask for an Adventure Island ticket, you will just have to pay for a wristband.

            --Rides & Attractions--

            **Rides for adults/older children/over 1.2 metres (Big Adventurers)**

            Archelon - A huge turtle with swings hanging off of it. It spins very high up in the air. It's not too scary but I would miss this out if you're not too fond of heights. Might also be suitable for daring junior adventurers (there's always lots of children on it).

            Tidal Wave - Two water slides - one green, one blue. You ride down them in rubber dingys. This is a twisty, bendy and wet ride. You can ride alone or in couples. A good fun ride but you have to climb up a lot of stairs to get to the top.

            Vortex - This ride spins you in the air and fast. You very almost go upside down. It's alot of fun but don't eat before riding!

            Skydrop - This ride is basically a big row of seats which gets lifted high up in the air and then dropped right back down to the bottom at great speed. I personally never found this ride scary but a friend of mine is petrified of it. I'd say this is also suitable for daring junior adventurers.
            Scorpion - Much like Vortex. This ride spins you in the air. You should definitely give it a go.

            Dragons Claw - Not for the weak! This ride will take you round and round and upside down... and then all over again!

            Ramba Zamba - This isn't very scary but it is alot of fun. You sit on individual seats facing outwards. The ride sways backwards and fowards and spins around. Might also be suitable for junior adventurers.

            Green Scream - This is a roller coaster high up in air. It's quite tame and doesn't have any inversions etc. You ride in a train that looks like a crocodile and can ride alone or in couples. The whole ride seats around 30 people.

            Rage - This ride was constructed in 2007 and replaced the old log flume. It is a roller coaster which seats 2 rows of 4 people per ride. It includes a sheer drop and big loop. This is probably the scariest ride currently at Adventure Island.

            **Rides for kids (Junior Adventurers)**
            The Dragon - Spinning ride, which goes backwards too.
            Sk8borda - This is one of the strangest rides I've seen. You sit on a giant skateboard in rows and ride up and down on a half pipe.
            Cow Jump - A long row of seats which goes up and around.
            Mighty Mini-Mega - This is a roller coaster suitable for the little ones.
            Barnstormer - This is another roller coaster suitable for the little ones.
            Pharaohs Fury - This is a fun, spinny ride suitable for juniors and adults.

            **Rides for tots (Mini Adventurers)**
            Crooked House - This is a walk around attraction. Adults are welcome inside too.
            Flying Jumbos - Spin and fly in the air on your very own elephant.
            Sea Serpent - A big curly wurly slide which you ride on in a sack.
            Jungle Express - A nice little train ride.
            Lighthouse Slip - It's basically a helter skelter. Mind those elbows!
            Big Wheel - Aah, the big wheel - a firm family favourite! You get great views from up there too.
            Magic Monsters - A roundabout ride but with monsters instead of the conventional farm animals.
            Choo Choo Train - A small train that goes around and around.
            Blackbeards - This is a walk around attraction. Take a walk around blackbeards ship with sound effects and all. Not Amazing (to be honest) but good to kill some time!

            There are also Pay-as-you-Play attractions which cost between £3.00 - £3.50 (wristbands not permitted) which include go karting, wall climbing, dodgems and adventure golf which are all good fun.

            There are also lots of arcade games (eg. grab machines) and little childrens rides (the ones you see outside of supermarkets and such) for around 50p each scattered around the place.

            One of the best things about this park which you don't see at the bigger parks is queue times. Queues are virtually unheard of here. The longest I recall queueing for a ride at Adventure Island is around 10 minutes.

            It can get quite busy during peak times such as summer holidays.

            The beach is situated either side of the park so you can go there any time and have a dip, a sunbathe or a picnic. It's also a sandy beach so is nice, comfortable and perfect for sandcastles!

            There are plenty of places to eat at Adventure Island including the Jungle Jive Cafe, which is a nice but overpriced fast food resturant. They also sometimes put on shows for kids outside. You can also eat at the Hotdog and Burger Bar, Fish and Chip Shop or buy some yummy treats at the Candy Cottage. Eating inside the park can be quite expensive (particularly if there are a lot of you) so you can always eat along one of the seafront stalls.

            There is a gift shop where you can purchase everything from balloons and mugs to postcards and sweets.

