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Cheshire Ice Cream Farm (Cheshire)

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6 Reviews

Drumlan Hall, Newton Hall, , Tattenhall, Cheshire, CH3 9NE. Tel: 01829 770995.

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    6 Reviews
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      18.11.2010 20:28
      Very helpful



      A great day out!

      Ever since I was a little girl I have visited the Cheshire ice cream farm. My parents would take me and my brother up there every summer for an ice cream and the chance to see the animals. As I got older we stopped going and it was a place I had completely forgotten about until a few years back. Me and my partner were sifting through leaflets we had picked up at the local tourist centre when I spotted it. With my daughter being one at the time I thought it was the perfect place to take her rather than some of the more adventurous places some of the other leaflets were offering.

      We decided to make a day of it as there are several places to visit in the surrounding areas of the ice cream farm. The main ones being beaston castle, this is an approximate 5 minute drive up the road. There is also Peckforton castle which was a place we used to visit when we were younger but upon arriving we discovered that it has actually been turned into a hotel and is no longer open to the public. Such a shame as it was a lovely and tranquil place, but on the plus side, if I ever win the lottery that is the first place I will go to get married! There is also a candle workshop nearby, in a brief description this is a place of everything and anything but the main feature is the ability to make your own candles, there are also activities for children, a garden centre and plenty of shops.

      Getting there

      On our first time travelling there we didn't have the advantage of a sat nav so we directed ourselves from the small map on the back of the leaflet. It took us twice as long to get there as it normally would but that could possibly be due to my partners lack of navigation skills as he ended up driving 20 miles down the wrong side of the motorway and it only came to us that we were going the wrong way when there was a sign stating we were half way to Birmingham. As we live in Cheshire you really would presume that it would be easy to find the 'Cheshire' ice cream farm!

      When we finally got into the surrounding areas we found that there was a lack of sign posts, it took a couple wrong turn and several times round the walls of beaston castle before we found it. Since the first time we went the ice cream farm has been modernised so I will be reviewing what it looks like now. Upon arriving there is a large car park surrounded by fields and fields of cows. All of the cows present in the fields are those that supply the milk for the ice cream. They look as though they are looked after well so in a way I suppose you could call the ice cream organic.


      As you enter you are somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of people there. Every time we have been whether it be rain or shine it is always packed. There are several seating areas, benches and tables outside however you will be lucky if you can find a seat. There is a little grass area which has some benches, when we go in the summer we usually find a little patch of grass to sit down and eat our ice creams.

      Indoor building

      The main feature of the ice cream farm is of course the ice cream. There is a large area inside which contains some extra seating areas as well as a large sales desk which contains all of the ice cream. Again in here it is always packed. And the queue can snake all of the way to the door at times. There are several people serving so this quickly goes down and the wait does allow you to choose from their wide range of ice cream. There is a little cafe area inside which serves hot and cold food. We have only eaten from here once; the food was nice but a little over pricey. I would definitely recommend bringing a little picnic. There is also a little shop which contains toys, colouring books etc. The prices are very reasonable here which is good as my daughter cannot resist a toy shop! It mainly contains little travel things and pocket money toys.

      There is also an indoor play area. This is designed mainly for young children and is not the best indoor play area that I have seen but for half an hour's entertainment it is certainly worth taking a look. The play area is actually called crazy daisy's play barn and is designed in a cows theme. There is a section for babies which was nice when we visited when my daughter was only one. This section is free to enter but the main play area is £3 on weekdays and £3.50 on weekends. This is slightly over priced but children are allowed to come and go as they wish throughout the day. There is also a height restriction of 90cm on the babies/toddlers area.

