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Castle Howard Statley Home (York)

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3 Reviews

Address: Sutton on the Forest / York / YO61 1DP / North Yorkshire / England

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    3 Reviews
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      14.06.2010 21:39
      Very helpful




      *** Castle Howard Review ***
      I recently went on holiday to York and therefore visited many attractions in and around York (you will probably find many of my other reviews on the subject of places to go in York!

      Castle Howard is just one of many attractions around York and one I would recommend. I had a really enjoyable day out there.
      The gardens/grounds are good and enjoyable to go around. There is a load to do and there is such a large space - many acres! There is a massive water fountain - which was rather nice, lots of statues and other things in the grounds, woodland and much more!

      The house was also pretty good and featured an impressive dome and has a good history. There are many special pieces of furniture and things like statues and paintings in the house. There were also some impressive fresco paintings but sadly these have been damaged quite badly in the fire in 1940 and the colours have been blackened.

      I had a really enjoyable day and would definitely recommend Castle Howard to any staying in and around York on a day out. It was good fun and a family ticket was not too expensive - see more about prices a little further down.

      Brideshead revisited was also filmed at Castle Howard and there is an exhibition upstairs all about that which was quite interesting and made the Castle and the grounds even more interesting!

      Prices - Sadly Castle Howard is a private castle so you have to pay even if you have memberships with charities like the National Trust.

      I would really recommend Castle Howard to everyone as a good day out in York. Check out my other reviews on attractions in York as well so you have a great holiday in York!

      This review may appear on other websites under the names ns1209 and mariofan123.


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        09.04.2010 23:33
        Very helpful



        Worth a visit if you like old buildings and gardens!

        This review is for the stately home and tourist attraction, Castle Howard, in Yorkshire. The building and the extensive gardens are privately owned by the Howard family and are open to the public.

        The castle is more of a large house rather than a defensive structure, and was started in 1701. It has been greatly extended and changed over the years, and has been damaged by fire twice. The second time that the house caught fire was in 1940, and significant damage was done to the property.

        I visited in 2009, but I checked the prices for 2010 and they are 12.50 pounds for adults to visit the house and gardens, or 8.50 pounds if you just want to visit the gardens. You can also buy an annual pass to the house and gardens for forty pounds, which is good value if you visit locally. I found the admission prices comparable to other properties run by the National Trust and English Heritage, although they can be expensive if you have a large family.

        The house is enormous, and is still lived in the family. There is a fantastic staircase as you enter, but my favourite room was the great hall. This is a large room, which had to be rebuilt after the fire in 1940, and the cracks are still in the floor where the debris from the roof landed during the fire. There are a number of bedrooms and sitting rooms which you can also visit, all feeling very homely and welcoming.

        The gardens are extensive, with lots of lakes, footpaths and places to visit, such as the temple, walled garden and wooded areas. The paths are well laid out, and there is much to see, and much changes throughout the year. For me personally, the wooded area was the most interesting to visit.

        If you are staying for a few hours, and you will probably want to, then there is a cafe at the site which sells a variety of refreshments and snacks. There is also a farm shop and garden centre if you want further distractions to lengthen the day's visit. Children may like the visit, there's lots to see outdoors and there is also an adventure playground to help keep them distracted!

        Some considerable effort has been made by the owners to ensure that the disabled, elderly and young children can visit the property. A lift is available in the house, and all but the chapel and part of the exhibition wing are available for those with limited mobility. However most of the house and gardens are accessible. Dogs are allowed in the gardens only and need to be kept on a lead, with the exception of guide dogs who are welcome in the house and gardens.

        The property is open from mid March to late October each year, and also the first half of December. More information on opening times can be found on the house's official web-site at http://www.castlehoward.co.uk/. Castle Howard is situated in North Yorkshire, and most visitors likely use a car to park in their large car park, but local buses also visit the house as well.

        In summary, this house has a great deal of history and everything feels very friendly. You can revisit the house throughout the day if you wish, and you are likely to see something new. The prices are reasonable and there is a lot to see, so if historic buildings and gardens sound interesting to you, then it's definitely worth a visit!