            Southend shopping centre is just across the road from Adventure Island so if you have older kids that you feel confident leaving you can spend a few hours at the shops whilst they play. There are also numerous arcades, seaside shops and a Sealife Adventure (aquarium) nearby.

            Being situated on the seafront it can get quite cold and windy so I'd advise going in the summer and checking the weather forecast before you leave.

            I'd recommend Adventure Island for kids, teens, families, adults that are young at heart and people that live within a 40 mile radius of Southend (I'm afraid I don't think I would want to travel more than that for Adventure Island).


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              28.01.2009 04:15



              All the things a theme park needs to be successful

              Adventure Island - Southend on Sea

              You may think boring typical family sea side fun fair. Im twenty and i go here every year. Every year i been it never let me down. I mean dont get me wrong its not a thorpe park or chessington it not trying to be. But if we compare a couple of statistics the first one would be price. Thorpe park you would pay £35.00 for entry and rides. Here your looking at £22.00 mainly for kids and adults. However entry is FREE which I find is really good for familys when i first went here my mum and dad didnt want to go on the rides and neither did they when we went to thorpe park. However here they could still enjoy the adventure island experience and walk around. At thorpe park no matter what happens you stil have to pay £35 which is very expensive for a lot of familys.

              My second point of view and comparision is of course the queues. At thorpe park the average queue line is about 30 - 50 minutes. Here your waiting 10 - 20 minutes per ride. The rides are more family orientated and are designed around kids teenagers and adults. Rage there rollercoaster has been a huge investement this year. I mean for rage the ride restriction that you normally find is 1.4 meters however southend made there rollercoaster 1.3 metres letting more people go on this style of ride.

              Restaurants and cafes are reasonable prices as well. I think if you want to go to a great family orientated theme park by the sea where you can spend all day on the beach whilst the kids go on the rides. Or even in the evening when your bored. Southend is the place to be


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              07.01.2009 22:46




              Adventure Island, what a great place to have a fun day out. It's the UK's number 1 Free Admission Fun Park. I've got to admit, i've spent many long summer days in this fun park with a group of my friends, going on all the rides. Especially Rage, it's the tallest ride in the park so its impossible to miss. They have a new ride added this summer, 'Over the Hill' is our brand new dark ride combining animation with animatronics and special effects. They have cheap wristbands that can last all day and in the summer they close pretty late, up to about 11pm. My best friend used to work at Adventure Island during the summer and he'd always come home telling me how busy it was, but he always enjoyed being there. People walking around with smiles on their faces, having the time of their lives, could it get any better?


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                30.09.2008 15:57
                Very helpful



                Really good day out by the sea

                An extremely cheap day out if you convert your tesco clubcard vouchers. Your vouchers can be redeemed against the price of the wristbands.

                You can pay per ride on everything if you like but this works out as an expensive way of doing things.

                I think their tiered pricing system is excellent. It starts with red ones for little ones under a meter tall and costs £10 or £8.50 if bought online

                If you are between 1 and 1.2 meters you need a green one which is priced £15 or £12 online

                For everyone above 1.2meters you get the blue band - this costs £22 or £17 online.

                This means that blue band wearers are tall enough to go on all the rides while the other colours are restricted for safety reasons.

                I think this is a much fairer system since it means parents aren't forking out the same amount on a 4 year old as a 10 year old for example.

                Dont forget these can all be bought free with tesco clubcard vouchers!!

                The park is easy to find as once in Southend-on-sea you just need to follow the signs to the sea front - it is well signposted. Southend itself is easy to get from from the M25 OFF JUNCTION 29 OR 30 - both exits get you there and you just follow the brown tourist signs to Adventure Island.

                There is no parking directly in the park but there is loads of parking spaces almost next to it and I have never had a problem parking - yet! I am unsure of the exact cost but remember thinking that a days parking was extremely reasonable.

                The park opens at 11.00 and closes anytime from about 6.00pm onwards depending on the time of year - peak season it may stay open as late as 10.00pm.

                Lets start with a selection of the rides that everyone can go on and enjoy.

                There is a classic ferris wheel with views across the sea - this was very welcoming when we went on an extremely hot day (yes i think we had 1 of those this year) and we could all cool down in the breeze.

