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Farmer Palmer's (Dorset)

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3 Reviews

Farm park / Wareham Road, Organford, Poole Dorset BH16 6EU / Tel: 01202 622022

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    3 Reviews
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      19.08.2010 17:36
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      A great day out.

      I have just had a most enjoyable family holiday at Poole in Dorset. I went with my husband, daughter and son-in-law and my two grand children aged 2 yrs and 3 years. On one of the days we decided to visit Farmer Palmer's Farm Park basically for the grand children as it is advertised as being designed for children 0 - 8years old.

      The site is based on Wareham Road, Organford not far from where we were staying and for SatNav uses the post code is BH16 6EU.

      On arrival we noticed a large car boot sale and decided to walk round this first before going in to the farm. Apparently this is a regular Tuesday event at Farmer Palmer's and I was extremely surprised to see so many participants there, row after row of stalls. My daughter purchased 2 teddy bears for 50p ( one still had its tags on) as the grandchildren were due at a Teddy Bears picnic later that day.

      The free car park is close to the entrance to Farmer Parmer's so it handy if you have pushchairs, wheelchairs or even picnic hampers.

      Opening Times:-
      March to October - Daily from 10am to 5.30 pm
      February to March - Daily from 10am to 4pm
      October to December Daily from 10am to 4 pm
      Closed from December 20th to 4th February.

      Admission Prices
      1 and 2 year olds - free
      Children - £6.95
      Adults £6.95
      OAP £5.95
      Disabled £5.75
      Saver Ticket - 2 adults and 2 children £25.00

      We got the Saver Ticket and then used vouchers to reduce our entrance fee by a £1 each. Vouchers for Farmer Palmers can be found in most holiday resorts at the Tourist Information Offices but we actually got ours from the holiday park. The staff were very welcoming and gave out some helpful information as to the events taking place and the times the activities were on. We were also given a leaflet which had a detailed plan of the area so that we could find different areas with ease.

      Our first port of call was the demonstration of milking a cow. This was in a small but adequately sized area with seating arranged in tiers for excellent viewing. I found this to be very entertaining and informative as the farmer involved the children in his talk by asking questions and inviting answers from all those with their hands up. He was obviously very experienced in dealing with children and was very comical in the professional manner he answered their questions. At the end of the demonstration the children were invited to stroke the cow and ask questions.

      We then made our way to a courtyard which had several building arranged around it with different activities in each one. The grand children immediately headed for the pedal tractors in an enclosed outdoor arena. The pedal tractors came in an assortment of sizes and colours so there were tractors suitable for all age ranges and plenty of them to go round. The grandchildren loved this and would have stayed there all day if it had been up to them. Next we went indoors to find a huge tractor bouncy castle. My two grandchildren disappeared inside to explore the different compartments emerging at various holes now and again before disappearing once again.

      Next we visited an area that was full of straw bales for the children to play and hide in. This area also had slides, climbing frames again for all ages. We didn't stay in this are very long as there was a pig racing contest outside. This I found to be hilarious. There were 4 pigs lined up and they raced down a grassed area of about 50 metres - their little legs going ten to the dozen - they were so sweet.

      Adjacent to the pig racing area was a Maize Maze but unfortunately we didn't venture into this but I could see it would be great fun for older children to explore.

      We then moved into a barn which had different pens housing a variety of animals - guinea pigs, rabbits, pot bellied pigs, pygmy goats, geese, lambs and ponies and it was time to feed the lambs. This was done inside in a rectangular shaped area with seating arranged on either side. Children were invited to sit at the front and the adults at the back. We were told that the lambs would be first and that they would come running down. The bottles were given out to every fifth child and they were told to pass them to their left so that all the children could feed the lambs and to hold them upwards. The gates opened and the lambs came flying down to find a bottle each. Each lamb was supervised and the children were helped to feed the lambs where necessary. The bottles were passed along with a hungry lambs attached to the teats until all the milk had gone. When the lambs had been feed the children were then allowed to stroke them. Next came the goats and again the same procedure followed. It was certainly an experience my grandchildren will not forget in a long time.

      Feeling peckish we decided to lunch. My daughter and son-in-law went back to the car to get the cool bags. When they came back I noticed a stamp on my daughters hand. The staff do this so that you can go back to your car at anytime during the day. She also said she was very impressed by the security at the exit as staff are very vigilant in watching the children to make sure that they didn't venture into the car park.

      Now with all the touching of animals I have to say I was very impressed by the hand washing facilities arranged in the courtyard so that children could wash their hands at any time without having to go inside to the toilet block.

      There are plenty of picnic tables for lunch as well as the café which serves home cooked food at what seemed to be very reasonable prices.

      After lunch the children went on the pedal gokarts and then played in the sand filled play ground which was filled with loads of actives for all ages.

      Unfortunately we had to leave to get back for the Teddy Bears picnic so we didn't get to go on the tractor ride, stroll through the woodland area nor groom the horses.

      Would I go again? - Definitely, you could easily spend a whole day here moving from one area to the other. We were fortunate to have a dry day but there is loads to do if the weather is wet due to the accommodation.

      The staff are very friendly and helpful. The play areas are clean and child safe.

      I also noticed that there are ramps and wide door ways for easy access with buggies/ wheelchairs and there are five baby changing stations!

      Definitely worth a visit.

      For more information visit www. farmerpalmers.co.uk


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        24.02.2010 01:11
        Very helpful
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        Animal fun for the young at heart, fresh air at it's best!

