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Address: Cleethorpes Rd / Cleethorpes / North East Lincolnshire / DN35 8SF

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      20.01.2013 08:49
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      The pier in Cleethorpes

      Cleethorpes Pier is the town's famous landmark. The pier was officially opened in August of 1873 and the construction originally cost £8000 which converted into today's currency, would have been quite a lot of money back then. Over the years, the pier has changed slightly in structure and size. The pavilion of the pier was destroyed in a fire in the early 1900s and part of the pier was cut out during the war. However, there have also been many improvements to the pier due to damages caused.

      Although the pier is now used as a nightclub, that has not always been the case. In the late 1960s, the pier was home to a whole range of summer shows which included wrestling and dance festivals. However, when the summer shows began to lose money, the pier was sold and it wasn't until 1985 that a local business man bought the pier and invested a huge £300,000 into the development of the structure. Since this date, the pier has been known as a nightclub, originally Pier 39, with the name changing over the years.

      As a child, I remember playing under the pier with my sister when my Nanna and Grandad would take us to the beach for the day. Due to the structure of the pier, there isn't too much sand under there but instead, plenty of wooden planks and rock pools. I used to love playing under here much more than on the beach because it was really interesting. My sister and I used to spend hours there finding all different kinds of shells and hoping to catch a couple of small crabs or star fish in the rock pools. We were always warned that it was dangerous to play under there but after so many years of doing so, we never came to any harm.

      So, since the year before I was born, the pier has been a nightclub and quite a popular one at that. I started going out drinking when I was about 14, illegal I know, but the pier was quite lapse in who they let in back then. When I was 14, the pier used to have an all you can drink night on a Wednesday which cost £10 to get in. Needless to say, this didn't last too long as I'm sure the club ended up losing so much money. I don't think anyone realised just how much people from Grimsby and Cleethorpes could drink in the space of 4 hours. Since then, the club known as The Pier has changed ownership many times, sometimes due to it being bought by someone else, or because it had been shut down due to violence and underage drinkers.

      Now in 2012, The Pier is still a really popular club. However, things have changed slightly. There is a café/ restaurant which is open during the daytime which offers hot and cold snacks but nothing too big and expensive. I thought that this was a great idea because the pier was kind of a waste of space during the day. Now, families have someone to go for lunch which doesn't only offer fish and chips and they can also get a nice view of the sea and Cleethorpes in general. The pier has also opened its doors to under 18s on occasions for random nights since the Wintergardens shut down (this was where night were held before for under 18s). Obviously being over 18, I have never experienced one of these nights.

      The Pier is still one of the best nights out in Cleethorpes even after all of these years and all of the changes. Student night is on a Thursday where all drinks cost only £1. At the weekend you can expect to pay an entrance fee to get in but now with a minimum age of 21, there aren't as many young idiots going there as there used to be. The addition of this new minimum age was a really smart move for The Pier as there used to be so many drunken fights between boys who were only just legal. The Pier has one massive room with a huge dance floor where the biggest dance tracks are played while in the smaller room, RnB is what you can usually expect to hear. I like that there are different rooms as RnB is more my taste in music and the bigger room can get too busy for me.

      Cleethorpes Pier is something that I have grown up with in many different ways and although I don't go out there much anymore, it would still be my choice of club.


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