                The Lighthouse Slip - this is a classic helter skelter standing at 15m tall - grab the mat and off you go, be warned it is really fast and you have to get up and out the way before the next person comes crashing into you!

                The American Whip
                This is my 3 year old niece's favourite ride - I'm not that keen myself, you' re in cars going round a circuit but everytime you go round the bend it whips you round rather too fast in my opinion - tho the little ones were clammering to go on again and again and again - much to the parents dismay!

                The Crooked House
                It is exactly that - a house you go into which is all crooked - I dont think this is one to try if you have any alcohol in you at all, i could not navigate my way round it very well without the help of my 6 year old nephew and was stone cold sober but looked like a bit of a drunk upon exiting the house - a little embarrassing!

                For blue wristband holders you can go on :-

                Mighty mini mega
                A great roller coaster for younger children - there's lots of twists and turns but no going upside down - just enough of a scare factor for their age.

                Barn Stormer - another rollercoaster for younger ones but instead of lots of twists this one is all about speed - it's a fast one

                Fireball - its a bit like the ferris wheel but you are more exposed and it is faster - hence the different banding

                Yes you are sitting in a giant skate board going from one end of the track to the other whilst simultaneously being spun round and round - another stomach churner

                Drop and Smile
                Does exactly what it says! Up you go nice and slowly, then wham it drops you and you smile (and possibly lose your tummy)

                The Cow Jumped Over The Moon
                Sit down and your then moved fairly gently in a circular direction - This is not a stomach churner tho it looks like it might be when you watch it in action

                And the rides for blue wrist band holders include :-

                dragons claw
                Your strapped in and then spun up down left and right very quickly leaving you feeling like you now know what it must feel like to be in a mixer! - I loved it but did feel a little queasy when it ended to put it mildly!

                Strapped in under the scorpion and spun round and round and round at a rate of knots - a definite one to avoid after lunch!

                This is the roller coaster for adrenalin junkies - fast and furious you twist and turn and go upside down - loved it and was scared - perfect!

                Green Scream - Not as much of a rush as with Rage but as it doesn't go upside down may suit some people more than rage - I'm thinking of my husband here!

                Please remember these are only a selection - there are many more.

                There are a few pay per go rides which I am unsure of the price on including Karting and Dodgems but I dont personally go on them as theres so many free rides it seems a waste of money.

                Dotted around the park are places you can get drinks and ice creams and hot dogs etc. There are also four restaurant to choose from if prefered that serve pizzas,fish and chips etc for reasonable prices.

                When we have finally finished we tend to go to one of the sea front restaurants for a meal before eating out. I will review these later but have not been dissapointed with the ones I have tried out so far.


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                  24.06.2007 00:43
                  Very helpful



                  When can we do it again?

                  We decided that we would have a family day out, and wanted to go somewhere that none of the kids had been before, we've all done the usual theme parks and opted for the famous Southend on sea. We had heard some really good things on Adventure Island, and hoped that it would provide a great day for all of my sisters and my children aged between 7 and 15, not forgetting our dear Mum who is 63, a young 63 I might add.
                  So at 8.30 last Sunday morning we all headed off for the hour and half drive to Sunny Southend. Loaded up with all the necessary food, drink, first aid kit, books and Psp's to entertain the tribe for journey. Well the journey went very smoothly, with the usual ' are we nearly there yet ?' and ' I feel sick' and a few games of I spy. We finally arrived. Parking was surprisingly easy. So off we go to Adventure Island........

                  Adventure island is situated right on the sea front, only seperated from the beach by a fence, Southend pier runs right through the middle of the park The pier is the longest pleasure pier in the world.
                  Entrance to the park is free, but you can buy wrist bands that allow you to ride 32 rides.

                  The cost of the bands depend on height.
                  Mini band 1 metre or under £10
                  Junior band between 1 metre and 1.2 metre £15
                  The big adventure band 1.2 and over £20

                  We got into the park at opening time 11am, and we didn't have to queue, this was a great bonus as anyone with half a dozen excited kids will appreciate. We all had our wristbands fitted, these were barcoded plastic strips that couldn't possibly be lost easily. In actual fact at the end of the day we had to cut them off, but were no way uncomfortable at all during the day.

                  We were given a maps of the park and decided to work our way around the park. Each ride is given a brief description and its suitabilty and height restriction.

                  I won't go into detail of every single ride.

