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Louis Tussaud's Waxworks (Blackpool)

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8 Reviews

87/89 Central Promenade / Blackpool / England / Tel: 01253 625953 / louistussaudswaxworks.co.uk /

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    8 Reviews
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      09.09.2013 11:49
      Very helpful



      a good addition to the MT list

      Please note that this attraction is now Madam Tussauds and is owned by the Merlin Group


      The wax works in Blackpool used to be Louis Tussauds who was related to the famous Madam Tussauds however his creations were well known for now looking like the famous people it was meant to! The attraction itself opened in 1929 opposite the central pier however it closed in 2010 and was reopened in 2011 by the Merlin group after the Blackpool Council passed ownership to them. It is now part of the Merlin group and the Tussauds attractions are world wide featuring in around 18 locations world wide such as New York, London and Bangkok.


      Having booked a weekend in Blackpool me and a friend turned up at 9:30am on a rainy Friday morning and parked just around the corner from MT. We had a breakfast and then walked round to the attraction at 10am just as it was opening. There was a small queue of around 20 people but this moved promptly and we were soon at the desk. I had 50% off vouchers currently (todays date 09/09/2013) on packets of 2 finger kit kats however you can also get BOGOF from Tesco Club card, O2 moments and other online deals, there are so many of these about its rare that you would find yourself without a voucher for 50% or BOGOF. At full price its £15.95 for adults and £12.95 for children however booking online saves 20% if you cannot find any 50% or BOGOF vouchers. We paid up and moved through into the attraction.

      Inside the attraction

      The first room is called "The big night in" and features some of the well known talent show stars such as Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh and you can sit on the panel with them. There is also the Celebrity Juice set with Keith Lemon, Jonathan Ross and Graham Norton. This was a nice little area, all were very well spaced out and well lit, some are better than others but you could tell who they were. Next you visit the "Lifestyle" section which features Gok Wan, Jamie Oliver and Alan Titchmarsh. The Gok set was cute because you could sit on a chair next to him and feel like you were being "dressed" by him. After this you walk into a photo area where you can have your pictures taken with various boards saying things like "best mum" "always right" etc with a mug shot type of background. You can of course turn this down. Just beside this is a small crime section before you head upstairs into "Docu drama" area with Ben Fogle, Bear Grylls who is hanging off a rock. This area is quite dark as its trying to look like a rainforest type area but its still easy to see the wax works and none of them are off limits, you can touch and feel them if you wish as well as get a picture with them. Having been to London before some of the wax works there are off bounds so not as easy to photograph but this is not the case here. Walking through you arrive at the I'm a Celebrity set which has both Ant and Dec sitting at a desk and look like you are on the IAC set and allows you to do a bushtucker trial - if you dare! From here you will then visit the sports locker room and area this has well known sporting stars and presenters. I think there is also another photo opportunity here with you sitting on a big deck chair again you can refuse. Afterwards you will visit the famous street Coronation Street and step into the Rovers, I liked this set as it did feel very real and had some of the well known cast members here. Next room is the music room, this is less "interactive" as you cannot get on "stage" with most of these wax works but its quite spectacular to see some of them, again some are better than others but it features many pop legends and allows you to get on stage to be a member of Queen. From here you come to a "behind the scenes" area where it shows you how the wax works are made, I didn't stay to watch this, there is also a small café here should you wish to take a break. Carrying on from this you find yourself in the "Best of British" and this features the Queen along side Kate and William, I liked this because you could get your picture with them, if I recall correctly you could not do this in London? but I could be wrong. There is a small seating area here, I remember this as people were sat there admiring the Royals. Walking round you soon enter into the comedy section and has well known faces such as Alan Carr and Russell Brand. In the last section there is a spider man to have another picture with, again you don't have to but this is very near the end of the attraction. Once complete you enter into the photo area to look at your mug shots and others taken and to buy, we declined but they can be brought for £8 each I think. There is also a shop selling other MT branded goods.


      There were a number of toilets in this attraction. I didn't use any so cannot comment on how clean they were but they were well sign posted. There was also a small café doing drinks and light refreshments, again I did not use this so cannot comment on if it was any good. There was quite a few stairs on this attraction so might not suit a person who struggles to walk, but there are lifts to use if required and the staff are very friendly so will assist.


