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Gummers How (Cumbria)

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A beautiful little fell on the south eastern flank of Windermere and the views of the lake from here are stunning.

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    1 Review
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      16.04.2009 21:15
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      The gentle way to view the lakes

      When ever I head off to the Lake District I always make my way to Gummers How as I find it one of the more easier fells to hike up but with one of the best views once at the summit.


      It may sound a little like a character from a Chinese action cartoon, with massive eyes and flaying fist, but luckily it is a lot more appealing than that, even for the kids, and will give them more exercise than they would get bouncing up and down on your brand new leather settee shouting at the television screen, routing for the worst drawn Chinese character.

      So what is it then..? I hear you scream. (maybe not)

      Gummers How is a fell in the South of the Lake District, close to the southern end of Lake Windermere, with the summit being a just 321 metres above sea level it is not one of the highest of the fells in the Lakes but is one of the highest 'foothills' in the area.
      Its terrain is easy in parts but can become a little tricky, with it being a mix of woodland, moorland and rock-face as you make your way to the summit.
      The walk itself is only short, being less than a 1000 metres one way, and should take about an hour at an easy pace, (but take your time and enjoy the views)

      **WHERE IS IT..?

      Gummers How is in the Southern part of the Lake District and can easily be found along a road called Fell Foot Brow, (which is opposite Fell foot park), just off the A592, between Newby Bridge and Bowness-on-Windermere.


      Parking is free at Astley's Plantation car park, courtesy of the Forestry commission, and can be easily found approximately half a mile up Fell Foot Brow just off the A592.
      It is a good sized car park about half way up Fell Foot Brow, situated more or less opposite the wooden gated entrance at the foot of the walk up to Gummers How, which is approximately 700 metres to the summit.

      The car park does contain a few benches in a lovely little wooded area which are great for picnicking, (the actual tables have metal plates attached to them ideal for those throw away barbeque packs).

      ** Please take care when crossing the road from this car park, especially with children.

      Extra parking can be found along the road itself in the lay-bys.


      When you come out of the car park turn right and head up the road until you come upon a wooden gate which is the start of the pathway to the summit.
      Go through the gate and follow the path which will lead you to the summit of Gummers How.
      As you go you walk through some small woodland, which does spoil the views slightly, but once through these you will come upon open land which gives you the wonderful views over some of the fells and especially over Fell Foot park.
      As you make your way along the path you will see and feel the increase in the incline, although gentle to begin with, but becoming a little trickier as the summit nears, fortunately, there are several man made steps helping your challenge to the summit.
      The path then snakes its way upwards, through the rocky terrain, almost disappearing in places.
      It does level off briefly from which you can choose one of two paths to take you to the summit... one path seeming to lead round the hillside and the other path going directly upwards, (more or less), both paths do take you to the summit.

      You know you've reached the summit when you finally touch the triangulation point which proudly protrudes from a bed of broken rocks.
      From here you can enjoy some of the best views that the Cumbrian fells have to offer, such as Coniston Old Man, Scafell Pike, Braod Crag and many more, including a stunning vista over Morecombe Bay.

      ** IN CONCLUSION...

      This is one of my favourite little spots in the Lake District due to the fact it is a nice gentle walk, albeit a wee tricky in parts, with a fantastic result at the end.
      I simply love the slow hike up to the summit, enjoying the beautiful views as I pause on route, masking in the peace and quiet as I glance over the striking scenery in front of my eyes, (although it can get busy at times).

      The actual walk itself is easy, although I wouldn't recommend trying for the summit if you have any trouble with strenuous walking as there are many rocky patches which do require a little effort to conquer.
      My two little cherubs, one of six and the other nine, love walking and really enjoy Gummers How, especially as they know that a play in Fell Foot park is to follow, (the things you do to tire them out), and they love climbing the slight rock faces as we near the summit.
      Once at the summit you just simply sit on the stoney ground and enjoy the views, whilst wondering who the unlucky person was that had to carry the cement up to build the monument that looks like a small chimney stack..? ( The summit Triangulation point that is).

      This is just a beautiful place to visit, maybe taking in a picnic on one of the many areas on the way up the hill or even on the summit, although this can become very busy during the 'holidaying' season so be prepared to meet many many people.

      I personally tend to perch myself in a specific spot just off the beaten track so I can enjoy the views without having being disturbed to much, (I wont tell you exactly where as next time I go my favourite spot will be busier than the summit, with picnic blankets covering every part of the heather).
      Then when I get back to the car park it's time for another brew in the small woodland, hoping for a bench to be free, although sitting on the ground amongst the trees is just as pleasant.

      If you get out to the Lakes in Cumbria and have a spare hour or so then do try and make your way up to the summit of Gummers How, you'll be glad you did. Even if you don't make the summit you'll be stunned by the views from half way up... and don't forget to take a picnic

      ** CAUTION...

      Even though Gummers How is a 'mole hill' compared to many of the Fells in the lake District it is still a Fell and should be treated as one, so please check the weather forecast before hand and take appropriate steps depending on the results.
      All Fells can be dangerous, especially if the weather suddenly changes, and Gummers How is no different, so do take care.


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