                  There are 14 rides for children under 1 metre tall. These are nice little rides for younger children.

                  Some of these rides would appeal to families as you can accompany children on them.

                  The big wheel, which overlooks the sea and seats up to five people in each cage, is a nice gentle ride, and good old fashioned family fun.

                  The viking boats are again are perfect for younger children, they go round in a circle in water.

                  The lighthouse slip is a great helter skelter.

                  Beelzee Bob's trail, a great ghost train, very mild but great fun, a shot of warm air in your face near the end where they take your photo is hilarious when you come out and see your picture.

                  Goldmine, another nice placid ride where you sit in gentle rotating deep barrells, its takes you through a goldmining town, whilst some of the Red indian models are very weather worn its a good laugh.

                  We had done about a third of the rides by lunchtime, the beauty of the wristbands are you can leave the park and return. So we took a five minute stroll to beach to eat lunch. The younger kids in our party thought this was fantastic, they had time to eat, then collect shells, even time for a little paddle.

                  So back to the park.

                  Rides for 1.2 metres and over

                  The green scream, this I would imagine was probably the biggest rollercoaster here until recently, great for that scream factor and boy did we scream. Fantastic.

                  Dragons claw, individually seated in rows of fours, spins round, very fast, then turns you upside down. Oh did we scream.

                  Mighty mini-mega, a fast but short rollercoaster. Brillant,
                  but too short, you just have to do it again.

                  Archelon, a turtle shaped ride with long chained swing seats.

                  Sky drop, seated in a long line of seats it takes you up, very high, the just drops! Oh do you leave your stomach and heart behind. fantastic, but not for the faint hearted.

                  Tidal wave green and Tidal wave blue, great fun in dinghy style boats that travel down water slides. Be warned you can get very wet. But its great fun.

                  Blackbeards........ all at , a simulator in a pirates ship, a few surprises and a great laugh for all the family.

                  Rage- new for 2007. Well what can I say. People in the park just stood with their mouths open gazing at this one! It has a 23 metres (thats 75ft) climb that becomes a 75ft drop. It has loop the loop and a 360 degree barrell roll. I can't tell you anymore than that, it looks absolutely horrific and that why we didn't go on. I've been on the pepsi max at blackpool but I think that was very tame compared to this.

                  To be honest these are just the highlights of my day you couldn't write about every single ride there are just too many. But the ones they love they can just go on again again! A few weeks ago we spent a fortune at a local funfair on a few dodgems and walzters.

                  Around the park you come across side stalls, like hook the duck and shoot the goal which are not included on the wristband. They are £2.00 a go. We bypassed these as they can really bump up the cost of a reasonable priced day out. To be honest the kids were happy enough to not want to bother.

                  There are plenty of food and drink kiosks for seaside treats like candyfloss and rock, as well as drinks, there is not a lot of shade in the park, I didn't think that the prices were to to expensive 75p for a bottle of water.

                  There is a gift shop and an old time portrait gallery. the kids spent their pocket money on key rings and beany babies.

                  We found three seperate toilet blocks with baby changing facilities, all spotlessly clean, with attendants checking them. All of these are are less than five minutes from any part of the park. There is a well signposted first-aid centre.

                  The pay-as-you-go attractions which are the go-karts and the Dodgems were of no interest to any of the children we took with us as there was so much else to do they were too busy finding time to fit everything else in.

                  One of the things that made our day so great was that we didn't have to queue for any ride for more than 10 minutes, most were less than 5. Although the park was very busy we didn't feel like it was crowded and we were not fighting for space or wasting our day in long boring queues.

                  Food. The usual hot dog and burger bars, hot donuts, a pizza restaurant, a sandwich bar, jungle jive cafe which you can find chicken in a buckets meal deals etc. Traditional fish and chips.

                  No dogs except guide dogs. No alcohol.
                  No smoking in enlosed places.

                  At about 5.30 we decided to think about heading for home, how do we end the perfect day? Fish and chips on the beach ! We bought them from inside the park and walked along to the beach. By 6.30 we had some very happy tired children on our hands.

                  'When can we come again ? '

                  Great day had by all.

                  Whatever your age a great day out!


