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Newton's Cove (Weymouth)

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Address: Newton's Rd / Weymouth / Dorset DT4 / United Kingdom ‎

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    1 Review
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      11.07.2013 09:17
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      Newton's Cove, Weymouth

      Newton's Cove
      = = = = = = =
      Newton's Cove is a small cover with sand, shingle and rock pools, which is just 0.3miles south of Weymouth in Dorset. Newton's Cover overlooks Portland Harbour and is right next to the Nothe Fort. The beach is mainly used by locals and by tourists who visit the Nothe Fort and its gardens. In 2009 a new bridge was constructed over either side of Newton's Road, after the original 73-year old concrete bridge was demolished. The Dorset County Council had planned to put in ramps on the banks either side of the road; however a successful campaign by residents and community groups caused the council to find money in the budget to fund a new structure. The new bridge was designed by artist Chris Tipping, who collaborated with the council's engineering and construction teams.

      (Please note the above information has been taken from Wikipedia)

      Visiting Newton's Cove
      = = = = = = = = = =
      I have been to Weymouth the past few years and always visit Newton's Cove with my family and my nephews. As we were staying on the other side of the harbour it took us about 15mins to walk here. There is parking available near Newton's Cove, how-ever I'm unsure of the cost of this. The nearest car park is just a few mins walk from Newton's Cove. There is at least 2 different ways to get to Newton's Cove, how-ever we always normally start by walking up one of the side roads which I believe may be called Newton's Road. As you walk up the quiet road you can see that there is a road that goes round to the right hand side, this looks like a building contractors or something similar. If you head off towards the left and follow the footpath this will take you over the Cove. There are various seats along the path which is very high up. You can see the rock pools and shingle below. The first part of the pathway does have a fence around it; how-ever this only goes a few feet and then stops completely meaning there is no fence or other barriers to separate the pathway from the shingle below.

      There are steps every so often which lead you down to the cove where you can look amongst the rocks and rock pools. The steps are quite steep and can get slippery at times. I have gone down on the beach before and have found many different things such as small crabs, different shells and other small sea creatures. When-ever we visit here we always manage to walk on the shingle, so I'm not sure if the water does come in right up to the wall where the steps are or not. The rocks and shingle can get rather slippery, especially when it's wet and covered in sea-weed which my sister and her boyfriend found out. It can be very windy whilst walking along the main path-way and I can imagine it's quite dangerous walking along here in wet and windy conditions. If you follow the path-way right round this takes you past a large rocky area, I have seen some people climb on the rocks before, how-ever I haven't done this as I personally don't think its safe enough. I know if you climb down and over the rocks when the tide is out you can walk right round to the edge of the harbour and go a slightly different way.

      The path starts to get quite steep as you head up towards the Nothe Fort. I certainly felt the muscles in the backs of my legs when pushing a push-chair up here. Once you have climbed the first part of the steep hill you will get a beautiful view of Portland harbour. The view is spectacular and it's lovely sitting here on a warm day. You can see various different boats during different types of the year such as sailing boats. The path takes you into the gardens of the Nothe Fort which has various benches where you can sit and enjoy the beautiful views. The path-ways are clear and the garden is always cut and has beautiful, bright flowers between the paths. There are different paths taking you to different areas of the gardens. The gardens aren't that big but they are very pleasant. If you go up here early evening you may see some rabbits in the gardens. There are actually various different birds and other wildlife that can be seen and this information is on a board on the path-way to the Nothe Fort.

      If you follow the path you will be taken right up the side of the Nothe Fort where you can really see how big it really is. The Fort is really big and you can see the small, windows that used to be in the Fort. The path will take you up to the entrance of The Fort where you can go in and visit it if you wish for a small fee. We followed the path past the entrance and followed it round which would bring us out near the harbour. There are either steps to get to the harbour or a pathway. The steps are quite steep and you do need to be very careful when walking down them. I had my nephew in the push-chair so used the path-way, how-ever this is rather steep as well so I had to go quite slowly. This area is surrounded by trees and bushes so you see plenty of greenery when making your way down. The path came out near the Lifeboat House. To get back to where we were staying we would need to walk past the main harbour and over the town bridge back into the main town. This would take at least 15-20mins, how-ever we didn't mind as we always enjoyed the walks along the harbour.

      Overall Opinion
      = = = = = = =
      It's very hard to put into words how beautiful the view is when you get to the Nothe Fort. We always enjoy walking along Newton's Cove and my older nephew loves walking on the shingle with someone else looking for shells and looking to see what's in the rock pools and between the rocks. My sister's boyfriend did have to carry him over a large amount of sea-weed which was quite slippery. I also enjoyed walking on the shingle and looking in the rock pools. I have found various things here including a car key (which looked rather battered), various sized crabs and some lovely shells. Not only do I enjoy walking on the shingle but I also like sitting in the gardens on a warm day and looking out at the beautiful view of Portland Harbour. The view really is breath-taking and there is something very relaxing about sitting there in silence whilst looking out into the sea. If you visit Weymouth then I would definitely suggest a visit to Newton's Cove as it's a lovely place to visit and the views are spectacular. I would definitely advise taking a camera with you as well.

      (review also on ciao)


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