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London New Year's Day Parade

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    2 Reviews
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      17.01.2016 13:43
      Very helpful


      • "Good year"


      • "Bad year"

      Another year of terrorism

      A is for Astronaut, Tim Peake and the first true Brit in space and the first true Brit to do a space walk.. All the other ones were British that had to take American and Russian citizenship to get on training programs to get up there. But in every single case these guys are really boring people with that irritating and positive upbeat nature and stupid smile that super smart people always have. Don’t you just want smash him over the head with that guitar that equally annoying spaceman sang that Bowie song with and cut the air pipe and let him float off and make his own plans for reentry!

      B is for Bill Cosby, America’s favorite avuncular black man, tumbling from grace like the space station will one day through the atmosphere. Women have quietly been coming forward over the years with accusations on his method of seduction when they were young. It appears it was to dope them and molest them, presumably the only way a black guy back then could guarantee getting with white girls. They were all white girls. Like in the U.K., young girls and starlets who would do anything to get near celebrities for fame and fortune in their teens and twenties back in the 1970s and 80s and that was often the only way they could. Now see those very same men as old, gray and disgusting - but also vulnerable and extremely rich, not the handsome young things they once were and so revenge is sweet. It’s open season on Cosby and facing 58 women accusers and set to be charged with 8 rapes. OJ Simpson style chase anyone?

      C is for Jeremy Corbyn – Nobody saw that coming! He was like the 1000-1 outsider winning The National. The Labor Party put him on the ballot in the leadership race for a laugh and the student Labor base duly elected him for a laugh, leaving the party in the wilderness like the Aintree horse that fell at the first. They deserved it after Blair’s insane wars. President Boris Johnson anyone?

      C is for Cameron and that shock election win. With a majority he has license to decimate public service and attack minorities and the poor through welfare cuts, which he has relished in. That’s what hardcore Tories love. They despise the hard working people who squirm away in minimum wage jobs making them money. George Osborne continues to sell Britain off at Aldi prices to meet the growing national debt as the Tories borrow more than even Labor did; ironically ‘the tick’ used to break up the public service that Labor were borrowing for to expand.

      D is for Donald Trump and what people don’t get is the guy is entertainment, not a legitimate presidential candidate. People running for office have to say what their advisors tell them not to piss voters off. Pretty much anyone in America can stand on a pedestal and say they don’t like blacks and Muslims and get cheers. The supporters at Trump rallies hate blacks and Muslims. Trump does not hate blacks and Muslims and most of his investments are with Arabs. His investors understand Trump and no he doesn’t really mean it and simply about a rather odd ball showman wanting to keep his fame and notoriety, why he did The Apprentice. He is a monster twat though.

      E is for Ecclesiastical mayhem as gay marriage begins to rip the Christian Church apart. The act is clearly not something normal when the bible was written and so not surprisingly the more homophobic and conservative black Anglican Church is up in arms about it being legalized in various church dioceses. And the Third World Church holds the power these days with the most members and donations and so their homophobic views have to be heard. A lot of regular white church goers hold the same views but political correctness has arrived and they have to zip it. Obviously being gay is genetic for guys and nothing they can do about it but two guys snogging in front of the alter, who probably don’t believe in that particular God, seems unnecessary to me and antagonistic. Christianity is not needed in the West now and this is what happens when religion becomes irrelevant.

      F is for floods and yet again they hit the north. Flood defenses proved useless and the water gushed in. The north complained that more money is spent in the south to protect homes. They have short memories. Just two years ago the Thames flooded some of the most desired addresses in Britain out and the Somerset Levels created a new ocean. We still have roughly the same amount of rain as we did when we were born but there are simply more houses on flood plains and more concrete to wash the water that way. Unless we stem immigration it’s only going to get worse but we need cheap labor to generate the taxes to pay for the flood defenses and so more floods to come.

      Geordie Shore ‘actress’ Charlotte Crosby astounded retail expert when her fitness video outsold the super popular kids film Frozen and every other DVD last Christmas. The foul mouthed and rather plain northerner did the usual Z-List celeb thing of stacking on the weight and then losing it for the fitness video, yet the methods and exercise she claimed she lost weight with in the video are rarely the reason, a Photoshop nip there and crash diet here the real reasons. But admin assistants across the country believe its real and spend their hard earned, gum chewing £9. 99, presumably because they feel they can party like here and still lose weight. What a dreadful role model.

