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Graves Park (Sheffield)

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4 Reviews

Farm. Hemsworth Rd, Norton, Nr. Sheffield. Tel: +44 (0)114 258 2452. Collection of rare breeds of domestic and farm animals. OPEN: Daily 8am-4pm. ADMISSION: Free. Disabled Access.

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    4 Reviews
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      10.04.2010 16:45
      Very helpful



      A lovely place to visit

      Graves Park is a park in Sheffield, it is in the Gleadless/Norton part of Sheffield and has a farm, cafe and sports pavilions.


      Graves Park is in the Norton area of Sheffield, it can be reached by driving down the A61 and following the signs for the park. Graves Park is the largest park in Sheffield and I hope finally lays to rest the view that Sheffield is a dark and dank city. Once arriving there is a little road into the park and the park has reasonably generous parking facilities. Parking is an issue on busy days but there are plenty of parking around the park so it's usually not too hard to park reasonably close to the park.


      Parking is next door to the little farm, the farm is mostly hens, but there are donkeys, sheep, goats and ponies. There is plenty of room for the animals and you can get very close to the animals with a little fence between you and the animals. You can buy food and feed the animals but you are encouraged not to feed the animals with food brought from home. The farm has hens and cocks in little boxes which the kids can look in at, they can also visit the feeding centre where they can feed the goats, pigs, chicks and sheep. The initial animal's pens stretch into larger enclosures with plenty of room for the donkeys, sheep, goat and ponies to roam. They are good natured and seem to enjoy being petted and stroked, dotted around the farm are little dispensers for cleaning your hands after touching the animals.

      Rose Garden Cafe

      The Cafe is a large building with ornamental rose gardens in the front; the gardens have benches and tables to let the visitors sit down. The building itself has the feeling of a large sports pavilion; the building has good access for wheelchairs and pushchairs. The cafe sells hot food, ice cream, sandwiches etc. The food is reasonably priced but is slightly more expensive than other cafe's but as I pointed out entry to the park is free so generally it's a cheap day out.

      Play area

      The park has the traditional swings, slides, play activity centres, the whole area is well fenced in and your little darling can't escape once the gates are shut. In truth even if they do there isn't dangerous around because the play area is next to a huge grass field.

      Park itself

      Away from the farm and the play area there are large fields which are well maintained, there are also goalposts placed around the fields. The fields slope down towards a couple of large duck ponds which must have fish as I saw anglers down there. Walking around the ponds brings you up to the extended farm where you can watch highland cattle and sheep. The highland cattle are gorgeous and seem to be very friendly.

      Overall thought

      Graves's park is a free park in Sheffield, it has a well maintained farm with interesting animals; there are nice play areas for the kids and a decent cafe for the adults. This is a nice park to walk around and appears to encourage active life because when we were there teams going running.

      Graves is a lovely place and a very nice place to spend a few hours on a sunny day.


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        11.10.2009 19:18
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A place to visit again and again

        Graves Park is a fantastic place for young children. There is everything you could want in a park and more. I regularly take my son who is now 14 months and we've had a stroll round the grassy aread and rose gardens, had a drink and snack in the large and friendly Rose Garden Cafe (plenty of room for meeting other mums and babies if that's what you want to do). Had a look at the play area outside the cafe, been down to the pond to feed the ducks (and the baby) and especially visited the piece de resistance which is the animal farm. There are small fields with cows, sheep, pigs and shetland ponies, and then a more enclosed area with goats, lots of chickens, rabbits, birds, geese, deer and a barn with baby animals and best of all this is all completely free!

        The park is larger than I have described but I haven't investigated any more of it, there is definitely a wooded area and some sort of golf too and they often have weekend fairs / festivals there.


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          04.03.2008 20:08
          Very helpful



          A wonderful place

          Graves Pakr Farm. Never heard of it , have you?
          Well you should have.

          Becuase, I'm going to be perfectly honest here this is a wonderful farm. I'm not being biased here-okay I admit I only live ten minutes walk away from here but the main tjing about here is its free while other farm pakrs which are horribly commercialised and jut have some farm animals charge a disgusting foru punds just to see a few farm animals.