      Ice cream

      There is such a huge variety of ice cream that all have mouth watering quality's but if I was to give every flavour ice cream a mention the review would be pages long! I will give a mention of some of the more unusual flavours and also the ones that I have tried. Ok so the first is the vanilla, I actually haven't tried this and neither is it unusual but this particular ice cream has won an award, so it must be nice, right? So apart from the obvious every day flavour ice creams there are: Rum and raisin, Honeycomb, liquorice and blackcurrant, rhubarb and custard, Gin and tonic sorbet, Baileys, Forest fruits, Malt tease, Cointreau and orange, pistachio, Mocha coffee bean and many, many more! Despite a lot of these (bar the coffee) looking extremely tasty I haven't got round to trying any of them, or more specifically haven't been brave enough! I always but the same ice cream when I go and that is, Toffee fudge. It is just so creamy, it contains huge chunks of toffee that almost melt in the mouth, it is definitely a piece of luxury! My partner always gets choc chip which again is gorgeous and my daughter gets strawberry which contains real strawberry pieces. That is always my excuse for going there so often "it's healthy!"

      The price of the ice cream can vary, there are several size pots, the amount of scoops you want in each can alter the price and they also come in various size and design of cones. I don't remember exact prices however the lowest price is around £1.50, for a small sized pot and it can range to around £3.50. The pot sizes are not huge, in fact far from it but because the spoon size you are given is so small plus the fact that they are so creamy and filling, it seems more than it actually is. There is also an opportunity to buy large tubs of ice cream to take home with you, these are all stored in freezers and are as fresh as the other ice cream. We usually buy a tub, despite it melting on the journey home, but it just so tasty! For a tub it costs around £4.50, however they don't sell all flavours in the large tubs.

      Play area

      There is an outdoor play area to the front of the building which is upon soft bark. The play area is mostly made from wood minus the plastic slides, I couldn't image how much fun a child would have sliding down a wooden slide! My daughter has never played on this despite her wanting to. There is no question about it being for older children only; the majority of the play area is high up, higher than your average park anyway. There is nothing there that is suitable for a toddler to its best to stay clear of that area if you have children under the age of three.

      Cow milking

      We have only been lucky enough to see this once on our many visits. There are no specific times that this happens, you either have to call on luck or, if you really want to see it call them up first to find out the times of the display. Really it is just a little roofed area where you can watch cows being milked through a plastic sheet. It's not something I particularly enjoyed, it was very fascinating to watch but it did put me of my ice cream a little bit. My partner loved it and so did my daughter but I don't think she really understood what was going on, she just really enjoys cows. Since the farm is family run, they go to great lengths to insure the ice cream is up to scratch so basically if you watch a cow being milked one day, the next day the milk will have been made into ice cream and will be sat on the counter waiting to be served. So in terms of freshness, you can't complain.

      The animals

      There is a wide verity of animals at the farm; there are two individual sections, both at opposite ends of the farm. The first is the main one which contains animals such as pigs, miniature pony's, sheep and goats. My daughter loves them and she loves sticking her hands through the bars to stroke them. The gates are all low so you can stroke to your heart's content but I try not to as all caged animals such as these look sick of people stroking them. And honestly they look rather depressed. They don't have much room to move around; it is rather just a little pen. I like to think (hope) that at closing time they have access to a nice field where they can stretch their legs. The other section is not too bad as these animals are used to cages. There are budgies, chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs, as well as there being a large duck pond. The last time I visited I was lucky enough to see some newborn baby ducks. None of these animals can be touched and the cages are made so there is no gaps to fit little fingers, lucky for us as my daughter couldn't help but try and stroke the chickens! There are taps and hand gels nearer to the first set of animals to allow you to wash your hands after touching the animals.