      Overall to walk around this is took us about 1 hour and we weren't rushing or taking our time we went at a steady pace. I really enjoyed it. There are not as many figures here as there are in London, this only opened in 2011 as so it needs to build up its collection but I think it has a good array of different characters from different areas of interest. I've visited the London attraction 3 times I think the last being about 2/3 years ago and on all occasions it was very busy, too busy to even move let alone see the figures properly or even get a good picture of/with but this was a lot quieter and this made me feel very relaxed and able to enjoy the attraction without feeling like I was in the way.

      Price wise its not worth it at full price but at 50% off/BOGOF its worth a look especially on a rainy day. I enjoyed myself and I enjoyed the whole experience more here than I did in London simply because there was less crowds so you could actually look at the figures at ease. Its very close to the main pier and other attractions so there is not far to walk but it is on the bus and tram route if required. For families and adults its good fun, there is something for everyone and the kids will enjoy being able to sit or stand next to their well loved sports/tv/pop star. Defo recommend it!


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        04.03.2012 11:27
        Very helpful



        we won't pay to go back!

        *please note that Louis Tussauds is now Madame Tussauds*

        Madame Tussauds originated over 250 years ago. Tussauds specialise in wax works and the main focus is celebrities. There are several Tussauds museums across the world but the UK is home to Tussauds in London and Blackpool.

        *~Madame Tussauds, Blackpool~*

        89 Promenade, Blackpool, FY1 5AA
        0871 282 9200


        Formally known as Louis Tussauds, this wax works museum is located on the promenade and right in the heart of Blackpool. Madame Tussauds is situated within a huge building with celebrity pictures on the front - it cannot be missed really. It is a short walk from the Central Pier, Sealife Centre and the famous Blackpool Tower.

        There is a car park around 100m from this attraction but buses and trams stop directly opposite the main entrance. Madame Tussauds is open every day except Christmas Day. Midweek, it is open 10am-4pm and closing is at 5pm at the weekends.

        Madame Tussauds is accesible by those with prams and wheelchairs. There are quite a few stairs though staff are happy to escort you in one of the many lifts inside the building. Once you enter Tussauds, you are met by Steven Gerrard and Little Britain wax works. You can buy your tickets and work your way around the wax works at your own pace before finishing off in the gift shop.

        Tussauds features wax works split up across different sections including sports stars,lLifestyle television, singers and performers, comedians etc.


        You can buy tickets online and obtain a small discount. Tickets can also be purchased at the reception desk. It is possible to buy a single ticket for this attraction only or if you plan on visiting the other nearby attractions (The Dungeons, Tower Eye etc) you can 'mix and match' the deals to save yourself a bit of cash. The 'Big Ticket' covers all the nearby attractions and costs nearly £80 per person (ouch!). Smaller tickets can combine Tussauds with one or two other attractions for a smaller cost.

        The single tickets for Tussauds when purchased at the attraction are as follows :

        *£15.00 (adult)
        *£12.00 (child from 3yrs upwards)
        *£48.00 (family of 2 adults and 2 children)

        Tussauds also offers group discounts and can accommodate school groups.

        *~Our Visit~*

        Having visited Madame Tussauds in London many years ago, I assumed Louis Tussauds would be similar. We first visited Louis Tussauds a few years ago and enjoyed it so decided to return with our son during our trip to Blackpool. It has now been renamed Madame Tussauds but I can safely day - it isn't a patch on the London wax works and is a shell of its former self.

        We visited on a Thursday morning. We had quite a few 2 for 1 vouchers so decided to make use of them as opposed to purchasing the combination tickets. We arrived at the opening time and paid a total of £27.00 (debit card) for 2 adults and our 3 year old. I do feel £12 is a high price for a toddler and perhaps they could change the age limits about a bit. The staff which we came into contact with were pleasant enough but did try and sell us tacky pictures and guide books etc - we declined.

