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Bocketts Farm Park (Leatherhead)

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Young Street, Fetcham, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 9BS.
Tel: +44 (0)1372 363 764. Fax: +44 (0)1372 361 764

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    5 Reviews
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      12.05.2011 13:42
      Very helpful



      A fun day out for our little family!

      Nestled snugly in an accessable part of the Surrey countryside near Leatherhead, this family fun farm was our chosen destination for a day out somewhere new recently. With a hard to please toddler and a grumpy husband it was not looking good...

      Having spent a week putting up with frequent newfound tantrums, we decided to try out a new attraction in an attempt to alleviate everyones boredom, and thankfully it worked!

      As you enter Bocketts Farm Park you are immediately greeted by lots of petting animals, including goats, sheep and rabbits. We visited in May and there were lots of adorable lambs which delighted me, but failed to impress our two-year-old who was more interested in running riot and causing havoc! Once she had calmed down a little though she was really eager to feed the sheeps and giggled crazily when they tickled her hand in the process. For feeding purposes special munchies can be bought on entry.

      Progressing through the centre we stumbled upon the playpark which was age appropriate, but also had lots to entertain older kids. My little monster thoroughly enjoyed the exploring the giant bouncing pillows, as well as the trampolines and sandpit. There are also climbing frames, slides, swings and playhouses here.

      By the time she had burnt off some energy in the play area, we were all starting to get peckish so we decided to have lunch at the farm. Heading back out through the main enclosure we found a lovely old barn which serves as a cafe and the food was surprisingly good for this type of place. I opted for a sandwich, my hubby had a jacket potato and we chose a kids picnic box for herself. Cue happy toddler and parents! We also went for cake and this is served in little individual cartons so I wasn't holding out much hope, yet it was fresh and yummy.

      After a satisfying lunch we were pleased to find it was time for the pig racing! This sounds very odd indeed and it really was surreal to watch pigs dart around a track at top speed, having the time of their lifes! You would never believe a pig can move so fast until you see it with your own eyes. This event seems to last for seconds but it was highly entertaining and novel, and my daughter was in hysterics, snorting along and calling them all 'Peppa.' Honestly Peppa Pig has an awful lot to answer for!

      To have a little bit of a rest we decided to go on the tractor ride, which sadly is not included in the price. there is also pony riding for older children which again is not inclusive. This is a shame.

      The tractor ride is bumpy and slow but we enjoyed the spectacular views over London, which was just visable in the distance. It was really lovely, and also affords views across the farm and lets little ones see the animals at the same time.

      My daughter was getting a little tired so we went back to the main barn, but since she got a second wind we headed into the soft play area, which is a little jaded and tired compared to many newer places. Its saving grace was a massive slide which you can hurtle down on mats, gaining speed and fear along the way! I refused to go on, but my hubby took our daughter on his knee and she was in her element, insisting on several goes. Little daredevil!

      So that's Bocketts Farm Park and what a nice place it is too. It's about an hour from us so we won't go often but we will try it again in the future for sure. The admission prices are competitive and cheaper than similar farm parks, however it would be excellent value for money if the extras were included in the price. We all had a great day out and thought this place was well-run, varied and ideally suited to toddlers and young children.

      Prices are as follows;

      Adult £8.50
      Senior Citizen £7.95
      Child (3-17yrs) £8.50
      Child 2yrs £6.95
      Disabled £6,25


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        13.01.2011 21:00



        I recently visited Bocketts Farm with the grand children and we all loved it - adults and children alike. There's lots to do and because of this I think the prices are reasonable. We tried one of the other local farms but it did not rate as highly with any of us as Bocketts did.


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        29.03.2009 20:05
        Very helpful



        OK but there are better places

        A Great Day out if you are a child BUT.......

        Way too expensive.. I live locally to this attraction and have, since our son was born visited it on many occasions.

        The facilities for the children are excellent, there are two soft play areas, a large and well designed outdoor area, trampolines, climbing frames, swings and loads more, my son loves it there. Whenever we drive past it he always asks if he can go in there.

        I'm not so keen though, it's just an attraction for the kids really, there are no facilities there for adults and most of the activities are for the children only.

        I personally feel the adult admission charge is far too high (now £7.60) because all there is for the adults to do is supervise their children! the cost for a child aged 3-17 is £7.30 so for a family of four the admission alone is over £30.00. Then if you want to use some of the premium facilities like the tractor rides, donkey rides etc be prepared for further costs.

        I just feel that as it is predominantly a facility for children why is the admission charge for adults so high?

        We have visited another popular farm not too far from us where the admission fee is all inclusive so all the facilities once in there are free to use and they cater a lot more for adult participation.

        The restaurant is pretty good, it's set up in a large barn, it can be a little cramped when busy but the quality of the food they sell is good.

        I would say this is a good place to visit but not the best in the area.

        Paying almost £8 as an adult just so you can supervise your children on the premises is way too much. If there was more there for adults to participate in then maybe the admission charge would be fairer.

        Bocketts is very popular and a great place for kids but not so brilliant for the big kids i.e the mums and dads and I believe that they are capitalising on their popularity by charging so much for adults and children to get in.