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          02.07.2009 16:33
          Very helpful



          a great tourist attraction for all the family lots of outdoor things to see and play

          Castle Howard is a short 20 minute drive from where we live in York and it's a place that we have been to several times over the years. Our latest visit was a couple of months ago and the first in which we have taken our young son. I will describe our experience and thoughts of the place under the various headings about the place rather than a separate section on this occasion

          Where is it
          Castle Howard is located just 15 miles north east of York, just off the A64 in the direction of Malton and Scarborough.
          By Bus: There isn't a direct bus route that covers York to castle Howard but you can plan a route that will take you there using the following website www.yorkshiretravel.net
          By Rail: the nearest railway station is Malton. Trains arrive frequently from York and taxis are available at the station (cost approx £12.00 one way - please confirm price with your taxi driver before your journey). Alternatively hope on a bus from Malton Bus Station (opposite Malton railway station) - see www.yorkshiretravel.net for details.

          About castle Howard.
          Most people may have heard of Castle Howard in relation to the both the TV series and Film Brideshead Revisited which was film at Castle Howard. The inside of the castle as well as the grounds were used for all the filming and there is a section of the castle which is devoted an exhibition of the filming of these. The parts that were destroyed by the fire have been used for the filming of inside shots of the castle because they can construct backdrops as they need and with the high ceilings there is plenty of space for both lighting and camera shots.

          The gardens are extensive with lots of fountains and walks to keep you entertained. There is a rose garden which looks lovely at this time of year. There are several follies both within the grounds and out with which can be reach by a short walk. The walks within the grounds are very well signposted and you get a free leaflet with your admission price showing you the various walks and attractions. One of the walks takes you to the lake and in the summer you can take a boat ride on the lake.

          Inside the castle as with most stately homes you follow a set course around the house. When we went with our son we had our baby backpack carrier and he loved looking at a great height at the house especially the pictures and in one section particularly the new exhibition they have about children's books.

          The castle

          The castle Howard website describes the castle as such:
          "The construction of Castle Howard took more than 100 years before it could be said to have been finally completed, and spanned the lifetime of three earls and numerous architects and craftsmen. As the house was built and decorated so the grounds were filled with lakes, temples, monuments and a grand mausoleum. A thriving estate grew up encompassing several villages and acres of farmland.
          The single most significant event since the day it was built has been the calamitous fire of 1940, which destroyed the dome and nearly 20 rooms, as well as numerous treasures. For the next few years much of Castle Howard was open to the skies, its once splendid rooms gutted shells. George Howard, who inherited the house, after the deaths in action of his two brothers in World War Two, determined that the house should be lived in once more, and made the bold decision to recover Vanbrugh's architectural masterpiece.
          It is largely due to his remarkable efforts that Castle Howard is today home to the family, and enjoys such enormous popularity with the public. In 1960-62 the dome was rebuilt and redecorated, and in 1981, in conjunction with Granada Television and the filming of Brideshead Revisited, the Garden Hall was rebuilt. As time and money permit, the gradual task of restoring the fire-damaged sections continues. In the early 1980s a New Library was built; in 1994-95 the Central Block was re-roofed. "

          If you want any further information there is a very detailed part of the website about the building and construction of the castle.

          The Grounds

          There are 1,000 acres of Gardens which are stunning whatever the time of year we have been both in autumn and seen the leaves turning, the spring as the crocus's are blooming and the summer for the rose garden. Delightful walks reveal in turn hidden glades and breathtaking views. With many terrace walks and lakeside paths, memorable sights include the Atlas Fountain and the Temple of the Four Winds. Dogs are welcome but must be on a lead at all times

          The children's play area
          Our new lakeside adventure playground is now open to visitors. Guaranteed to light up children's eyes the new equipment, a mix of traditional and high energy pieces, is abstract and visually stunning. It offers children of all age's energetic and challenging play - and it's suitable for adults too! The new timber equipment ensures the new playground complements the natural environment of the woodland setting. "
          This is an amazing area my son even though he is just a toddler loved playing on the slide and play house area and you could see older children whooping with delight as they climbed and scrambled all over the area in the tunnels, rope bridges swings. I think this is an area he will love going back to over the years to come.
          "During the school holidays we offer a daily programme of adventure trails and weekend activity workshops. These are included in the admission price and there is no need to pre-book - just turn up and join in the fun. Adventure trails include: Dragons & Unicorns, The Lazy Giant, The Fairy Twins and the Stone Storybook."
          We haven't tried this but I would image it would be fun for the little darlings