        Tussauds itself is quite a large building and very spacious. We noticed a couple with a pram who were able to get about easily. The inside of the attraction is well signposted and all of the wax works have their own plaque telling visitors a bit about them. There are toilets within the building which appeared clean and tidy.

        *~Meeting The Celebrities~*

        There is no doubt about the fact that these wax work models are well thought out and created. They look incredibly realistic from facial features to choice and feel of clothing. It is possible to get up and close to the wax works without knocking them over - they are very secure. We walked around and were quite impressed at first despite the museum having been totally revamped since out last visit. I recognised most wax works but some I wasn't familiar with (mainly sports stars).

        Lifestyle television played a big part in this museum. The first section is dedicated to this type of television. We were able to sit in a 'mock up' Big Brother room and 'meet' Davina. Simon and Louis welcomed you to become part of the judging panel and there was even the opportunity to pose with Brucie (Forsyth).

        Each television scene had its own area and was spacious to allow you to get in amongst the 'stars' without standing on any toes. Gok Wan had his own styling house where one could stand behind different pictures to see how we looked with different dresses on. Chris Tarrant stood smugly alongside an interactive 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' game.

        Strangely enough we didn't see Cheryl Cole despite being pictured outside and on the website - heavens knows where she had disappeared too! Anyway..moving on! The chefs and presenters had their own section and interactive displays including the awful Mr Oliver (can't stand him at all!) and Jonathon Ross. My favourite display by far was the Jeremy Kyle show set up! I got my picture taken chilling on his 'stage' whilst my son and fiance moved the sound set up buttons to make it sound like a proper 'Jezza' episode!

        I'm A Celebrity had their own section which was supposed to resemble the jungle - dark walls, creepy noises and a wooden bridge. I can't say we found this section very appealing but my son did find 'Richard Attenborough' funny for some reason! I did get my picture taken with Ant and Dec though Ant didn't look quite realistic in my opinion!

        My son wasn't entirely amused with the wax works so far but he did enjoy the sports section (as did my fiance who is footy daft). The stairs leading to this section are designed to make you think you are walking through the tunnel at the football before leading to the changing rooms. Ok..I suppose I should admit I was taken by this section too. As the boys had a peek in the lockers, I posed with Golden Balls (yum!) - the boys wanted their pic taken with Rooney though.. The rest of the sports section included a makeshift boxing ring and a golfing green where one could play golf with Tiger Woods. Louis Hamilton was looking incredibly dishy - the perfect photo op!

        The music section was by far our favourite section as a family - something for everyone here! Some displays were 'off limits' but there was plenty to see here. Stars such as Britney, Jacko and the Beatles were happy to pose for photos. I personally think Lady Gaga could have been wearing one of her more erratic outfit to show her more 'regular' character in my opinion. Music blared out in this section and the backing scenes were of pianos and guitars. My son was able to play the drums too!

        There was a specific section for the comedians but some such as Graham Norton (who looked freakily realistic for my liking) and Alan Carr were dotted around. Some of the comedians were before my time and I wasn't interested in Morecambe and Wise etc. This display was particularly colourful as some of the comedians wore fancy dresses and funny wigs!

        The Coronotion Street display features a mock up of the Rovers Return pub and shows old and newer episodes of the soap. This is located half way around the museum and is the perfect place to chill out before moving on. There are a few amusement machines here and a drinks machine. I got my picture taken with Deirdrie Barlow but Ken and Bet were there. I do feel some more characters would be great in here.

        Moving on, we were met with some cartoon characters including Sooty and Bob the Builder - the perfect picture was taken of my son and one of his idols! Other attractions include a mirror maze which wasn't as easy as we remembered and leads to a massive deck chair where you can put wigs and cool sunglasses on for an expensive (£8.00 upwards) picture! There was a display which allowed you make your own wax hand model (this was closed) and also a section showing how the wax works are actually created. I found this very interesting and it is amazing how much work goes into creating a realistic model.

        *~And..The End~*

        I thought we had took a wrong turn when we ended up at the gift shop within 40mins of arriving at the museum. We did take our time wandering around, taking photos and generally messing about and I had to ask where the rest of the wax works were as so many were missing since our last visit! There was no Elvis White Chapel (and I really wanted to go in there), there was no Horror section (which was one of the best parts of our last visit in my opinion).