      H is for Hurricane Alex (yep, that’s what it’s called) that has formed in the North Atlantic, the firsts to that this early since 1938 in January. It’s strange because a hurricane evolves around warm water and warmer air temp of around 26 degrees or over but just 20 degrees right now. That is odd and one to watch as it races up from The Azores towards Europe. The A letter, as first of the season, has only ever been used once this late for a December storm after A-Z were used up in a very stormy 1965. You simply start again when that happens with new names. The BBC has started naming storms the same way, they say to encourage interest in the weather by kids and adults, whilst cynics would say to hype the man made global warming threat they are committed to but has gone AWOL.

      I is for ISIS, or whatever they are called these days. The CIA construct Al Queada has conveniently gone away now the soundbite ‘War on Terror’ is unofficially over and we have Islamic State, a bunch of cabbies from Bradford and Somalia causing mayhem with some ex Iraqi Baathist generals and a ton of Saudi money. The West blow pickup trucks up on live TV to reassure us we are all safe but the terrorists don’t seem to be going anywhere. One Texas plumbing company sold five SUVs to a bloke in Houston and they turned up in Islamic State, with this poor guys plumbing company on the side on national TV. The 55mm mounted machine gun in the back was the end for his plumbing business. This is high level and super complex politics and hegemonic powerplay we will never get our heads around.

      J is for Jose and he is gone, like his magic. The Chelsea manger somehow lost his team and was replaced by Gus Hidink. It started when his sexy club physio Eva Caniero ran on the pitch to treat Eden Hazzard and all three malfunctioned thereafter and conspiracy theories abate. Some say the Portuguese doc was ‘involved’ with players and causing tensions in the team and this the chance for Jose to get rid of her whilst darker talk is of a doping program at the club for certain overseas players. You have to admit Chelsea didn’t look right from day one. Caniero is in court chasing compensation and she certainly knows where the bodies are buried and definitely has their blood tests information. I personally think the married physio was bonking a player or two. Is she was massaging your tweaked hamstring you would definitely ask for ‘extras’.

      K is for Killing and specifically young black men in America by the cops. If you have been to the USA you know there is no messing around with law enforcement and they are armed to the teeth. If you don’t do what you are told and a threat to them you will get maced, tazered or shot. Unfortunately because one-in-three black men have been incarcerated in their lives they are most likely to be on the end of a policeman’s baton or firearm in America. When white guys are shot dead by the cops it’s generally deemed they deserve it and no news story. But if it’s black guy and there is video then its big news. Quite a few black guys have been filmed being gunned down in 2015 by the cops. Do black lives matter? If they did then 90% of fatalities would not be black-on-black in America. This campaign by black community groups is really about the shame of insanely high levels of black crime in America and no one in that community doing much to stop it, making Black America un-policeable in the poor areas. Even if these black dudes shot are criminals the protesters are still the face of the cops causing trouble.

      L is Lewis Hamilton, the only good thing to come out of the 2015 F1 season, World Champion once again. A black guy in a Merc sells nice cars to black folks. Mercs have traditionally been the car of choice for Asians but Hamilton sells a lifestyle and Mercedes are catching up with BMW. It was not so good for Jenson Button, dumping his wife after we now know was a big fight in his villa where we believe a wedding ring was hurled across the room and lost for good. At the time there was a story about him being gassed by immigrant thieves but that has died a death, like his relationship, once again back on the meat market, a good looking intelligent and charismatic chap. I hear Linekar’s gold digging wife is now available.

      M is for Mayweather and the big boxing fight with Manny Pacquiao, the biggest online story as far as hits go in 2015. Although the money was obscene it’s not a sport that is easy to be in and a lot of people have to be paid out from the winnings. The fight of the century proved rather dull as the ageing Pilipino was out boxed and into retirement. Mayweather fights like Geoffrey Boycott and protects his stumps and wafts the occasional wining jab like Boyc’s did fours to keep on top. It was a similar deal for Tyson Fury’s shock win over Vladimir Klitschko but s ome big fights ahead in 2016.

      N is for Northern Ireland who not only qualified for the European Championships but sorted out their benefit bill in Stormont that nearly tumbled the Peace Agreement. Basically unemployment and delinquency is high in the province and they don’t want to force the old paramilitaries and there housing slum block vote supporters off the doll with the brutal methods we have seen in the rest of the United Kingdom. Unbelievable N.Ireland is still 93% segregated in working-class areas and so the bedroom tax tricky to pull off. The parliament finally relented and decided to find extra money to fund enforced worklessness through other budgets, believed to be a quiet handout by Westminster. The morons involved in ‘The Troubles’ are only a fag paper away from kicking it all off again with the plan now to make them old and decrepit on the dole and so not up for it anymore.