          Not here. Its free here. And there's more than just you run of the mill farm animals. There's a few that aren't quite as reguarly seen...

          The Farm is as you may have already have guessed in Graves Pakr which was donated by J>G Graves who also donated money for the Graves Art Gallery in the centre. The park is the largest in Sheffield.
          It is situated in the South Side of Sheffield on Hemsworth Road. It is signposted of Woodseats/ Chesterfield Road and Derbyshire Lane.
          The entrance to the farm*by car)is off Hemsowrth Road up a rather steep sec##ond road and up to the car park which is suprisingly big. If this is full there are other car pakrs but this will be covered later.
          The farm is surrounded by a big hedge. You enter through a small gap to the hedge and you on a small path with many paddocks nearby.
          The first one is a big paddock home to a large range of chickens who run around and generally are a nuisance. There is one chicken here who is known for escpaing which leads to some great staff chases! Last time we went a rather dosy chicken had got itself behind the fence cordoned around a new tree.
          On the pther side are two paddocks-one is home to sheep the other home to pigs however last time I went the house was being re-built and the pigs were elsewhere.

          You now enter on your left what is called the Children's Farmwyard. No dogs are allowed in here. It is basically a large tarmaced area with a few plants around a a lot of wooden houses.
          The houses are home to a wide variety of chickens. Although not huge there are only a couple of chickens in each one and it is better than a battery.
          There are also a lot of guinea pigs and rabbits scuattling around or going through the tunnels. Guinea pigs make a strange squaking sound.
          The barn is next. Its quite small. The first two thing are two pretty big 'pens' one home to a lot of chickens who don't have masses of space but hacve a reasonable area to move around and lots to scratch ! In the other are a lot of ducks.

          The barn is pretty chilly and is home to a lot of sparrows.
          The very first pen is home to a lot of Nubian goats who always stand in their food! Next door are some smaller pens home to a lot of baby goats which are very cute. Also here currently is a baby donkey.
          Behind them is a medium sized area for the red deer hinds. As well as this they have a large outdoor area complete with an area where they can hide from the pigs.
          The next couple of pens are home to piglets who look very cosy in their bedding and often 'snuffle'in it. The other is home to many different things.
          Opposite is a large pen home to a giant rabbit and at the back are the degus in a nice big cage complete with toys.
          The farm sells Guinea Pigs and Rabbits for £15 each and Chinchillas for about £30.
          Opposite is where all the lovely chicks and ducklings are kept as well the chinchillas who I'm not overly fond of. Not sure why.

          Also in here are hand washing facilities and some rides for youngsters which cost about 50 p.

          On the opposite end of the farmyard is a walk around area which is currently being re-vamped meaning i will have to re-vamp this review soon.
          The very first thing are the donkeys. And mule. A rather bad tempered one at that. Also here is Grandad the donkey a old donkey who is rather lovely.

          The next door areas are big houses which are warm. These are presumably lambing sheds so are home to some sheep and some ponies.
          The pens here I remember for about a month were home to a tortoise but he went as quickly as he came.
          The big aviary was originally home to two tawny howls but both were sadly killed by a fox. After passing the ducks you come to the highlight.
          An Eagle Owl.
          I must presume this owl is a rescue. His name is Oscar. He is absolutely massive with striking markings and these amazing orange eyes which stare right through you. He's got a big aviary, albeit a bit overgrown however that is probabaly a good point-more shelter and in the wild its no doubt overgrown. They feed him with day old chicks(obviously dead ones) which we swallows whole. nice.
          The next avairy is pretty big and is home to lots and lots of Golden Pheasants. These are absolutely beautiflu birds. The farm aqquired a few babies and were delighted to have them. They are however suprassed by the mazing Lady Amherst Pheasnt. Also in here is an injured Pheasant and a ghostly Bsrn Owl.
          Although it might sound cramped its pretty roomy and there's a little house for all and a box for the owl plus fallen trees.
          I think that's it for the farmyard. Also in here is an old tractor which kids can climb on , picninc benches, some okay toilets and a visitor centre which has a few displays.

