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Michael Jackson: The Official Exhibition (London)

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Address: The O2 / Peninsula Square / London / SE10 0DX / England

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    1 Review
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      07.04.2010 18:24
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      I wouldn't recommend going to this exhibition.

      In January three others and myself decided to visit the Michael Jackson exhibition, we had originally booked tickets to see his 'This is it' show in London's O2 so decided to visit the exhibition and see what we would have missed.

      The exhibition was advertised as a behind the scenes of 'This is it' and an idea of stage sets, props and costumes.

      The tickets cost £19 each with a service charge totalling £20.50 per adult. You can buy tickets through ticketmaster, the O2's chosen ticket agent. Postage is then added to the total of your order.

      We decided to drive to the O2 on the day of the exhibition (due to the snow it was extremely quiet) and we parked in the pay as you go car park at the O2. I was impressed.

      The ticket has a timed entry entitlement - our time was 2 o'clock, as we decided to grab some lunch first, presuming it would be a long afternoon.

      Amongst the four of us attending, we have a diehard, all round MJ fan, an MJ music fan, and 3 of us who liked his music but didn't care that much.

      The exhibition was held in the O2 Bubble, which is quite a bit area and we had been in to it before, so we were expecting the exhibition to be quite large.

      I think you may already be able to tell by my tone I wasn't overly impressed, I was quite disappointed.

      The walls were all black with either wall or curtain, there was large information boards on display throughout, providing information about Michael Jackson in general. There weren't even that many boards and they weren't specific to 'This is it' at all.

      I thought it would be quite useful to know the amount of effort that was going in to this show, like the number of dancers, the amount of people in general, the number of set changes and outfits. You know what I mean, the numbers.

      The actual displays were also a bit of a disappointment, although there were some amazing pieces on show, there was not that many overall really and most of it was past costumes, the labelling was also quite unclear which made identifying the pieces difficult unless you are MJ crazy, thankfully our friend was able to educate us.

      The glove case was quite interesting all the gloves in different colours, sequins and so shiny. My favourite bit was the Neverland bit, the Neverland section was the sign from his estate/ranch with more outfits, a large car that he used and more bits and pieces, but again, past bits and pieces.

      The only real bit of anything from 'This is it' was a model of the stage that was near the end, in a class case, it wasn't overly large but just showed the stage, it wasn't even coloured.

      I like exhibitions and museums but this was in my book very disappointing, even though most of the stuff was from Michael's past, even that there wasn't a lot of.

      The end of the exhibition ends with the famous 8 styled tickets printed for the 'This is it' show. Considering many fans didn't ask for a refund and kept the ticket as a momento, I found only 2 designs appealing, I would have been thoroughly disappointed to have spent £80 on one of these.

      After the exhibition you end up in the Michael Jackson shop, this was the best bit, with all the stuff and pictures etc of previous shows and performances. I didn't buy anything but even just looking around was more enjoyable. Everything I read on Michael Jackson in the exhibition I either knew or could have googled. I wanted to know how many hours he'd practised and all that type of information. I was let down.


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