        Apparently when they changed over to Madame Tussauds (from Louis), they took a lot away from the wax works and made it more 'British' - that would explain the no Chapel and no Brad Pitt though I cannot understand where Elton John and Victoria Beckham had disappeared too - perhaps they were replaced by Susan Boyle and Davina McCall! Not exactly brilliant changes in my opinion and the museum has lots a lot of appeal and charm in my opinion.

        The shop in the museum was full of the usual tat - cups, expensive sweets and juice and everything endorsed by Madame Tussauds (that can be bought round the corner for half the price no doubt). We had walked past the shop the night before and my son had already spotted a Bob the Builder display so parted with £9.00 of spending money on a crappy little diecast toy. The prices were high for merchandise but standard for this sort of museum - £4.00 for a basic cup, £5.00 for a book and £1.80 for a bottle of Coca Cola or Slush Puppy.


        Would we return to Madame Tussauds in Blackpool? No - we spent a fortune (and that was with a voucher) and experienced less than an hour of wax works. It isn't as good as it used to be which is a shame. I personally wouldn't take lots of children here as there is only a small area aimed at them and I doubt many children would be aware of the other wax works.

        Overall 3 stars - limited appeal now!

        Thanks for reading :)


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          03.08.2010 13:32
          Very helpful



          Obviously not as good as Madame Tussauds but a great day out overall

          On Blackpool's promenade opposite the central pier stands one of the oldest attractions in Blackpool namely Louis Tussauds waxworks

          Louis Tussaud was the great-grandson of madame Marie Tussaud. He created a waxwork museum (similar to that of Madame Tussaud's) in Blackpool. Recently Louis Tussauds, Blackpool, was bought out by Blackpool Council. The attraction will close its door's in November as it passes to the management of the Merlin Entertainment Group, and will re-open as Madame Tussaud's in March 2011.

          Ticket prices at the moment (August 2010) are:
          Adult £10.95
          Senior £9.95
          Child £8.95
          (Age 4 and under FREE)

          However if you book online you receive a significant discount, and it is also worth taking a look at the group prices that are available.

          The waxworks is split into many parts including, celeb city, rock factory, the chamber of horrors and many more. My personal favourite is the chamber of horrors although it has diminished over the years, where once stood actual rein-actions of famous murder scenes and scenes from horror movies now stands only models of the murderers themselves but it is still very creepy to find yourself staring into the eyes of dr Harold shipman and Fred and rose west. There are still some scenes in the chamber of horrors such as a man being sent to his death in the electric chair and a horrible road accident. If you have a weak stomach best to be careful in this part of the waxworks, children are allowed in to the chamber of horrors but probably better not to take kids of an impressionable age into this bit.

          The rock factory part of the waxworks is also pretty impressive where else could you find Michael Jackson, Buddy Holly and Freddie Mercury all in one room! I did find that some of the models were not as life like as in other parts. In this part you can also dress up and get on stage and form your own rock band posing with the mic, guitar or drums and wearing a variety of funky rock wigs!

          In one section of the building you can take a walk down Coronation Street to the rovers return and sit on the bench outside with Vera and Jack Duckworth as well as see the displays of many of the other famous people to have been in the show.

          The regal room is where you can find the royal family not just the present royal family but all the royals down the years including royals from other countries and even great rulers and dictators stand side by side in here. This part of the waxworks also includes politicians and the popes from down the years as well as stories of the 1st and 2nd world wars. In this room you are able to sit in the Queen's throne and dress up as a queen!!

          The place is in need of a bit of modernisation, and it is a guessing game with some of the characters as to who they actually should be! Overall though it is a good day out, especially if the weather isn't to good outside. Maybe the new revamp will bring some life to some of the old haggering faces!


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          15.02.2010 01:03
          Very helpful



          good for wet weather!

          Louis tussauds blackpool

          We visited louis Tussauds in blackpool in july last year, it was a very wet and miserable day so Loius Tussauds was a welcome relief from the wet weather as its all based inside.