          Castle Howard runs lots of events through out the year from wine tasting to craft events to escorted walks and talks. The most popular events are the summer proms which is a great evening using the natural amphitheater of the grounds heading down to the lake you can listen to music as the sun goes down. Some events are free of charge and you just need to book a place. Others you will need to pay extra for and the prices of which vary so I wont put that information in but you can visit their website for all of that information.
          We have been to see a couple of years ago Beautiful South and it was a fantastic evening the parking was easy to use with lots of on site eating and drinking facilities as well as toilets. You are able to take your own picnic and I know for the proms evenings its not uncommon to see people in full evening dress

          Shops and eating
          There is local produce in the award-winning Farm Shop, handmade confectionery in the Chocolate Shop and estate grown plants, trees and shrubs in the Plant Centre. The Carriage House sells home lifestyle goods and accessories, and the Bookshop has something in interest bookworms of all ages. Shoppers can enjoy seasonal menus in the Courtyard Café. There is no charge to enter the Stable Courtyard and these shops
          Within the grounds there is a choice of two places to eat these are the Fitzroy Room, a traditional self-service restaurant within the castle selling very yummy cakes and scones. There is also the Lakeside Kiosk, which they state is "family friendly venue" this is next to the lake and children's adventure park and also has an ice-cream stall. The service we have found there is very slow and not cheap just under £10 for two sandwiches and two hot drinks. They also get a delivery from the house of the hot items such as soup and this generally isn't available till just after 12. There are only a few highchairs available here despite its claim as of family friendly. But the one we used was clean and had a five point harness. The nappy changing facilities at this area were lovely and spacious and clean with a nappy bin provide so you don't have to carry that dirty nappy around with you during the rest of your visit.

          Admission times and prices:

          Times: House opens 11.00am with last admissions at 4.00pm. The Gardens open 10.00am until 6.30pm (dusk in winter). The Stable Courtyard Shops, Café and Plant Centre open 10.00am until 5.00pm. Please note in the low season the Courtyard Café closes at 4.00pm.
          House & Gardens adult £11.00
          concession £10.00
          Child £7.00
          Family £29.00

          Gardens Only Adult £8.50
          Concession £8.00
          Child £6.00
          Family £23.00

          Now for a cheeky bit of information about prices. We were able to get a two for one admission because castle Howard offer this as a discount to people on presentation of a valid NHS identification card. Now I know this is done for our local PCT but I guess if your visiting from another area it would be worth trying to see if you to could have this discount.

          A hearing loop is located in the Ticket Office. Facilities for wheelchair users, and those with restricted mobility, includes designated parking, onsite land-transport with disabled access and wheelchair loans. Wheelchairs can access to all areas of the House except for the Chapel and first floor of the Exhibition Wing. Access to the public rooms is by wheelchair lift (maximum weight of 190kg, size 1295mm x 710mm wide). In the Gardens paths and entrances are ramped for easy access. Assistance dogs are welcome.

          Babies and Toddlers: Pushchairs are not permitted in the house, but can be stored in a pushchair holding area. (This is a manned area at thee start of the house so it's nice and secure) 'Hip-seats' can be borrowed to assist in carrying children (6 months - 3 years old) through the House we didn't use this as we had our backpack and they were more than happy for us to us this around the house as well as the grounds. Nappy changing facilities can be found in the house, lakeside and courtyard toilets.

          Contact details
          Castle Howard Estate Ltd
          Registered Office:
          Estate Office
          Castle Howard
          North Yorkshire
          YO60 7DA
          Tel: +44 (0)1653 648 444 * Fax: +44 (0)1653 648 529
          website http://www.castlehoward.co.uk

          This is a great tourist attraction with lots of things to do and see I haven't described the plant centre or the arboretum which is a separate visitors attraction as I haven't visited either of these.


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