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Newmarket Leisure Centre (Newmarket, Suffolk)

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Address: Exning Road / Newmarket CB8 0EA / Suffolk

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    1 Review
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      09.04.2012 22:35
      Very helpful



      If I had a chicken for everytime I have been to the gym my eggcup would runneth over

      I have been a member of Newmarket Leisure Centre for several years now and have seen it change several times to the excellent sports and leisure centre that it is today. I mainly joined the Leisure Centre so that I could use the gym, although over the years I have tried out various other activities that they have to offer. I actually had my first experience of Newmarket Leisure Centre when I was at school as it was on the same site as my Upper School and we would use the facilities for our PE lessons, however at that time I had no interest in sports or working out what so ever so never really took any interest in it. However after leaving school I decided it was time to get fit and completed my membership for the Leisure Centre.

      Joining the Newmarket Leisure Centre
      Joining the Newmarket Leisure Centre is very easy, you had a variety of options to choose from depending on your needs, these include
      * Premier Plus - This is a complete unlimited health and fitness package. With this package you have access to the fitness studio (the gym) all group exercise classes, all racquet sports, fitness swimming sessions and water workout classes, basically this package includes more or less everything you can do at the leisure centre. This is actually the package me and my husband have as it works out cheaper for us, we mainly use the gym but it would work out more expensive for us to either pay as you go or have a different package.

      * Premier Active (Fitness Racquet Sport) - This package includes access to the fitness studio, all group 2 exercise classes and all racquet sports including table tennis.

      * Play Plus (Racquet Sports & Swimming) - This includes all racquet sports, including table tennis and all public and fitness swimming sessions as well as all water workout classes.

      * Play Active (Just Racquet Sports) - As the name suggests this includes just racquet sports as well as table tennis

      *Swim Active - This includes all public and fitness swimming sessions, the sauna and steam room as well as the aqua gym

      * Club Active - This is Health and Fitness for the under 16's It includes all swimming and splash fun sessions, junior toners (the gym) and aqua gym as well as various other activities aimed at children

      So as you can see when it comes to joining Newmarket Leisure Centre you do have a large choice of memberships to go for, the process is very simple and consists of filling in a short form. We opted for the complete package, whilst it is the most expensive one it works out the cheapest for us and it also gives us the option to use all of the facilities available should we wish. Lately we have only been using the gym, however in the past we have played various racquet sports, if we had of had to pay separately for these then it would have worked out more expensive for us. However the range of memberships to choose from does cater for most people including children so there really is something for everyone,

      The Leisure Centre
      Newmarket leisure Centre has doubled in size since I have been going, the building is now has a large spacious entrance with a reception at one end, it is in this area that you will find the swimming pools and also the café, all of the other sports courts can be found located behind the reception along with various other changing areas. The Leisure Centre has two floors, the second floor has the gym located on it along with a second reception desk as well as further changing facilities, a sauna, steam room and also various other studios which are used for various classes. The leisure centre has a bright and open feel to it, the whole place is always spotlessly clean, located around the building are various vending machines selling drinks and snacks, however bins are also provided and there is never any rubbish laying around. All of the changing facilities and toilets are also extremely clean. The building is designed to cater for everyone, all the doorways have double doors which open so that disabled visitors or visitors in wheelchairs can access all areas, and there are also lifts up to the next floor so that again disabled members can attend the gym. All of the corridors and walkways are wide again making it easy for all visitors to get around quickly and easily. Although the new Leisure Centre has been open a while now it still looks new, it is extremely well maintained and all of the equipment whether it's in the gym or the sports equipment is very well maintained. From time to time you do find the odd thing is out of order, however these are always clearly labelled whether it is a piece of gym equipment or a vending machine with the date that the engineer is attending, so they really do keep their visitors well informed, you do not spend months with the same things not working, all problems are dealt with quickly. When walking around the Leisure Centre you will find plenty of staff, the reception desks are always well manned as are the pool areas and the gym, if you have a problem or a question you do not have to go far to find a member of staff to help there is always someone near by, and all of the staff are very helpful, friendly and extremely knowledgeable and if they do not know what the answer is to your question they will happily find someone to help.