      Other bits and bobs

      There are toilets situated outside at the front section of the main building, these are presented nicely and also have baby changing facilities. The farm holds birthday parties there but as I have never attended one I couldn't tell you what this was like or anything about the prices but the website states basic information such as this as well as contact numbers. The entire farm is wheelchair accessible and there is disabled parking situated at the front end of the car park. The fun doesn't stop there either, as recently I have been spotting their ice cream in a range of different places so if it's the ice cream you are after then it might be selling near you. Recently I have seen this ice cream in Chester zoo and Tatton park however the flavours are not as adventurous as those in the actual store. There are no hidden costs at the farm so all you pay for is the ice cream and any other things you might buy. It really makes for a fun day out. It is not somewhere you would stay all day but there are plenty of surrounding activities and nearby towns. The map on how to get there is on the website. You can access that via the link below. I would definitely recommend going, it is cheap, cheerful and plenty of fun for the children. Opening times are 10am to 5:30 pm daily and they are only closed on Christmas day.



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        13.12.2009 22:02
        Very helpful



        A great day out for young and old.

        We visit Cheshire Ice Cream Farm a lot during the summer months, it's a great place to go with the children as it's really family friendly and it attracts both the young and old.

        It has recently been renovated so if you haven't been there in a while, it's definitely worth a visit.


        *Crazy Daisy's Play Barn*

        This is super! It has two great soft play areas. A seperate toddler soft play area which is FREE for under 3's. This is really good, as usually play centres charge for every child that plays, and a lot don't offer much for under 3's - but there are lots of fun, things for the little ones to play with

        The second play area is for over 3's, and the cost is £3 per child on weekdays, £3.50 per child on weekend. It is definitely worth it, take a look at the pictures on the website for more information, there is a huge ice-cream slide and football area. They are both very modern and have lots of lovely play equipment themed around the farm and ice cream. You can tell they've spent an awful lot of money on this.

        *Outdoor Playpark*

        In the nicer weather, there's a lovely outdoor playpark to take advantage of, and it's free! It has quality wooden play equipment and is very solid, and safe as there are bark chippings on the ground.

        *The Ice-Cream*

        My favourite part, you simply can not visit this place without trying one...or two...or perhaps three flavours of their amazing ice-cream. They have won a tremendous amounts of awards for their recipes, and they are all over the walls in the ice-cream shop. There are over 30 flavours of ice-cream and sorbets, including my firm favourites: Malt Tease, Choc Fudge Cookie, Honeycomb, Rhubarb and Custard, Toffee Fudge and Apple Pie and Custard. You can have choose from a variety of single and double cones aswell as tubs. It's £1.60 for one flavour, £2.20 for two flavours. (all flavours are the same price)

        They also do special flavours at christmas; Christmas Pudding and Champagne Sorbet. And they sell big tubs for you to take home, in their freezer bags they'll last 1-2hours until you get home.

        *Car Park*

        After recently having a huge renovation, they have a very large carpark. It attracts over 250,000 visitors every year, so it needs it! The last time we went, two huge coaches pulled up.

        *Animal Corner*

        The Cheshire Ice Cream Farm is a working farm, and there are lots of animals to see, including pigs, miniature ponies, a duck pond, hens, rabbits and more. There is also a milking gallery where you can watch the cows being milked.

        *Country Kitchen*

        No visit to the ice-cream farm is complete without a visit to their superb restaurant. There's a part connected to the play areas so you can drink and eat and watch the children at the same time, or there's a quieter part. It's a lovely place and the decoration and finishing is lovely, they have lovely leather sofas and solid wood coffee tables. The food is wonderful and they have a kids menu, an adults menu and even a menu of organic baby food. An example of the kids menu. Jam/Ham/Cheese Sandwich or Spaghetti Hoops with toast triangles. For adults, they have baquettes with gorgous fillings like hot meats and chutneys, scrummy jacket potatoes, toasties, slices of homemade cakes, cream teas and they always have a specials board.

        They also cater for children's parties. And the last time we went, they had craft activities going on for the children upstairs. Making bracelets and other lovely things.

        All in all, this is a fantastic place to visit. We live just over an hour away so go every couple of weeks during the summer. I wish we lived closer, we'd be there every day.

        Definitely worth a visit! Also, on your way home you'll spot a sign for the Cheshire Candle Factory - this is a really great place too! Only 5minutes away and lots of lovely things to buy, see and do, including great activities for the children, badge making, painting, puppet making, making candles and all reasonable too. £1-£2.