          Your back on the line of paddocks and the first one is home to some geese who honk at all dogs and generally are a bit evil.
          Last time we went some sheep and lambs were in the next field. Us and some other people were a bit worried when one of the lambs kept on falling over and was shakey on its legs. It didn't look very new. The farmer came to us and said this' Some male lambs have things removed when there born.'
          Ouch. I feel so sorry for that lamb. Now wonder it couldn't stand up..

          The opposite paddock was for a short while home to some amazing Giant Donkeys which were massive. Sadly they left and were replaced by sheep.

          I think that's justb about it for the farm.

          The Park

          The main buildling here is the Cafe.Its okay inside its not exactly gouremt food and its a bit expenisve and they stop serving really early but its okay.
          Thankfully they re-vamped the toilets which were dnak and dirty before but are now clean.
          In front of the cafe is the Rose Garden which is quite nice and behind tat is the playground home to a slide, swings, a little kiddies area and some football nets.

          At the bottom of the park are three lakes.One was originally an ornamnetal wildfowl lake(gone), the other is a fishing lake and the last one (the biggest)m is home to a wide range of waterfowl including tufted ducks and very occasionally mandadarin ducks.

          At the top are some Highland Cows.
          And some very nice Rhodedendron bushes which make a GREAT den. There is another entrance to the pakr near here and another car pakr and toilets as well as pitch and putt.

          Here are the woodlands-the main thing in the pakr there home to fungi flowers and lots of birdlife.
          There's a lot of streams and waterfowls which means grey wagtails while robins flutter by.
          Most of the sculptures once here have rotted away. Originally there was my favourite the Green Man and a few others...

          there is another entrance onto Woodseats which is home to a revamped playground.

          The final entrance is of Derbyshire Lane next to the pavillion which is a bit rund down now but has got a car pakr. There's a lot of footy pitches here.

          For you histiry buffs down the cobbled bank is an old pump while on the football nets is the line of Old London Road-trees.
          I think that's just about it.

          In short, the park is beautiful, the farm the icing on the cake.
          Allow half an hour to explore the farm and two hours to get around the whole pakr.

          It makes a wonderful day out for everyone and is alovely place to visit which I can heartily recommend!

          Yours faithfully,


          Opening Times 9.30am-4pm dailway bar Christmas Day

          Friends of Grave Park are a charity who aim to protect the park.

          You can join them for £3 a year.
          Contact details for Friends of Graves Park:
          25 Matthews Lane
          United Kingdom
          Please note: That is not the address of the farm park.

          Phone:0114 2747028
          Fax: 0114 2745137


          The charity are currently trying to stop St Luke's Hospital from building on the Norton Nurseries.


          Just re-visited.
          A couple of changes-two new hutches for the chickens and rabbits have been put up.

          The baby donkey has moved outside and is joined by what seems to be a baby Giant Donkey-good to have them back.
          The area I said was being updated in my review is now taking shape and looks lie a new pond for the ducks. A new Eagle Owl has joined-she was very beautiful with amazing markings.

          That's all, thanks


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            21.09.2000 02:39
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Situated on the south of the city, on Hemsworth Road at Norton is this farm. I've been here many times over the years and have seen it develop into a very good attraction for a quick half day out trip. There's a large free carpark and entry to the farm is also free, although you can donate to the upkeep if you wish. There are all different types of pigs, cattle, donkeys, goats, sheep, chickens, owls, all other kinds of birds, rabbits, guinnea pigs etc all in well laid out pens and cages. There's also a pair of roe deer which are expected to breed. In a large barn at the right time of year there is an abundance of adorable lambs, piglets, baby goats etc. There's a reasonably priced cafe and a very good outdoor play area for the kids. The park also has a couple of small lakes with plenty of wildfowl. Its well worth a visit even if you don't live in Sheffield.


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