          Its situated on the main prom near all the major tourist attractions.

          we visited the tower a few days before and were given a voucher to use in Louis Tussauds that gave us 50% off admission. You can also visit the offical website which offers discount tickets if you book in advance I think its about £7 for an adult, it redirects you to ticket master for the booking. You can also pay on the door for around £10.95 per adult and they also offer group/family discounts.

          The wax works covers 5 floors and nearly all the figures are positioned to allow you to get up close and personal and get some pics. I was surprised as I thought they would all be behind barriers.

          They have a lift for people with buggies, wheelchairs and mobility problems as each level in conected by stairs. The man in the lift is very helpful and informs you where to go to ensure you dont miss anything. The manned lift is only up to the first floor but there is a small lift that you can use that goes between all floors.

          The floors seem to have differant themes with differant celebs.

          they have interactive displays to keep you entertained, ie elvis little white chapel with top hats, vails and flowers to play with, superman cloaks and instructions on how to stand so you look like your flying in pics. Each floor seems to have some sort of interactive displays.

          they have a floor dedicated to history and royal figures and a mirror maze which leads you between areas.

          Coronation street is not to be missed, the cafe is situated behind the rovers and you can sit in the rovers and have your cuppa or even get behind the bar.

          the chamber of horrors scared the life out of me, i would not reccomend this for young children.

          They have a display area where you can see how the figures are created.

          The king kong display seems to be compulsary to stop at so that a professional pic can be taken, you do not have to buy the finished pic although we did as its quiet funny and a good souvenier.

          There is a small gift shop near the exit.


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          10.07.2009 14:18
          Very helpful



          Not Bad, But better options for you time & money in Blackpool

          I'd just like to start by saying that I am a big fan of Blackpool. I go on holiday there once or twice a year & have done for nearly a decade. I have been in all the attractions at one time or another. So although I am going to be critical of this attraction, it isn't because I have a downer on Blackpool.

          This attraction is pretty much as advertised. A wax works, on five floors. Each dedicated to different aspects of fame. With sections dedicated to famous historical figures, sportsmen, musicians & actors you will get to see a lot of famous faces. You are allowed to take pictures. You can pose with some of the wax works & the basement chamber of horrors is very atmospheric.

          Here is where I get critical. This is no Madame Tussauds. Some of the wax works are good representations of who they are supposed to be. Some are not so good. You can have as much fun in places trying to guess who the wax work is supposed to be as you can just by looking at the wax works. Also, although they change the attraction from year to year. Adding some & removing others. I don't know if you would want to re-visit it once you've been in

          I will say this. If you're in Blackpool & want to kill a couple of hours. You can do it in here & have some fun. However there are other attractions in Blackpool which are better, like the Tower & the Sealife centre. You might want to head there first.


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          14.06.2009 22:51
          1 Comment



          great day out meeting famous people fun for all the family

          Louis Tussauds Waxworks located right on the promenade in Blackpool opposite Central Pier.
          This is a brilliant attraction for all the family but can be quite expensive for about 1-2 hours. There is a wide variety of waxworks set out on five floors. The rooms/ floors are set out to different themes-movie premiere, celeb city, corrie, rock factory, regal room, and the seaside with a mirror maze.
          They have been adding alot to it recently the newest member being Tiger Woods!
          There are cafes sitauted all over the waxworks including one in the Rovers Return so you can have a brew with you favorite character.
          There is also a studio room where you can learn how the models are made and meet the very talented man and his team behind the famous models.]
          There is also a horror floor-this is at the end and you are amde aware of this before entering so you can decide wether to go through or not as it can be quite scary especially for the younger ones. Here you will meet alot of famous people from films and also real life.
          There is a gift shop at the end that sells toys and memrabilia. There is a lift which you can se if need to and its also disabled friendly.
          Makes a great day out!


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            02.03.2009 18:16
            Very helpful



            A Good Day Out!

            * Who was Louis Tussaud ? *
            I'm sure you've all heard of Madame Tussaud ? well , Louis Tussaud was her great grandson.He created a waxworks place in Blackpool , which is the place I am going to tell you about.

