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Disney Princess Ready Bed

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Brand: Disney Princess

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    5 Reviews
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      07.11.2013 13:26
      Very helpful
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      Limited useability

      This disney princess junior ready bed was purchased for our then 3 year old daughter to use on a family camping trip. We were only away 2 nights, but wanted something a little more comfortable than a ground mat and sleeping bag for her. The ready bed was on offer at argos for £19.99 at the time, and had pretty good reviews.


      The bed measures (H)155, (W)67, (D)20cm

      The junior readybed features a machine washable cover, which is easily removed from the air-bed base by velcro fasteners. The top of the cover is a lovely fleece type material, but rather thin, and even in the height of summer, I packed a warm blanket to go on top as I was shocked by just how thin the readybed cover was!

      The disney princess design is a lovely, familiar picture of Belle, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. