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Attractions in Bibury in general

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    1 Review
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      21.09.2001 21:51
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      If you are going to Gloucestershire and want a good day out for you and the children which you will both enjoy visit Bibury and Bibury Trout Farm. We are talking Rainbow trout here. It is one of the oldest trout farms in the country dating back to 1902. It is a beautiful farm and also a working farm. It is in the middle of the village between Cirencester and Burford. As you go into the farm you will walk through a small shop where you pay a small fee. You may, and I would definately suggest that you do, buy some pellets to feed the trout. I know this sounds cheeky when you have paid to go in and then you are paying the food for their fish but you will soon forget about that once you are through the gate. You will see trout in many separated pools. This is according to their age and the rearing position of them. They have well over 250,000 Rainbow Trout and they are reared to restock fisheries across the country as well as over ten million Rainbow Trout eggs and a million fry each year. There are notices telling you what is happening every step of the way around. The first thing you notice is like a sea of blackness where they have spotted and heard you coming and must be thinking these people are going to feed us! Throw some food in and watch them all come if you are brave enough bend down and get one to even eat out of your hand. Watch the water boil as you feed the fish this is really an unforgettable experience. If you are wanting to buy any you can even go with a net and catch your own or even tell one of the staff that such and such is the one you want! They do have refreshments there and a picnic area so you can just sit and watch them. When you leave look in all the streams and you will see all the ones that have escaped. Some are quite large. A lot have escaped and come to Fairford to the water down by the mill. Of course you are not
      allowed to tickle them now. If you dont know what tickling them means and you shouldnt know really as it is illegal, it is tickling them under the chin and it sends them into a sort of trance and then you just tutt tutt grab them. Anyway Bibury Trout Farm is a super place to visit which is loved by all. It is open winter as well as summertime.


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