      O is for organized corruption in the worlds sporting bodies. Cycling and Armstrong dominated 2014 and Football dominated 2015. Athletics will dominate this year with Seb Coe soon resigning. The Austrian gnome Sepp Blatter who presided over sports biggest corrupt body, FIFA, finally fell. The ‘charity’ was rolling in money governing football and simply couldn’t resist the corruption opportunities. When you give an equal vote and stake in the game to Small Island countries with no recognized football leagues in return for their vote its no wonder you have problems. The West let it go on for far too long as the World Cups were going to where we wanted them to be, but the moment they didn’t we were angry and non-plussed, Qatar stunning the world. Three straight World Cups in a row have been bought by oil and gas money and that’s where big business and influence is right now. America and the FBI only moved to break up FIFA because they were ‘promised’ the 2022 World Cup. But they didn’t bribe hard enough and it’s off to the Middle East we go. Qatar is one of the leading funders of ISIS.

      P is for Paris and the terror attacks. We knew it was coming but London dodged the bullet this time, if you excuse the pun. I don’t think London is a big a target as Germany and Sweden are but we will be done soon. The terrorists were ISIS inspired but mostly unemployed, dope smoking North African immigrants idiots that were easy to manipulate. The attacks came at a convenient time for France and Europe and acted as the starting pistol to try and stem degenerative Muslim immigration to the EU causing these tensions. You have to pull the trigger to be a terrorist and have a reason to. I think these kids simply hated being not part of France and suffering constant racism and rejection, stuff that can break a man, why they targeted white kids at a rock concert and middle-class city center restaurants. White France simply doesn’t like black France, whatever they say in public, why the National Front do so well, 37% of the regional vote before Christmas.

      Q is for the Queen and the old dear slowly stepping back from royal duties as she became the longest serving living female monarch and the worlds oldest at 89, second only to the Thai King at 69-years on the throne. She is in her 90th year on Earth and 63-years on the throne. She even had the confidence to slag Islam off in her traditional Christmas speech as the harmless likeable wingnut Charles nears the throne.

      R is for refugees and they keep coming. The German Chancellor made a crazy decision to welcome them and so they came some more, pretty much every lost sole joining the queue from Damascus. Germany simply suffered a Holocaust flashback and couldn’t imagine train carriages full of Muslims off to camps with numbers on their wristbands at the borders. Because of that move the razor wire went up as EU countries feared the numbers we appear to be getting and EU unity fell apart.

      Little Aylan, the small boy drowned on the beach in his Sunday best for the boat trip, broke our hearts. Turns out his father wasn’t fleeing war in Syria but had been living in Turkey for two years in a low paid job. The chance to get into Europe and on to the west’s welfare safety net proved too much of a pull and they jumped on the flimsy boat and the kid drowned. The dad appeared to be part of the smuggling operation for the boat and taking money on the shore. His family recently earned place of safety in Canada after all the publicity. Watch this space on this guy.

      North African immigrants in Germany’s major cities celebrated the New Year and their new freedom with a mass groping and theft against young women in Germany’s major cities. A move to ease fears of the old fascist Germany by letting in all those immigrants may yet prove to be the start of the next Reich. The left squirmed as this story was exactly what it was and were soon spouting conspiracy theories that the Arabs were told it was ‘tradition’ to grope women on New Years Eve and so young North African men thought it was ok. Was it also tradition to rob them? 1-0 to the right. For a long time now Europe’s dirty immigrant secret has been this type of sex crime with Sweden seeing 65% of those accused of rape and sexual assault being Muslim. For once the right and the Daily Mail couldn’t be accused of racism. This is very real and a big problem to come for Germany.

      S is for Simon Danczuk, the Labor MP who quite fancies himself - and young girls, ironic as he took over pedophile Cyril Smiths seat. Danczuk brags that he likes women at least 20-years his junior and was caught ‘sexting’ with a 17-year-old girl before Christmas, who turned out to be not so innocent, an internet dominatrix. Worse still it was discovered he had hired a PR company to follow him around and take pictures to raise his profile. But his guy was then selling the pics to newspapers and splitting the money with the MP, suggesting the MP was generating his own stories for that reason alone, including the young girl. This guy is an MP for Christ sake!

