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Chesil Beach (Dorset)

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Chesil Beach stretches 18 miles long and is located in Dorset.

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    1 Review
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      13.12.2009 21:16
      Very helpful




      Chesil Beach is situated in South England, in Weymouth, and is a long stretch of coast line meaauring 18 miles long, and is a shingle beach. It can be described as a spit as it has a salt lagoon behind.

      This is one of my favourite places in the whole wide world, as it is so peaceful and largely undisturbed...

      There is a car park on the other side of the lagoon, with which you can park your car, and also an information centre, full of interesting information about the beach in the past, as well as samples of sea life, shells, fossils and other artefacts found on the beach.

      The whole stretch of the beach is filled with the shingle; there must be millions and millions of rocks, all of which are unique! Walking along the beach it is very peaceful and the wind feels great... the waves crashing on the rocks makes such a unique and soothing sound.

      I really like this beach as it can be both angry and peaceful. On a calm day, the waters are very still and harmonic, whilst on a rough day, the waves crash and it is definitely scary! I would definitely warn you not to go anywhere near the edge, as the beach slopes downwards, making it very dangerous!

      The individual rocks are very beautiful and unqiue, some are very large, whilst others contain crystals...

      Not only is this a site of tourism, but also of geographical and biological importance.

      Ewan McEwan wrote a famous book called "On Chesil Beach" which forms the setting to the final scenes of the book. It is definitely an interesting book to read...

      And there is also a rifle range on the other side of the lagoon, and on maps it says "DANGER AREA"... I've not encountered any warnings on the beach with regards to this... but I would still be cautious of it.

      Also, about five minutes away from the southern tip of the beach, there is a bar/inn which you can book to stay, it is like a B&B and it is relatively cheap, friendly staff, and is so close to the beach!

      I would definitely recommend this as a beach to visit, as it is relatively peaceful, due to it not being a sandy beach. It is beautiful to walk on, although it may not be exciting for a young child who likes sand and shells! However, it is great to just look out for interesting rocks, visiting the information centre and have a relaxing stroll. It really clears the head and soothes you.


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