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          20.11.2008 23:03
          Very helpful



          Go give it a try, we love it

          Cheshire Ice cream farm - where do I start??

          We have only been going since 2005, I knew there was an ice cream farm not far from us, but never knew where it was. I would always see in the dessert section of restaurants and pubs ice cream from Cheshire ice cream, and I said to hubby we must try it out one day.

          We found out where it was and off we went. It took us 20 minutes to get there. It was well sign posted for local people to find and those who travelled further afield.

          It is located in a place called Tattenhall - not to be confused with Tatton Park as I thought it was!! It is around the corner from the candle workshop and Beeston Castle.

          Cheshire Ice cream farm is one of the largest ice cream farms in the country. It has free admission and includes play areas, animals, milking barn, the ice cream parlour and coffee shop and farm shop.

          When you arrive there is a small car park, with a larger car park opposite. You will first see the Farm shop, which stocks lots of local meats, vegetables and fruit, and local organic foods and other foods from Cheshire and the North West.
          There is then a small gift shop with a coffee shop which can seat 60 people. Next to this is the ice cream Parlour.

          Cheshire ice cream farm serves over 30 different ice creams. You can actually have a free tester to help you decide which one to try. There are also 5 different cone types, such as palin cones, double cones, chocolate coated cones, tubs.

          Ice cream flavours include;
          Usual flavours, banana, chocolate, strawberry etc.

          Then there are lots of luxury flavours such as:
          Rasberry pavalova, Ferrero Rocher, baileys, pistachio, cointreau & orange, banoffie and plenty more. My favourite is ferrero rocher...yum yum.

          There is also diabetic ice cream flavours available, and all are available for vegetarians.

          They also serve sorbets too.

          The parlour itself has seating, which overlooks one of the play barns. It has a huge counter at the back of the room to serve the ice cream, and it has 3 or 4 deep freezers full of tubs of ice cream you can buy and take home with you...perfect.

          It is always that busy that the queues are out of the doors, but no one minds as they work through the queues quite quickly.
          Pricing is really reasonable too, £2.50 for a double chocolate cone, which allows you to get two flavours!

          We go approximately every other month even if it's just for an hour, we go get an ice cream, watch the cows get milked, go and look at the animals, and just enjoy some country air.

          If you are in Cheshire go and give some of the award winning ice creams a try!



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            28.08.2008 15:52
            Very helpful



            An ice cream farm located near Chester in Cheshire.

            Over the bank holiday weekend my friend and I decided to do some exploring of the local countryside and see what we could find to entertain ourselves. After abandoning the car in a little car park and completly tiring ourselves out walking around many country roads we decided we needed some refreshments and at that moment managed to come across a sign for Cheshire Ice Cream Farm. As neither of us had been there before we decided to go and have a look... and eat some ice cream!

            Cheshire Ice Cream Farm is located in a place called Tattenhall which is found within Chester in the north west county of Cheshire. The easiest way to get there is to find the A41 Chester / Whitchurch road and to follow the brown tourist signs which are located all over the place. It's located about ten minutes from several other tourist attractions including Beeston Castle and The Candle Workshop so there are a few other things to do in the immediate area as well as visiting the farm.

            The Fells first bought the farm back in 1980 and in 1986 opened a small ice cream parlour where the general public could go to and buy ice cream. In the 1990s a viewing gallery was built so that the public could see the cows being milked and the ice cream being made as well. Since then the farm has simply grown with the demand for the ice cream, the farm is now capable of producing 1,000 litres of ice cream per hour and needs this to supply customers and over 700 local businesses that it supplies as well.

            Ice Cream Parlour

            The ice cream parlour is obviously the main attraction at the ice cream farm itself and was certainly bursting with customers when we visited. The parlour occupies a large room on the right hand side of the farm and the entrance half is filled with seating, there is also plenty of additional seating outside the parlour as well. To the back are the two serving counters and when we visited there were two seperate queues for each of the counters which were actually extending out of the doors!