            *Louis Tussaud's waxworks*
            Louis' waxworks are located opposite the central pier , central promenade , in Blackpool , Lancashire.The works are open daily , all year round.
            The works have five floors , showing off the public's favourite celebs.There are hundreds of models available to see.

            * The Floors *
            * 3rd Floor - The Rock Factory *
            Here you can see celebs such as cher and Robbie Williams.You can also see old coronation street stars , including present ones such as vera and Jack Duckworth.There is a 'pub' like the rovers where you can go and sit in to drink or eat food or drinks which you can buy from the cafe around the corner.

            *2nd Floor - The Regal Room *
            Here , you can see past and present members of the Royal Family.You can see Princess Diana standing side by side with her son William.Also you can see old Kings and Queens such as Henry VIII.I liked the model of the Queen mum as I thought it looked exactly like her.Also on this floor you can enter a maze.It's a small room with lots of mirrors.I would not reccommend going in here , as I found it quite scary and got a bit panicky because I didn't know how to get out!

            *1st Floor - Movie Premier *
            Here take a look at big movie stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Superman.There are also models of dinasours (Most probably from Jurassic Park) which roar loudly!

            *Ground Floor - Celeb City*
            This was my favourite floor as it had many celebs which are around now , such as the beckhams , kylie minogue and Elton John.One thing I liked about this , is the fact that when you walk through the door to enter this floor , you are faced with a very-real-to-life model of pierce Brosnan as James Bond who is pointing a gun at you whilst standing in his famous pose! It looks sooo real! Also on this floor , there is a model of 'King Kong'.Here , you can have your picture taken with him! Great for the kids!
            *Basement - Chamber of Horrors *

            This is not one for the kids! It's soo scary! It features scary movie stars and real life criminals! It's also really dark!!
            *Prices *

            Adult - £9.95
            Senior - £8.95
            Child - £7.95
            Children under 4 - FREE

            *Group Saving*
            Two people - £16.00
            Three People - £23.00
            Four people - £28.00
            Five people - £33.00
            If you have visited Blackpool Tower keep your tickets.If you present these when paying at the waxworks you may save up to 50%. Although this offer is not availble on the group saver tickets.

            Also look out for people on the street handing out 'money off' vouchers! We had a voucher and recieved £2 off per person saving us £6!
            Hope this review helps!


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            13.07.2007 14:18
            Very helpful



            A great day out which can be educational and its not too expensive.

            On Blackpool's promenade opposite the central pier stands one of the oldest attractions in Blackpool namely Louis Tussauds waxworks. There has been waxworks in Blackpool since the 1870`s but Louis Tussaud arrived in 1900 from London, he had held exhibitions in London but had never actually had a gallery of his own.

            Louis is the great grandson of the famous Madame Tussaud many people still call the waxworks Madame Tussauds as it is many other places but Blackpool's waxworks has always been Louis tussauds.

            Louis originally opened his waxworks in a basement belonging to the Hippodrome theatre and moved more than once before taking over the building opposite the central pier where it stands today. It has changed so much over the years parts of it for the better and parts for the worse but one things for sure its a great way to spend a couple of hours or more.

            The waxworks is split into many parts including, celeb city, rock factory, the chamber of horrors and many more. My personal favourite is the chamber of horrors although it has diminished over the years, where once stood actual rein-actions of famous murder scenes and scenes from horror movies now stands only models of the murderers themselves but it is still very creepy to find yourself staring into the eyes of dr Harold shipman and Fred and rose west.

            There are still some scenes in the chamber of horrors such as a man being sent to his death in the electric chair and a horrible road accident. If you have a weak stomach best to be careful in this part of the waxworks, children are allowed in to the chamber of horrors but probably better not to take kids of an impressionable age into this bit.

            The rock factory is an impressive part of the waxworks; I mean where else could you find Michael Jackson, buddy holly and Freddie mercury all performing together on the one stage? I do find in this part however that some of the models were not as life like as in other parts. As with the rest of the building this part also has signs with each model telling you about the person, when they were born, when they died if dead and a bit about them in general.