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                    18.01.2005 21:10
                    Very helpful



                    When I was a child growing up in London, we would go on day trips to visit my Nan in Southend, and if we were lucky we would round the day off with a visit to "Peter Pan's Playground", which was a small amusement park, of which my main memories of are the big wheel and the crooked house.

                    Now we fast forward 20 odd years, and Peter Pans has not only grown, but the name has changed to "Adventure Island"

                    Situated on Southend seafront next to the world's longest leisure pier, Adventure Island now comprises 31 rides that are accessed by either wristbands or tickets, plus the dodgems and go-karts that are coin operated.

                    Some of these rides date back to before 1951, as can be seen by the commemorative mark on the Crooked house showing where the water level reached during the floods of 1953.


                    Super Saver Wristband - £18

                    This allows the wearer unlimited access on any of the 31 wristband rides

                    Tiny Tots Wristband - £12

                    Allows the wearer unlimited access on any of the 18 tiny tots rides.

                    A responsible person over the age of 14 also gets to accompany a Tiny tot under 1.2 metres free


                    Of the 31 rides 13 are restricted to children over either 1 or 1.2 metres tall for safety reasons, but these are the faster rides that younger children would'nt generally enjoy.

                    The rides

                    The rides range from the gentle Big Wheel, to the terrifying Claw, and there is something for all tastes. I have in fact taken my children on rides from a few months of age, and my teenage neices have also enjoyed their day.
                    New rides are introduced yearly.

                    A word of warning though, there are normally long queues for the new rides, especially in the summer.

                    Value for money??

                    This would depend on whether you are going to spend all day within the park, or just a few hours. To be honest my family generally spends from about 12pm until the park closes between 8 and 11pm, and therefore we definately get value for our money.

                    The staff

                    I have found although many of the staff are young (it's one of the big employers of older teenagers that are still at school) they are curteous and only to willing to help. My 6 year old son is disabled and has even been taken to the front of queues, although there is no official policy for this.


                    There are plenty of toilets, although the council ones are a little smelly. There is also a nice big changing facility. I'm not sure if they're still available, but there used to be lockers available.

                    There are several food stalls that sell reasonable priced meals as well as restaurant, that I have'nt checked out yet.

                    Special Offers

                    Adventure Island often runs offers of 1/2 price wristbands after 6pm, and occasionally 1/2 price wristbands all day.

                    Another offer that runs occassionally is free rail travel when visiting the park.


                    The website is

                    This gives details of opening times and any special offers they are running, as well as new rides in the pipe line

                    The kids views

                    C, 13 - "I love the fast rides"
                    L, 9 - "I don't like fast rides, but I like the jungle ride and go on it lots"
                    M, 6 - "Go Peter pans today??" (he asks this at least once a week, if you've read my WDS review you'll now he has difficulties)

                    A, 5 - "Soon I'll be big enough to go on the rollercoaster"


                    Adventure Island is a great venue for a day out that all the family will truely enjoy.


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                      09.11.2001 04:05
                      Very helpful



                      Kids annoying you? There's a very good reason: they're bored! The solution is to be found at Southend Seafront. The southeast Essex seaside resort has been busy smartening itself and expanding the attractions on offer. One only has to look at Peter Pan's Adventure Island to see the progress the local authorities and private enterprises have made. It has grown from the small, grubby glorified playground to a clean, lively thrill-a-minute environment for children of all ages. There are now two rollercoasters, one considerably taller and faster than the other, as well as the terrifying "claw" that will throw your body in every direction at alarming velocity. For the smaller visitors and the faint of heart, there are smaller, more sedate rides AND Southend's flagship attraction also boasts all the traditional funfair rides such as the HelterSkelter, Big Wheel and Crooked House. Don't be fooled into thinking that Adventure Island's rides are as big or fast as those on offer at Alton Towers or Thorpe Park. There not, but there are no long queues (you can queue for an hour at Alton Towers for one of their big rides) and the thrills and spills on offer in Southend are sufficient to have the kids screaming with exhilaration, and the fact that they're constantly running from one ride to another means you won't hear a whine out of them. Adventure Island boasts its own burger bar and refreshment stalls which sell anything the kids might want to eat or drink at reasonable prices. I would suggest though that you don't eat before venturing on to the "Claw"!! Adventure Island is also a good value day out. All-day wristbands allowing you unlimited access to all the rides for about £15 for adults and bigger children, and about £8 for the little 'uns. For even bigger savings, visit outside of the summer holidays or after 6pm during the summer break, when th
                      e wristbands are on offer at half price. Alternatively look out for the two-for-one wristband vouchers on offer at most c2c railway stations, for those who travel to Southend by train (always an extra treat for kids). Outside of Adventure Island are the seafront arcades. Tacky they might be, but there's a very good reason why every seaside resort has them and why they haven't changed much over the years. The flashing lights are too bright, they'er noisy and claustrophobic, but kids love 'em! Just walking 'round looking at the games and all those lights thrills them. Get them a bag of tuppenny pieces to play with and they're delighted. For those of you who consider yourselves gaming connoisseurs, most of the arcades feature all the latest games to play on. Thrills and spills aside Southend now boasts some of the cleanest beaches in the country. The bad old days of littered beaches and dirty water are long gone, and family friendly are now a big plus. Also good fun is walking out to sea when the tide goes out. Try to spot a crab scuttling across the sand or use a net to investigate on of the small pools of water left by the tide. One must not forget Southend's world record breaking pleasure pier, over one mile long!! I recommend walking out for a doughnut anf hot chocolate at the end, and allowing the little train to bring you back to the seafront. In short, there is much to do at Southend Seafront, not just the excellent Adeventure Island. Check it out soon. StudMonkey