            There are over thirty flavours of ice cream made at the farm and there is certainly something to suit everyone. Flavours include vanilla with pod, strawberries and cream, chocolate, banana, coconut, stem ginger, white choc chunk, rhubarb and custard, baileys, butterscotch, malt tease, ferrero rocher and pistachio to name just a few! The farm also produces and sells diabetic ice cream in several flavours and all the ice creams are suitable for vegetarians as they contain no animal fats.

            There are a range of serving options for the ice cream; you can either have it in a plain cone, a double cone, a chocolate coated cone or a tub to name just a few. Prices were actually quite reasonable as my friend and I both had a double cone with two different flavours in and this came to £4.00, single cones were about £1.50 and tubs were about £1.70 if my memory serves me correctly! The people in the queue in front of us had about six people in their party and all their ice creams came to £14.00.

            I had the vanilla with pod and also the white choc chunk in my double cone and they were both delicious. The vanilla with pod was quite light and refreshing whereas the white choc chunk was truly indulgent, really creamy and rich with big chunks of white chocolate in. My friend had the chocolate and the malt tease and said they were equally yummy although she did feel a little sick after it as you do get huge servings of the ice cream.

            Although it was really busy when we visited the ice cream parlour and the queues were about ten deep we managed to get served within about ten minutes as there did seem to be about eight girls working behind the counter. The staffing levels were brilliant as this meant the queues disappeared quite quickly and you didn't have to wait too long to be served. The only problem was that there didn't seem to be anybody clearing the tables which meant you either had to clear them yourself or put up with a bit of rubbish.

            Tea Room & Gift Shop

            The tea room is located next to the ice cream parlour as you enter the site. The menu included a range of sandwiches, toasties, children's snacks, cakes and beverages so all quite basic but all you'd really expect from a place like this. We didn't actually buy anything from here but the sandwiches did look quite appetising and fresh and all the prices were quite cheap. You could have easily fed and watered a family of four for around £15.

            There was a small seating area located within the tea shop and once you'd ordered your food at the counter you could sit here and wait for it to be served to you. There was also plenty of additional seating outside opposite the ice cream parlour and there was also a seperate picnic area at the front of the site with wooden benches where you could eat any food you'd purchased on the premises. There did seem to be a shortage of available seating when we visited but again I think this was due to the fact that it was so busy as it was bank holiday.

            The gift shop is also located within the tea room area and contains your typical purchases that often appeal to children including pencils, pens, tea towels, cuddly toys, etc. You could also buy a range of food options such as cheeses and preserves which did actually look quite yummy. Again it all seemed to be priced fairly reasonably but we didn't choose to buy anything. My only feel of the whole place was that it could do with updating slightly as it was somewhat old fashioned.

            Animal Corner

            Towards the back of the farm was the animal corner which consisted of three main barns. The first one was quite small and housed a selection of guinea pigs and rabbits including some cute little baby rabbits. The second barn housed the cows and you could actually go and see them being milked at certain times of the day which did seem quite popular with children. Lastly there was a further barn which housed llamas, goats and minature donkeys.

            As well as all your typical animals there was also a Falcon Centre located at the front of the farm which included falcons, hawks and owls. This was quite nice to walk around as they were all safely caged and we spent a good twenty minutes looking at them all. If you are interested in birds of prey then the farm also offers some experience days whereby you can go and learn to fly and get hands on with the various birds they have there.

            Play Area

            There's an indoor play barn and a large wooden play area for children to play in, these aren't supervised by staff members so parents do need to keep an eye on their children while they're playing here.


            There is a small car park directly next to the ice cream farm although this was only big enough for about sixteen cars. There is a much larger car park directly opposite the farm in a field which could easily hold about one hundred cars. In addition to this when we visited cars were parked along the grassy verges on either side of the road leading up to the farm.