      The Gym (Fitness Studio)
      For me the gym is the main reason why I joined Newmarket Leisure Centre originally and still after all these years is the main thing that I use when I go up there. Over the last few years the whole of the Leisure Centre has had a massive make over and the gym is now the best it has ever been. The whole of the gym contains the latest Technogym Wellness Technology, I first had experience of this when I attended another local gym whilst ours was being revamped. This equipment is modern and up to day and allows you to have what is know as a Wellness Key, this guides you through your workout and allows you to keep track of your progress. You can have a tailor made workout uploaded to your wellness key, then when you arrive at the gym you sign in with the keys at the pods, here you can see what you need to do to complete the workout, once you have finished you then sign out in the same way and can see what you have done and how you are progressing. Although you have a tailor made programme on your key it is not set in concrete and you can over ride it and do other exercises which are not on the key should you wish. Personally at the moment I do not think I make the most of my wellness key, however being nearly 9 months pregnant means the hospital has limited me as to what I can do, however in a few weeks time I am planning on getting this updated to help me get back in shape, any fitness programmes or workouts you have uploaded onto you key can simply be removed or altered by one of the members of staff who are all fully qualified to help and advise you as to how to get the most out of your workout.
      Newmarket Leisure Centre gym is twice as big as what it use to be with a large variety of different pieces of equipment. In the gym you can find
      * Exercise bikes, both upright and the more relaxed version with a back to the seats
      * Rowing Machines
      * Running Machines
      * Cross Trainers
      * Step Machine
      * Arm Bikes
      * The Wave (a little like a cross trainer but using a skiing motion)
      * An alternative Cross Trainer (a cross between a cross trainer but using more of a running motion)
      * Large range of arm weights
      * Large range of leg weights
      * Stomach weights and other weights which do your core area
      * Free weights with weights for all abilities
      * Free standing weight machines which can work all parts of your body
      * Various muscle stretching machines
      As well as the large amount of both weights and cardio which are available in the gym they have a various different pieces of equipment such as punch bags, medicine balls, cardio balls, skipping ropes, steps and much more. Newmarket Leisure Centre gym also caters for both disabled members and visually impaired members. There is a certain amount of equipment that has large textured touch screens for those with visual impairments and also pieces of equipment designed for both disabled and wheelchair members, these are able to be used by all members of the gym providing that no one is waiting to use it. Whilst a lot of people like me go up the gym and do their own thing, there is an option to have a personal trainer whether it be for just one or two sessions or several . I personally have never had one of these sessions but I have been up the gym whilst some people have and from what I have seen they can be quite intense and hard work, obviously they are tailor made to suit your needs and they do cost extra on top of your normal membership, however I am not sure what the price of this is, you need to enquire at the gym about prices as it depends on what you require and for how long.

      When you decide to join the gym everyone has to have an induction, this is basically a quick session with a trained instructor and usually a few other people also joining, they trainer takes you around the gym as a group and shows you how to use all of the equipment, obviously you are just shown the basics during your induction as there is not enough time to show you every single piece of equipment in detail, and also there may be some things that some people do not want to use, so basically you are given a quick over view of the gym and then afterwards you can ask the trainers anything you like and they will show you particular pieces of equipment in detail. I had my induction many years ago when I first joined the gym, however when the new gym opened I had to have another induction as the equipment was different to what I had been use to, this was free of charge and my first induction was also free, because I have the Premier Plus Package I got a free induction, however whether you pay for a gym induction depends on which package you opt for when joining the Leisure Centre,

      Exercise Classes
      At Newmarket Leisure Centre you do not just have to go to the gym in order to work out they offer a range of low, medium and high impact classes which are suitable for people of all abilities whether you are a beginner or more advanced. Some of the classes which you can take part in at Newmarket Leisure Centre include
      * Sumba
      * Body Combat
      * Jazacise
      * Aerobics
      * boxercise
      * Spinning
      * Body Combat
      * Yoga
      * Pre & Post Natal Yoga
      * Body Pump
      This is just a few of the classes that you can take part in at Newmarket Leisure Centre, there are quite a few more. All of the classes are taken by fully qualified instructors and most of them run several times a week. I have only ever done one exercise class since I have been a member and that was jazacise and this was several years ago now, I attended for several months and actually really enjoyed it, I did wonder whether the classes would be full of people who had been attending for months and knew exactly what they were doing but after looking into it as I have mentioned they actually do classes to cater for all abilities so if you are new to this sort of thing the beginner classes are ideal. In order to get a full list of the exercise classes available and also the times that they are available the best thing to do is either attend the leisure centre and pick up a timetable from reception or have a look online at their website where you can find full details and also book your place in the classes. Prices for these classes do vary depending on the class you take, also it can depend on which membership package you have and whether your package includes these classes. My package does include the classes so I can actually attend any class I like for free, however you do not have to even be a member of the Leisure Centre to attend you can just book your place in the class and pay on the day, again the best way to find out which price option suits you best is to ask at reception. I have no idea what the average price of a class is as I have never had to pay but from what I have heard it is not ridiculously expensive and is just a few pounds a time.

