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Boscawen Park (Truro, Cornwall)

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Park in Truro, Cornwall.

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    1 Review
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      05.08.2012 19:59
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      Fantastic day out

      I enjoy getting out of the house with my daughter, we live in a small village without a park of any sort so we often go further a field for days out. One of our favourite parks to visit is Boscawen park, more commonly known to locals as Malpas park.

      - Location and parking -

      Malpas park is situated just a mile or two away from Truro city centre. Locals refer to it as Malpas park rather than Boscawen park as it can be found on Malpas road. It is easy to find by car, from the A39, when you hit Trafalgar roundabout just take the turning for Malpas. Keep following that road and you will come across a mini roundabout where you can take a turning off straight into the car park. It really isn't hard to miss!

      There is a rather large car park for the park. With space for approximately 100 cars, this is quite a large amount for a park. However, in the summer, these fill up pretty quickly. Every time we have visited the park, there has always been cars parked on either side of the road, even if the car park is empty. I think this could be because people think they have to pay for the car park, but infact, it is totally free.

      - Things to do -

      The thing that makes this park my favourite in the area is the variety of things to do. It isn't just a simples children's play area. There is a variety of walkways around lots of flower beds at the start of the park, then the children's play area next to a huge field with goal posts. Adjacent to the children's play area is a number (6 or 8, I can't remember!) tennis court available to hire. Cross the road and you are greeted by a pub and a duck pond. It's a great place for a day out!

      - Walkways -

      The walkways at the front of the park are all made from a nice level concrete making it perfect for children to ride their bikes and scooters without worry about any lumps and bumps that might make them fall off. I can remember when I was little and learning to ride a bike here. There aren't any steps or ramps so you don't have to worry about trying to get around if you have a wheelchair or a pushchair. Dotted around the walkways is a number of benches, there are quite a few and you can often find at least one unoccupied so you can take a seat, these are looking a little worn now but they still do the job well.

      The flowerbeds are found in and around each walkway, as Cornwall County Council are responsible for the park, these are always kept in an amazing condition. With different coloured flowers of all different shapes and sizes, they are definitely nice to the eye. In the middle of all the walkways is a big wooden totem pole statue, there isn't any information about this statue, but it looks nice all the same.

      - Children's play area -

      The play area is nice for children of all ages. At the beginning of the play area is where the toddler friendly equipment is kept with a couple of toddler swings and three different ride on rocking toys. The swings and one of the ride on toys have been there since I was a child, despite this they are still in a great condition with no signs of wear and tear or graffiti. The only problem with this part of the park is that there is no fence around the toddler park so you can't just let them run totally free as they could easily run through the walkways then straight onto the road.

      Further on up in the children's park is a climbing frame with slide, a roundabout and some older swings. One of these swings is made from a seat so for children with difficulties this is perfect. They can still have a go on the swings even if they can't balance or hold on to a normal swing seat. There are also a couple of seesaws. All of this equipment is in a fantastic condition with no signs of any graffiti.

      There are a couple of pieces of equipment for older children too. There's a small square of concrete complete with a basket ball hoop for older children. One of the main things for older children is a wooden piece of equipment with various different types of activities to do on here like an adventure playground. There are wooden balance beams, and a wooden walk along bridge.

      I really like the variety of different pieces of apparatus in this park. It really does cater for children of all ages. My daughter particularly likes the climbing frame complete with slide. It's the only slide in the park and is usually a favourite with all kids so there's often pushing and shoving to get a go!

      - Duck pond -

      It's easy to get into the duck pond from the main park, simply cross the road, go through the gate and you are there. The duck pond is oval in shape and around the perimeter is a bumpy walkway. The walkway is made from a tiny gravel type material, this would make it hard to push a wheelchair around. The shrubbery around the duck pond looks rather natural and despite it having the clean cut to perfection look, it is still easy to walk around without being hit in the head by the odd twig sticking off a tree.

      There are a good amount of ducks in this pond with a couple of swans also. We often take a few slices of bread to feed the ducks but to my daughters disappointment they never seem hungry. No matter what time of the day we go, whether it be morning or afternoon, the ducks never want our bread! It's almost like someone goes there first thing in the morning and feeds them enough to last them all day. There is always soggy pieces of bread floating in the water where other people have tried to feed them as well. I think this is a shame as my daughter loves throwing the bread for them to eat. The bread doesn't always get wasted though, as with most places like this, there are a huge number of seagulls that congregate around the duck pond waiting to pinch some bread.

      There are often ducks walking around the walk ways and it is certain you will come across some ducks out of the water as you walk around. These ducks cause no harm and often just walk away if you try to approach them. My daughter loves chasing them for some reason, poor things!

      - Facilities -

      Malpas park has a set of public toilets that can be found at the far end of the flowerbeds. Every time we have visited these toilets are in a clean and fresh condition. They are totally free to use.

      There is a little hut towards the car park that sells hot drinks, cold drinks and snack type foods. I couldn't tell you how much it costs as we always take our own picnic when we visit. It's conveniently placed to find if you forget your packed lunch or forget to park a drink. During the summer holidays there is an ice cream placed next to the hut.

      - Overall -

      We regularly visit this park, sometimes we spend just an hour here if we are in the area, other times we spend all day here. The large field makes it easy for us to take a load of blankets, a picnic and some ball games to keep us occupied for the day. The field is big enough for lots of people to do the same as there is bags of room for balls games to still take place. During the summer lots of families do the same and quite often all the children will play games together.

      Spending all day here could be painful for the pocket with parking charges but the fact it's totally free means it is a great day out with nothing to spend other than an ice cream before going home. Bringing a packed lunch for the picnic makes it even cheaper so you don't have to buy food when you are out. If you really want to make a day of it there is a pub across the road where you can grab something substantial to eat, but we've never visited here.

      The duck pond is a lovely addition to the park, however the ducks never being hungry is a disappointment, not just for my daughter but me as well. Visiting the duck pond when you are visiting the park for the day does break the day up a little and gives you a change of scenery without having to go too far away.

      I think the park is a fantastic place for people of all different walks of life of different ages. The tennis courts are a great way to practice the sport or to have a little fun. The walkways are enjoyed by both older people and children on their bikes and scooters. The children's play equipment is suitable for children of all ages, and the huge field is a great place to relax.

      Take a packed lunch and spend the day here (when there is suitable weather!).


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