            One of the parts of the waxworks that I was expecting to enjoy actually ended up being the most disappointing. The sports personality section which contained great footballers who I was looking forward to standing side by side with was a real let down. I honestly struggled to identify some of them the models were so poor. The great George best looked nothing like himself and Pele looked more like one of the Jackson 5.

            In one section of the building you can take a walk down Coronation Street to the rovers return and sit on the bench outside with Vera and jack Duckworth as well as see the displays of many of the other famous people to have been in the show.

            The regal room is of course where you can find the royal family not just the present royal family but all the royals down the years including royals from other countries and even great rulers and dictators stand side by side in here, an impressive sight I can tell you. I spent an hour in this part of the building reading about people whom I had and had not heard of before and reliving history with them standing right in front of me. This part of the waxworks also includes politicians and the popes from down the years as well as stories of the 1st and 2nd world wars.

            As new stars appear and people become more famous the waxworks adds more figures to its displays. Some of the newest arrivals are Ricky Martin, Britney Spears and Samantha Mumba.

            Celeb city was new for 2006 it is set up like a red carpet walk way where you can experience walking the red carpet along side stars like Angelina Jolie, brad pitt, Elvis Presley and Elton john whilst being snapped by the paparazzi.

            There is also a professional photographer on hand to take your picture with your favourite star at a cost of course. Having never had this done I am unfortunately not able to inform you of the price for this although research would suggest that it is around the £5 per photo mark.

            Throughout the waxworks you can see pictures of how the waxworks are created and there is a bit you can go to, to watch the craftsman at work. In this part you can also view heads of old waxworks no longer in use such as wurzel gummidge, old dr whos and other stars who are no longer in favour.


            The whole process starts with many photos of the person about to be sculpted being studied at close quarters by the sculptor. The sculptor will then begin to sculpt the head in clay but this can take up to 8 weeks before the sculptor will be truly happy with what he has created. If possible the subject will visit the sculptor or vice versa for measurements and photos to be taken during the entire process. With the clay portrait complete, a plaster mould is made around it.

            This is later removed from the head & reassembled like a three dimensional jigsaw puzzle, forming a hollow plaster shell. The mould is then filled with molten wax and when the wax has cooled, the mould is removed to reveal a hollow wax head. Glass eyes and acrylic teeth which will be measure to the exact measurements for the person will then be fitted and a body built to their height and frame made for the head to sit on.

            The addition of hair is painstaking and time consuming; it can take weeks as the hair is added strand by strand. Once completed the figure will stand proud for us all to view, the total time from the pictures of the subject being taken to the model reaching the waxworks stand is normally 2 months.

            The info on waxwork creations came courtesy of www.blackpoollive.com/waxworks/aboutus.html


            Open daily from 10 am, from April to November.

            Prices are as follows

            Adult 8.95
            Child 6.95
            Senior 7.95
            Family of 2 14.00
            Family of 3 19.00
            Family of 4 23.00
            Family of 5 29.00

            I would recommend this place to anyone who enjoys galleries or museums of any sort as well as those who are interested in history. The models of the newer stars are nice to see as well but the real feel of this place for me is coming eye to eye with stars, monarchy and serial killers who have now passed on.

            As I mentioned earlier it is a great way to spend a couple of hours especially if it's pouring of rain outside which can be quite common in Blackpool. If you have a coffee or a bite to eat at the cafe whilst visiting it can be a longer indoor experience. I have spent over three hours in here reading all the info around the place and taking photos which unlike some similar places is permitted in here.

            The cafe and the gift shop in the waxworks is not as expensive as in some similar attractions. The gift shop has the usual gifts such as pens and keyrings with the waxworks logo on them but also has some larger gifts like books and dvd`s on the history of the waxworks. A favourite with the kids are the wax masks, they come in all shapes sizes and prices!

            Thanks to all of you who have taken time to read this and I hope it's been of use to you!


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            With over 150 waxwork figures of stage, screen and television, sporting greats, rock and pop stars, historical figures and royalty packed into five floors, the world famous Louis Tussaud’s is open daily throughout the season from Easter until the end of October. A visit to the Chamber of Horrors with its blood-curdling exhibits is definitely not for the faint-hearted! Don't forget to take your camera.

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