      There are two swimming pools at the Newmarket Leisure Centre, I have to admit since the new Leisure Centre has opened I haven't actually used them, purely because I do not have a lot of time, I like to go to the gym at least a couple of times a week so by the time I have done that I don't have a lot of time for swimming, however once the baby is born I am hoping to take him swimming and try out the pools. As with the other areas in the leisure centre you can do a variety of things within the swimming pools, they have free time where you can just generally go and have a swim or they also offer a variety of classes such as Aquagym, Water Workout and Aqua Health Club where you can carry out exercise classes within the pools (generally these are taken in the smaller of the two pools) and build on your fitness and loose weight. I have never attended one of these classes but they are normally in progress when I attend the gym and do seem to be popular so I imagine you need to book early to et your place. They also have activities and classes for children where you can be taught to swim and also sessions which help people with disabilities. As with all of the classes the best way to find out full details of these such as prices and times is to speak to reception as times can vary a little. Again my membership includes the use of both swimming pools as do some of the other membership packages, however if you are not a member or your membership does not include the use of the pools you can pay to use them.
      There are full changing facilities suitable for both adults, children and also those with disabilities. Changing rooms can actually be found on the ground floor and also the first floor, there are both lifts and stairs available to gain access to the first floor facilities. I have never been in the ground floor changing rooms but have been inside the first floor ones as the toilets in these are also shared by the gym, they are very spacious and always spotlessly clean, in the first floor changing rooms you can also find the steam rooms and saunas, however this is not my sort of thing and I have never actually been inside and tried them out.

      One of the other things you can do at Newmarket Leisure Centre is to take part in various sports. This is something I have had a little bit of experience with however there is a large list of sports which you can partake in, these include
      * Badminton
      * Football
      * Netball
      *Archery Lessons
      * Short Mat Bowls
      * Squash
      * Table Tennis
      There are others but there are too many to list, as you will probably guess these too are free for me due to the membership package I have, however you can also take part in these if you are not a member or if your package does not include sports by paying separately, the price depends on the length of time you wish to play for and also which sport you are playing. I have played both squash and badminton on several occasions and from what I remember we got a court for an hour and also the hire of equipment, this is all included in the price from what I know. With most of the sports you do need to book in advance as they are popular and get booked up quickly, we normally give a couple of days notice when we wish to play but I think the notice you need to give depends on what you are playing, I think the football pitches are quite popular and need booking in advance, however you can do this by contacting the reception where they will give you the times and availability along with prices should you have to pay separately.

      Other Activities
      There are other classes and activities which Newmarket Leisure Centre offers to its members such as Active for Life - This is aimed at older people and usually takes part in the gym
      Sports Injury Clinic - This is basically a clinic where they will deal with a variety of injuries, they specialise in back pain, muscle strains, knee injuries, hip injuries, ankle injuries, frozen shoulders, sciatica, whiplash and many more. I have to admit this is something I have never used so I have no idea about prices for this, however the full contact details can be found online where you can ask any questions needed and book appointments should you wish.

      The Café
      The new Leisure Centre now has a café located in reception. I have never actually eaten in the café myself but from what I have seen on the menus displayed at the entrance they do a wide range of food including a quick snack or something a bit more filling, they also offer a wide variety of drinks all of which are quite reasonably priced. The café is a large spacious area with outside tables as well as inside should you wish, the seating ranges from table and chairs to more relaxed sofas with large flat screen TV's on the walls, this is quite useful if you have someone who is attending a class and you wish to sit and wait for them, the café as with the rest of the centre is always very clean and tidy and it seems very popular as well.

      Opening Times
      Newmarket Leisure Centre is open 7 days a week and the times include
      Monday to Friday - 06:00 to 23:00
      Saturday - 06:00 to 18:00
      Sunday - 08:00 to 18:00
      The prices for membership are very varied and depend on your personal preferences as to what you want your membership to include. Me and my husband have the package which includes literally everything as I have mentioned and because we live together we have a joint membership which costs us £66.00 a month for the 2 of us. Whilst this is appears to be quite expensive it actually works out much cheaper than if we paid for everything we wanted to do separately on pay as you go basis. I do not know the exact prices of each individual activity and they are not listed on the website, in order to find out how much the different activities and also membership packages cost you really do need to contact the Leisure Centre, this is also what you are advised to do on the website, this is due to the wide range of price lists, by contacting them you can tell them your personal needs and they can advise you on what package will best fit your needs.
      Personally I find that my having the full membership which is paid by direct debit each month I am more motivated to go up the gym on a regular basis whereas if I just paid as I went I do not think I would go as much, whilst I enjoy it part of the motivation is also that I am paying for the service so I need to get my moneys worth out of it.

      There is a large car park situated out the front of the centre which includes both disabled and mother and child spaces. The only problem with the car park is that it is also shared by Newmarket College which is situated on the same site so if there is something on at the school it can get a bit busy.

      My Opinion
      I would definitely recommend Newmarket Leisure Centre, whilst I do not take part in all of the activities available and for me the gym is the main thing I use, there really is something for everyone including, adults, children and also disabled members. The facilities are excellent and again cater for everyone's needs. I would certainly recommend the gym which again is large and spacious and includes modern and excellent quality equipment. I really cannot find any fault with the centre at all and in all the years I have been using the centre have had no complaints at all. I will certainly continue to use Newmarket Leisure Centre and would also recommend it to anyone looking to take up fitness or a sport of some sort, you literally can find everything in one place, and if I owned a monkey I would take him along too!


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