            Opening Times

            1st April - 31st October - 10.00am - 5.30pm daily
            1st November - 31st March - 10.30am - 5.00pm daily


            We spent over an hour here last weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it, we both said we'd certainly go back if only to pop in for a quick ice cream as we enjoyed them so much! You can also buy tubs of ice cream to take home and since I've visited my mum has cursed me for not having bought her one! There are no charges involved with visiting here unless you choose to purchase an ice cream or any food. If you have small children you could easily spend a couple of hours here by the time you look at all the animals, have an ice cream and thoroughly experience all the play areas! It's well worth a visit, especially in nice weather and best of all there is no cost involved!

            For more information have a look at:


            Thanks for reading.


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              29.05.2008 18:17
              Very helpful



              A great place all year round.

              Having just had a bank holiday and for once hubby was not working or watching some vitally important sporting event I decided that even though the weather was not wonderful that we all needed some fresh air and a trip to one of my favourite places was called for.

              Off we went, children prized away from the X box and TV and herded into the car with cries of 'where are we going, its not shopping is it'. Once hubby and I could get a word in amongst the grumbles and complaints to tell them that we where off the the Ice Cream farm, calm and peace ensued from the back of the car which one little voice (Ok not so little daughter is 14) asking could we also go to the Candle Workshops also but will save that for another time.

              Ice Cream making at the farm came about with the introduction of milk quotas in the 1980s and the farm had to come up with a solution for the extra milk that they produced and spotted a gap in the market for real diary ice cream and went into production and has grown into what we have today.

              Getting to Cheshire Ice Cream Farm is quite easy and extremely well sign posted from the A41 Whitchurch to Chester road just follow the brown tourist board signs for the Ice Cream Farm. It's that easy even I can find my ways on the odd occasion that just me and the children go on our own.

              The farm itself has beautiful surroundings and is overlooked by the twin peaks Beeston and Peckforton Castle so there is plenty to do in the area if you want to make a day of it, in addition you have some lovely country pubs and the Cheshire Candle workshops nearby.

              Arriving at the farm there are a couple of options for parking, there are a few spaces within the farm itself, however, for the last four or five years it has always been far too busy when we have been to get a space here, but do not despair the farmer has set aside a field just across the road that is used as a car park and has plenty of spaces to cope on most days, but do beware we have ended up parking in the road on the grass verge before today due to the volume of visitors, especially if the sun is shining.

              Now as the ice cream production and sales grew so did the facilities and attractions for the public and over the years we have always spent an hour or so on the farm dependant on the weather.

              As you enter the farm on you right you find the entrance to the the Cheshire Farm Falconry via a turnstile gate where you can view the birds of prey in enclosures - it is worth noting that all birds have been captive bred. You can also pre-book to spend some time with 'hands on' experience with the birds; this must be done in advance. It is not a very large falconry but it is a pleasant walk through the garden by the lake and trees with a breeze and a bit of sunshine.

              The Ice Cream Parlour

              Today the farm offers over 30 different flavours of ice-cream and a small selection of sorbets and the flavours vary from good old vanilla to blackcurrant and liquorice,. You can even get Sherry Trifle and Christmas pudding flavours as part of the seasonal flavours that are available. I have not tried either of these yet but do intend to do so. To help you decide there is also a list of flavours around the central pillar in the ice cream parlour.

              If you can't decide what flavour you wish to try you can ask for a free sample which is given to you on a plastic shovel (the type you used to get in the cinema or theatre that went with a small tub of ice cream). You may even be lucky and get to try a new flavour as they are tried on customer for feedback before being produced in any large quantities. Once you have decided what flavour ice cream to have you then have to choose between 5 cones or even have it with a waffle.

              You can then either sit inside the ice cream parlour or take you cone with you and have a wander outside.

              Plain cones currently priced at £1.50.
              Tubs start around £3.75 for standard flavours but do increase in price for the luxury flavours.