        For the money they charge I think that they should be providing more services for both the children and their mums and dads.

        Overall I would choose the other farm we have visited it offers much better value for money.


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          31.01.2009 20:18
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Feeding the animals is soo fun for the kids.

          Bocketts Farm is a working family farm set in the beautiful Surrey countryside.
          We (myself and my husband) bring our two sons here at least once a year as it the best farm that is closest to us.
          We do however have a farm that is situated just 10 minutes walk from our home but its so down rated I would never dream of taking my boys there as the stories Ive heard about it I just dont think they would enjoy it so would not pay the prices they charge to go.

          Any way back to the review of this lovely Farm.The farm is open throughout the year, from 10am - 6pm.
          You'll always find baby animals to see such as piglets, chicks, kids and lambs from December until June.
          My boys always enjoy feeding the sheep as soon as we enter the farm so I always buy them a bag of food each only costing 30p a bag and that lasts them all the way round till we finish.

          And With trampolines, slides, play barns, soft play areas, famous pig races, tractor & trailer rides and pony rides there's never a dull moment.
          My boys always want to stay longer and we are usually there the whole day.

          At the entrance before you go in you get a coloured wrist band incase you want to go back to your car and re enter these are different coloured every day so that you dont keep the one on and try getting in free the folling day (Not that I have tried this).

          Bocketts Farm prices**
          Entry Prices (valid until 10th Feb 2009)
          Adult - £7.25
          Senior Citizens - £6.75
          Children - 3-17 yrs - £6.75
          Children 2 yrs - £5.50
          Under 2's are free
          Disabled - £4.95

          5 Visit Passes - 25% off normal prices.
          They are for use by one individual only for 5 separate visits. They make a great gift!
          Prices (valid till 10th Feb 09)
          Adults £26.00, Senior Citizens £24.50,
          Children (3-17 yrs) £24.50, (2 yrs) £20.00.

          After-school prices of £3.50 per person apply on some term time weekdays (entry after 3.45pm.)
          Available on the following dates:
          7th January 2009 to the 12th February 2009

          Child Minder Prices (ID required)
          Adults £3.95, 3yrs plus £3.70, 2yrs £3.20
          Available on the following dates:
          7th January 2009 to the 12th February 2009

          There is always so much to see and do when at the farm ranging from..

          Regular animal handling sessions - when you can stroke small animals and learn about them from the staff. These take place everyday at 11.15am, 12.15pm, 2.15pm, 3.15pm and 4.15pm

          Goat milking - twice daily at 11.00am and 3.00pm

          Pony Rides which take place (weather conditions permitting) once a day, or twice a day at busy times for children aged 3 years and over. There is a charge of £1.50 for this activity. Pony rides are not always available on winter weekdays.

          So as you can see its very much worth a visit.

          Thanks for reading I think this has been my longest review yet.x


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            23.09.2001 07:43
            Very helpful