        Falmer Palmer's has been a place I have spent many safe and happy hours with my children from about the age of 2 years old. It is situated in Organford (Dorset) and is well sign posted. This farm play park is good value for money and provides a whole days fun, both rain and shine. Children can enjoy a range of activities from tractor barn, straw bale fun-slide and climb around the hay or tunnel through the centre! There are two bouncy castles one inside and one outside, a ball pool and gokarts for older children. There is a super woodland walk, although it is not ideal if you are in a wheel chair or have a pushchair! The highlight of any visit is the opportunity to meet the animals whether that means bottle feeding the lambs, trotter time or holding a guinea pig. Learn how cows are milked too!

        Staff are friendly and approachable. On a recent busy occassion I lost my then 5 year old. I was very pleased by the swift and thorough missing child process staff followed, we found him happily pedalling around the go-kart track, totally unphased! Children can not get past the desk, out into the carpark unaccompanied too.

        There are a number of picnic areas around the campus or food can be purchased from the competively priced cafe-I can strongly recommend the home baked malteser cake! There are cold children's sandwich boxes available or hot meals too. Food is freshly cooked on the premises.

        Opening hours are generally 10 am-4.30 but these do fluctuate during the Summer season, see www.farmerpalmers.co.uk for current details. Guidelines state that this attraction is best suited for children under the age of 8.


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          20.10.2009 10:28
          Very helpful



          a good day out in quieter times

          Having a toddler means we are starting to look around for days out and ways to entertain our daughter as well as having a family day out.
          In the summer we went to Farmer Palmers, a farm park situated in Organford which is approximately five miles outside of Poole in Dorset.
          The farm park is well signposted and fairly easy to find, however we did rely on the trusty sat nav to take us rather than look for sign posts.
          The day we went it was overcast and drizzling on and off despite it being summer months. No surprise there then. We knew some of the attractions were undercover, but even so we went armed with wellingtons and rain coats just in case.

          ** First Impressions **

          Driving into the car park up a long lane we saw ample car parking space which overflowed into a nearby field if needed. Obviously on the day we went there was no need for the extra spaces and we parked on the gravel area which made walking much easier in grotty weather.
          There is a small area for dogs at the front of the park where you can leave your dogs in a pen with water etc whilst you visit the park. I haven't got a dog but I thought it was nice that it was taken into consideration.
          The entrance is quite a small area and I think it holds a different impression of what you are going to see once you enter the shop / reception area. I was starting to think it was a dingy little place despite seeing all the photos on the web. Going inside however I realised it was just the way the door was placed.

          ** Entrance **

          You can expect to pay £6.75 for each adult and child. Children are only free if they are under three years old. I can see why as there will be plenty of things for small children to do so I guess they can get away with charging.
          Senior citizens are £5.75 and there is a slight discount if you are lucky enough to be a two point four family.
          I thought the prices were reasonable as we walked in for our day out so all was good so far. The staff were friendly, and to be honest I think you would only work in an environment like this if you truly liked it. It just wouldn't work to be there just for the job.

          ** Attractions **

          As we walked through the corridor after paying, armed with a list of feeding times etc, we happened straight upon the cow barn where milking was about to take place.
          Inside the barn there are tiered seats for people to sit on and watch a cow being milked. We were given a short talk with questions and answers for the children whilst the cow was being milked, and there was an opportunity for children to touch the cow afterwards.
          With the touching of animals taking place we noticed there was plenty of sinks with anti bacterial soap and hot water dotted around the whole park. The majority of the staff reminded us to take care and wash after handling as well.

          Leaving the cow barn, we walked out into a large area with lots of things dotted around. We could see a straw filled barn with loads of slides and an area with ride on tractors and diggers all for the children to play on. Inside another barn was a bouncy castle and ball pit with smaller activities for small children.
          A cafe and toilets were situated at the end of the large square, and opposite was a large open space under cover for feeding and petting more animals. Under cover inside this area were goats, pigs, cows and calves, lambs, guinea pigs and hens.
          There were more animals outside in pens with an outdoor play area and go karting circuit. The obligatory tractor and trailer rides were also available at certain times. I was pleased to note that all the activities were free apart from the tractor rides which were £1 per person.

          I'm not sure if my expectations were too high or the website marketed the website very well, but I was expecting more than we saw.
          There was plenty of activities for our daughter to do and she had a fantastic time, but I felt that we dragged our time out to two hours in the farm and that included a long leisurely cup of tea and cake.
          On a sunny day with lots of visitors would have given us a completely different experience. As it was so quiet due to the weather we obviously got more chance to pet the animals and spend more time actually looking at them as opposed to being pushed along the line as everyone tries to get their own look in.

          There was chances to see the cows being milked, you could pet a guinea pig, watch pig racing and pet the lambs as well as bottle feeding them (depending on the season obviously).
          This was plenty for my two year old and she thought the whole experience was brilliant. We managed to spend ages playing on the bouncy castle and ball pit which we had almost to ourselves. The ball pit was quite small and almost squeezed into a corner which was a shame as it made it dark and quite scary once you were inside it.

          ** Food / Cleanliness **

          There were good food choices available in the restaurant and the prices were average compared to attractions in the area. I found a different soft play area inside the restaurant but this attracted older children so my daughter was too small to enjoy it properly.
          The toilets were clean and there were baby change and places to park the push chairs which was good as when the majority of visitors have pushchairs then it can give off a cramped atmosphere.

          ** Overall **

          We discussed as a family the price compared to the amount of things to do, but we quickly decided that my daughter thoroughly enjoyed it and that was all that mattered. I would happily pay the money again to see her have a brilliant time, but I would definitely choose to go during quieter times to get the most for my money.
          Of course we were herded out through the gift shop as all other attractions. It was a small shop and the prices were actually fairly reasonable.
          We will be going back again to make the most of the attraction before my daughter becomes too old for the park. Farmer Palmers suggest the park is for children under eight and I would agree with this, any older and I think they may become bored too quickly.

          Farmer Palmers, Wareham Road, Organford, Poole, Dorset, BH16 6EU


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