              Team Room & Gift Shop.

              These kind of fall into one as although they are separate in that the tables are not mixed in with the gifts they are essentially one building spilt into two parts with no dividing wall.

              The gift shop is not really much different for any other gift shop full of tat the really is not worth buying but you will anyway and very cramped. There are some locally made jams and preserves that are available to purchase but they are a bit pricy.

              The tea room has ample seating and extends quite far back and although we have never eaten there the selection on offer appears to be good with home made cakes, sandwiches, soup, beans on toast, so nothing fancy but enough to keep you going if you plan on spending a long time here.

              Farm Shop.

              There is also a farm shop of sorts which sells local produce including fresh fruit and veg, fresh made sausages and burgers, jams, pickles and a small variety of drinks, a bottle of flavoured water cost £0.95 when we where there and it was a brand made with fresh juice and tasted nice. We have bought some port and apple burgers from the shop in the passt and again this week we bought some more and I have to say we have not been disappointed with the quality and taste.

              Animal Corner

              Aaah cute animals - these are located in the barn at the back of the public area and contains a pot bellied pig called Paddy, Pygmy goats who where a bit frisky on Monday and some of the smaller children around where asking their parents some probing questions. Llamas - beware they spit and you are up close and personal with them, one in particular always like to stand and stare you out and is quite intimidating. Right at the end of the barn are some Miniature Sicilian donkeys which are really cute. Outside there are bunnies and sometimes guinea pigs but only cute fluffy bunnies this time and we had a great time watching them fight over a piece of carrot.

              Under 6's play area.

              There is an enclosed play area for the little ones who can get a bit bored at times and although my two are far too old I did stick my head in to have a look. Though not overly furnished this is quite a basic play area with some ride-on toys, a slide and a few other bits, naturally parental supervision is a must.

              Outdoor play area.

              This was a new item added last year and is a testament to the ongoing development of this attraction. Basically this an adventure playground with the structure being able to cater for older and younger children, climbing frames, turrets, bridges etc - similar to what you would find in a decent pub that caters for families.

              Viewing Gallery

              From 3.30pm its milking time and you can watch the cows being milked, small children will need to be lifted up to see through the glass but this is always a good item of interest for the young ones, my two used to watch for ages when they where smaller.

              There is also an area now set aside next to the viewing gallery where you can see new calves with their mums, they are in covered shelter with lots of hay and looked extremely happy. It was lovely to see the calves sleeping in the hay and it's a pity I can't add pictures so you could all see as well.

              They main public area is well planted with lots of seasonal plants and there is some seating outside also. Toilets are also available and on the odd occasions that we have needed to use them have always found them in a clean condition.

              Anyway back to the whole point of our visit - the ice-cream. This time we sampled between us a few flavours, I like to try a different one each time, though I do have some favourites. This time for me it was Ferrero Rocher flavour which was nice but not quite the flavour I was expecting. My daughter had chocolate cookie flavour and this contains large pieces of chocolate cookie and has a really good chocolate creamy flavour. My son sticks to the same couple of flavours but does want to try everyone else and he opted for honeycomb which is vanilla ice cream with large chunks of honeycomb and streaks of toffee in it and is delicious. For hubby it was Strawberries and cream which is one of my favourites, real strawberries and very creamy.

              All ice creams we have tried have been of excellent quality, delicious and even unusual at times but never horrible in any way that you could not eat them. The rich creamy home made flavour does make them outstanding in taste and texture and I am sure you would not be disappointed if you tried them.

              You can also purchase tubs of ice cream to take home with you and there is a large amount of flavours on offer. The more popular as also available in larger sizes and they also sell a range of diabetic ice cream and I always get mum one of these when we visit as a treat. We bought a few tubs this time, Baileys, Honeycomb, Rum and Raisin, Forrest Fruits and Butterscotch, make sure you have the space in your freezer before you leave. All purchases are well wrapped in newspaper to keep them cold and you can also purchase insulated freezer bags to take your purchases home also. For use the newspaper wrapping is sufficient with a 45 minutes drive approx.