            Animal noises ran a close second to Victor's first daring attempts at getting himself understood by the scarily big outside world; but being a boy, another phrase was coined, a phrase whose consequences mummy has had to live with ever since....CAR. Kinda beside the point, but now you know my first born's first proper word (and yes, he can say it in French as well), you can understand my keenness at diverting Victor's attention from big, noisy, greasy engines, and maybe, just maybe, redirecting him in the way of small fluffy bunny rabbits and baa lambs (like redirecting him in the way of Tao, but the baby version...ermm, ignore me). So where was I? Oh yes, just plodding around Surrey with a continuously grubby and oiled up child, needing and searching for a serene moment or two. And whilst we were there, from the depths of grandma's suburban insights came the suggestion of Bocketts Farm. I was sold just at the mere mention of baa baas, moo moos (meuh meuhs if you want me to be a good bilingual mother) and neigh neighs...the proposed pot of tea and toilet facilities (oh, have you lot forgotten I'm four months pregnant?) were in no way a deciding factor. Bocketts Farm Park is (from the blurb): Set in beautiful countryside on the edge of the North Downs, a working family farm with old and modern breeds of animals. Without the blurb, I can tell you that the surrounding billowing landscape is pretty in that Downy, English sort of way, and that on arrival that family feeling is really rather apparent; the kinship even seems to run wild with the free range laying chickens that cluck at your entrance. While we're talking about entrances: Let me instill a certain amount of faith in you by mentioning that Bocketts farm still have foot and mouth killing nasty disinfectant stuff that you have to walk in (like a big marshy sponge - much to Victor's amusement) before you get to the proper muddy farm
            bit of it all. Once you're at the proper muddy farm bit of it all, you may notice a rather large and friendly work horse, whose name escapes me, but enjoyed snorting at Victor...in fact this is one of the nicest features at Bocketts farm, and damn me to hell for forgetting his/her name, as each animal is heavily personalised with a notice at the front of their enclosure. This tells mummies and daddies Rosie's name, weight, age and origin...just so we don't feel stupid. By this point there's no turning back: There IS a free tea room and shop, but one glimpse of llamas and mewing lambikins and Victor is off. Ho hum, entrance fee and seemingly mandatory animal feed at the ready. This is the wonderfully relaxing bit, as small child wanders from extremely friendly farm animal to extremely friendly farm animal - No fears of gnawed or nibbled fingers, angered butts or tearful toddlers - all animals seem to be well rehearsed in the fine art of being sweet and cuddly. This part of the farm is covered and houses most of the petting animals within their enclosures: There are a couple of llamas at the front, and then the more mainstream sheep and goats (although the breeds seem to be rather varied and even exotic at times). To the side are smaller animals that go meep: Lots of Peter Rabbits, guinea pigs, chipmunks and stuff...they ain't that interested in the children at the moment, but trust me, they'll get there come-uppance later on in the day. Further over to the side, one of the many children's play areas: This area has a trampoline for slightly older children (but worry ye not, one for the little-uns is located outside), a couple of swings (including a hammock design one for really ickle babies) and a nice and sturdy climbing frame. There are usually a couple of general activities in this area - while I was there there was face painting, badge making and much merriness. Outside this enclosed part
            of the farm (and try to notice the fat sleeping pot belly pig on your way will you?) are many wondrous things: There is a rather large shed full of hay blocks and slidey bits - a good idea for losing slightly older children in for at least an hour, the general stables (with more notes on Bunty, Apple Blossom and Marigold), a donkey or two (gee, I'm just a sucker for a donkey), a rather docile owl (whose young handler will be more than happy to let you and your brood oooh and aaarh over), and Victor's favourite...but of course, a derivative of our one and only true love...the TRACTORS. Not real ones of course (although real defunct ones are scattered across the farm for all those budding mountaineers and farmers), but about ten smaller pretend ones with pedals, all contained within a circuit, and rabidly bumping into one another under child power...except for Victor's, of course, as he's too young to grasp the peddle concept (plus his legs are way too short), and so therefore moving solely under pregnant mummy power...this way I was able to convince myself that the tea room and the full cooked breakfast was a much deserved reward for my hard work. After a small interlude of eating way too much, we ventured back. Further out the rear of the farm are several large play areas, picnic areas and fields with lots of cows in them...I can't remember too much about this bit of the farm, as after Victor repeatedly fell over on the trampoline and made a little girl cry, it started raining and we all rushed back inside. But this is when the real fun started: The farm also provides various other entertainments (not all off which myself and Victor got to partake in - amongst the sadly missed was the pig racing), and the highlight of these has to be the every half-an-hourly small animal handling sessions (although the goat milking caused much amusement when two little terrors decided to grab at Mrs Goat's (I assume she was married
            ) underpass, making her squeal and kick her bucketful over). Two rather sweet and young women sat all the children (and parents) down in a little haystack semi circle and proceeded to grab hidden small fluffy things from their warm and cosy beds - thrusting these trusting tiny bodies into the hands of keen and overly eager toddlers. There were a few squeals (from both quarters, I hasten to add), but calm was maintained by sweet, young women and no animals were hurt during the making of...I even got to hold a chicken. What wasn't on the agenda for the day we were there (apparently they are available at busier times of the year - we went just after school started again) were the trailer and pony rides. I'm also informed by flyers that there are craft demonstrations held regularly...but if it's a toss up between thatching and tractors, I think I know which one Victor will plump for. The shop is everything you would expect of a place like this...maybe a few less toys and a few more 'gifts' for Surrey mothers to buy, but overall nicely presented with a good range of postcards and the like. The tea room is superb, it really is: While I was in there it was absolute mayhem as children ran everywhere (there is a play area against the back wall) and servers were run off their feet (literally). The menu is good: Sandwiches, seriously hearty Ploughman's and a wide selection of hot meals, as well as good value children's meals and my nice pot of tea....toilets aren?t that far away, either. The absolutely brilliant news about Bocketts is that it is open ALL the time. Ok, not December 25/26th and January 1st, but every other damn day, AND they do the seasonal stuff with turkey dinners and Santa's Grotto, AND they even do birthday parties as well. Well I'm impressed even if you're not. There is a warning notice displayed throughout the farm explaining why pregnant women shouldn't b
            e touching the goats, sheep, kids or lambsm so take head and always was your and your child's hands. Getting there is pretty simple (and I'm doing it from Paris so no excuses): It's sign posted from the M25 (exit at Junction 9 and it's about five minutes away), or just off the A246 at Fetcham (clearly sign posted). Nearest train station isn't that near (Leatherhead), but a bus (408) runs from Kingston and Guilford. Admission is 3.95 for an adult, 3.50 children 3-17 and 2.60 for 2 and under. These rates are likely to be reduced during weekdays and winter, so check with them before: www.bockettsfarm.co.uk. Well, that was a good day spent: Victor learnt how to say cock-a-doodle-do and I got to hold a chicken. May there be many more days like it.


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            >>Adults £7.60 >> Senior Citizens & children over 3 years £7.20 >> 2 year olds £5.90 >> Disabled £5.30 >> After school rates £3.75 >> Child minder rates, please call.

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