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                        07.09.2001 04:05



                        Adventure Island has plenty to do for all the family a relativly small park situated by the pier right on the seafront. If your there when the gates open be prepared for the mad rush for the ticket booths. There is no admission price as all rides are ticket or wristband only. The wristband allows you unlimited rides all day and you can leave the park and re-enter if you wish. Individual tickets cost 60p Supersaver wristband cost £15.00 allows access to all rides except go cats and dodgems which are extra Tiny tots wrist band allows unlimited rides on the 18 small rides a responsable person of 14 or over rides free with young children. cost £9.00 check website for up to date prices. In high season wristbands normaly go for half price after 6pm (park closes between 10 -11pm in high season) The park itself (formaly known as Peter Pans Adventure Island) is well laid out with a mixture of rides (Three new rides in 2001) Rides include two rollercoasters a log flume chairoplanes and a waterslide. There are plent of places to eat and drink scattered around the park selling the usual hotdogs, burgers, ice cream and chips with a cafe at the end of the park with a seating area. The prices arent to bad for your average tourist attraction and there are also several side show stalls at an extra charge. Of course with a place like this you have the ques but the operators try to get the more popular rides like the log moving quicker by filling the logs with several groups of people rather than single riders when busy. The park is fairly well maintained and clean but on the occasion we wet into the baby change we found it in a disgusting state but when we reported it it was delt with immediatly (The mess was due to lazy parents as there were bins provided) all in all a great day for all but check website for opening times prices and special events


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                        27.02.2001 00:17
                        1 Comment



                        I went to Adventure Island a few days ago with my family. They had an offer for the half term school holidays, the wristbands were half price (£7.50). I think that £7.50 is just the right price, I would consider the full price of £15 to be a bit of a rip off. These wristbands give you access to any ride except the dodgems and go-karts. The rides perhaps aren't up to the standards of leading themeparks like Chessington or Alton Towers, but they are good considering the price you pay for the wristband. There is a reasonable range of rides, although 3 of them are very similar (I forget what their names were all similar to the 'octopus' you get at fair grounds. There is a roller coaster, log flume and other rides that are good not to mention loads of kiddies rides. (There is a list of rides at their website). There is one ride that is a lot faster than the rest and is the only ride that goes upside down, I think it was called the dragons claw. Everyone is sat in a circle facing each other, and the circle spins and goes all over the place, its the best ride in the park! There are lots of side stalls as well with the normal fair ground games such as ring toss etc. The catering facilities (sorry, I'm starting to speak GNVQ leisure and tourism now!) are pretty limited, there is the odd hotdog and candy floss stand and a restaurant and that's about it, although the prices surprisingly are quite reasonable compared to other theme parks. The staff are generally quite friendly, although the theory of 'Essex Girls' turned out to be true with one girl running a kiddies ride trying to make a bunch of 5 year olds "shout out bo". All in all, Adventure Island is a fun day out for the family if you're in the area, but its not the kind of place you should make the journey for specially.


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