              Now don't despair if can't get there, Cheshire Farm Ice cream is sold elsewhere and you can call 01829 770995 to see if there is a local shop in your area that stocks this.

              On the whole a great attraction with more than just going to buy an ice creamy two still enjoy coming here even though they are both now teenagers, maybe its just the ice cream that attracts my son but my soppy daughters really loves the animals and I am sure if she could would smuggle a few out and bring them home.

              The Farm also caters for group visits including schools trips and coach parties.

              Admission - Free

              Opening Times -
              1st April to 31st October - 10am to 5.30pm daily
              1st Nov to 31st March 10.30 am to 5.00 pm daily except for Christmas and New Year.

              The farm does shut for a couple of weeks early in the New Year dates and times can be checked directly with them at enquiries@cheshirefarmicecream.co.uk

              For Birds of Prey experience day call 07888 730406 - Jimmi Hill

              Full address
              Cheshire Farm Ice Cream,
              CH3 9NE

              For more info visit www.cheshirefarmicecream.co.uk


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                07.01.2008 20:38
                Very helpful



                Great half-day out

                This one of the little jewels where you can take the kids when the weather is a bit miserable. Not that the place itself has a lot of time-killing value, but coupled with a trip to the Candle Workshop 4 miles away it gives you part of a full day out.

                The farm is a working farm situated on the Cheshire plain about 4 miles off the a41, 10 miles from Chester. If you\'re on the A41, just follow the brown signs.It has grown and grown over the last 10 years and offers a lot of different activities for children and adults.
                It costs nothing to get it, they make their money from purchases whilst you\'re there. Central to the attraction is the ice-cream. They have around 30 different flavours for sale, all of them tempting and most of them award-winning. The certificates, if proof was needed adorn the walls. As well as the usual chocolate and vanilla there are the more unusual apple pie and custard, Baileys, Mocha coffee bean and lots more. You can choose various different cones, combinations and sauces etc. A single cone is around £1.30. if you want a tub to take home, all the flavours are there at a reasonable price. Certainly not Haagan Daas (or however you spell it) prices.

                Next to the ice-cream shop there is a cafe which serves drinks, hot meals and sandwiches - not especially cheaply and a rather bizarre little gift shop which is akin to a poundstore with similar diverse and slightly surreal products and bargain prices. It gives the kids somewhere to buy rubbish so it\'s quite clever really, especially when I have a daughter who likes to fill her room with naff ornaments.
                The site offers a range of other little \'asides\' which are free and give the kids something to do without costing money.

                There is a farm shop which sells lots of yummy organic produce at the usual high prices. their bread is especially nice at around £1.30 for a nice crusty loaf if my memory serves me right. They also sell fresh fruit and veg and frozen stuff. All looks very delicious. There are also lots of preserves, pates and fresh meat.
                There is a playground with lots of climbing frames and assault course type playthings. Good for anyone over 2. There is a small children\'s farm with pigs, donkeys and goats as well as a rabbit run with LOADS of rabbits in it.

                If you go at the right time of the day (late afternoon), you get to watch the cows being miked from a viewing gallery.
                For the under 3\'s there is a play barn with ride on tractors and cars on a little indoor track.

                Attached to the farm by the entrance is a bird of prey display but I\'ve never been in and I think there may be a small charge for this.
                Nearby you can find the Candle Workshop in Burwardsley where the kids can do lots of different cheap activities with spectacular views such as badge making, candle dipping, painting and lots others. Follow the brown signs.

                Overall, this is a really good place as part of a day out. I don\'t think you\'d ever spend more than 90 mins here but if you go to Burwardsley as well then you\'ll fill a day. it's never crowded but always busy and is well used for a small attraction. Cyclists often stop off there. Wholly recommend it!

                Originally posted on Ciao by myself - dhillcrest


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