      T is for Tunisia and the mindless slaughter of mostly British tourists on a tranquil beach. In January a middle-class and educated local guy, filled with hate in Libya, returned and machine gunned sunbathers on the sun loungers. He killed mostly men and then shot up the hotel. The Tunisian police were late and under prepared, a familiar story. Nearly 40 people lay dead. The Tunisian tourist industry has yet to recover a year on and many out of work, again a Muslim brown skinned guy driven by envy and hate of the affluent white west.

      U is for Unisex and transgender becoming cool. In fact many jurisdictions have created a ‘third sex’. A famous American Olympic athlete from the 1970s, Bruce Jenner, decided he was a woman and his transformation into Katlin Jenner has made him/her/millions. It wasn’t quite as successful for Frank Maloney’s fumbled failed attempt to become Kelly Maloney in the eyes of the British public. Poor old Frank doesn’t do the feminine voice and looks like a 75-year-old Patsy kensitt. I have always felt these guys are in denial over being gay and pretending that they fancy boys because they are really a woman. Everywhere we look in the media there are stories about sex change people. Even the notoriously minority and sensitive BBC felt the need to invite no less than three transgender people onto Celebrity Mastermind over the holidays. It’s now legal in some countries to be non gender specific. Presumably this is for legal reasons to stop huge amounts of gender legal issues and compensation claims. But for such a small section of society it seems to be such a big issue.

      V is for Volcanoes and Mount Etna begins to increase activity and a year of thrilling eruptions caught on camera and video. Because humans can capture pretty much all natural phenomena now, the governments are enjoying hyping up global warming and boy can volcanoes effect global warming.

      W is for Wales joining N.Ireland for their first major international soccer tournament in many decades. Improved qualification chancres with 24 teams now going through to the Euros, and Gareth Bale, were the main reasons they progressed, Bale scoring and assisting all of the goals Wales scored. N.Ireland lacking a top player made their progression far more impressive. Greece and Denmark won the championships in the last twenty years with similar type teams. The Home Nations have a chance to go big in what will be a thrilling event in France.

      X is for XXX and, apparently, the world-wide-web can officially support itself without porn now. Experts say the appeal of free pornography in the early days of the internet drove its expansion and without it there may not have been an internet as democratic and universal as we know it. That and email was its only real attraction in the 1990s. But social media and shopping has the percentage hits now and so if the porn was switched off the internet would be fine. Governments are moving to do exactly that with a move towards filters. Interestingly, sex and porn remains the number one weapon for the intelligence services to entrap people on the internet, including spies, terrorist and corrupt employees.

      Y is for young royal babies as George and Charlotte put the royals back on top. The worlds most famous family insisted on maximum privacy for their young kids yet need to have and display their cute kids to keep the positive publicity to stay on top and promote the royals and the country. That’s the job of Royals. Whilst super cute George’s birth generated an extra £117 million in the economy in baby clothes and what not it was just £77 million for Charlotte. I don’t know what feminist would make of that but I’m sure the color pink and blue debate will come into it. The Duchess of Cambridge appears to be a clone of Diana and we can only hope the couple stay together as Prince William’s hair disappears like his sex appeal. I don’t think Kate is the cheating kind but I do worry about her weight and health. She wants to look pretty in the paper and that means being thin. The tabloids are itching to find a weakness we will savagely join in on.

      Z is for Ziggy Stardust and the passing of David Bowie, to some, Britain’s Elvis, to others self publicist, Madonna style. I was not a fan but admire the impact he had although cynics would say he was a brand and the constant reinventing himself, was selling his sole, as well as his records. He was very much a lyrics type popstar and some great lines in his vinyl. He appealed to all and you didn’t have to be an oppressed gay teenager to get him, even though he was their torch. Middle England mourned his death in Brixton and the most white people there since the war.


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      23.02.2013 18:12
      Very helpful



      A fun parade to celebrate the New Year

      New Year's Day Parade - London 2013 27th Parade

      I cannot believe that prior to going to this parade I have never heard of it. It has very little publicity and is actually pretty low key despite the fact that people come from all over the world to take part in it. Even more stunning is the fact that the London New Year's Day Parade (LNYDP) has around 10,000 performers, hundreds of thousands of spectators on the streets and a live television audience of tens of millions. I have obviously been far too busy on other New Year's Days to watch it!

      The first Parade took place on 1st January 1987 and now over 25 years later, the LNYDP is the biggest of its kind in the world. It is said to have a street audience of around 1/2 a million people. It was crowded but I have been to biusier street events so that figure does surprise me.

      What is great is that it offers free entertainment for all the family on what many consider to be a rather dreary National holiday. Hundreds of dancers and musicians from home and abroad put on a real American style extravaganza through the streets of a grey looking London. I think a lot of the performers who hailed from warmer climes but were wearing their usual parade outfits must have been feeling very chilly as we were cold and were wearing full winter gear.


      We looked up the route of the parade and thought we would follow it as it went along. We took the tube to Green Park station and then walked to the corner of Piccadilly and St James's street. The parade seemed to be getting organised and there were people everywhere in costume, some floats and a number of marching bands . We decided to pop in and have a coffee and several other people who were obviously part fo the parade were also doing the same.

      Out side the cafe was a small float with a number of Pearly Queens and Kings all dressed up in full costume and singing old fashioned Cockney songs which we listened to for a while. A number of vehicles from film and TV were part of the parade and we noticed Del Boy's Robin reliant as well as a number of US Police series cars and the car from Nightrider.

      A bus with actors from stage performances was interesting the first time we saw it but having followed the parade and been near it several times the two bits of songs that they sang began to get on my nerves. You would have thought they could have a larger repertoire than two bits of songs!

      We walked on past these and getting anywhere was quite tricky as you have to cross on side streets and make your way through the crowds. Some places were easier to get a good view that others so we stayed there a while until the bus with two songs caught up with us again. We stayed for a while on a side street near the start of the parade watching two or three marching bands from South America do their bit. They all looked very cold in their rather miniscule outfits and I suspect they were wanting to be on the move to warm up a bit.

      The Parade starts at 11.45am on Piccadilly at the junction with Berkeley Street outside the Ritz Hotel and finishes around 3pm at Parliament Street.

      The parade route was two miles long and went down Piccadilly through Piccadilly Circus, Lower Regent Street, Waterloo Place, Pall Mall, Cockspur Street, Trafalgar Square, Whitehall and Parliament Street. Finishing by the Houses of Parliament.

      It was a good long way and along the route were several stands with seats that people pay for and book months in advance . Sometimes to the side of these stands you got quite a good view. The areas with stands also had a commentary. I am not sure if the commentary was the TV one or whether each stand had its own personal commentator as we moved on all the time and anyway I didn't really want a commentary although they did tell you a bit about the marching bands and where they were from if you were interested.

      If you were not booked into one of these stands then obviously you took your chance along the street trying to find a window ledge or bollard to stand on in order to be able to see.


      It is nice to know that there was an area in Whitehall at the junction of Horse Guards Avenue set aside for disabled access. It is an uncovered area of road space that is closed off to the general public. It also contains a toilet. It is available on a first come first served basis on parade day to all people with disabilities, and an accompanying guest.

      It is also worth noting that should you want to park your car and need vehicle access to this area then you can apply for a special parking permits which you need to apply for in writing and give details of the blue badge .

      Aside from the larger floats and marching bands the various London Boroughs are all competing for a share in a Charity prize fund


      The different London Boroughs are all competing for a share of the big charity prize pot which in recent years has reached £40,000. The money is raised from street collections along the route and apparently over the years around a million pounds has been given to various charities in London and beyond.
      Each year the parade has a theme for the London borough competition and this year it was 'Hat's Off To London' and seventeen boroughs took part. I can't say we saw all of them or maybe some were less exciting than others but I did like the Hammersmith & Fulham entry which apparently came fourth and they got a prize of £4,000. They had stilt walkers who were inside giant tall hats made of fabric and were pretty impressive. It can't be easy walking two miles on stilts. The winning entry got £7,500 so I am sure it was worth making the effort.

      I loved the fact that there were people from all over the world but I also was proud to see what a variety of weird and wonderful cultural quirks we have and enjoyed the pearly kings and Queens , the Morris Dancing and a parade of miniature steam engines as well as a couple of ponies and traps and of course many different people dressed up and riding horses also in costume sometimes.

      It was a parade with a huge variety and luckily New Years' Day was cold but beautifully sunny so everything looked bright and fresh in the sunlight.

      If we are down in London for New Year again after enjoying the fireworks on Vauxhall Bridge we will certainly make the effort to see the parade in future years having discovered this gem of free entertainment.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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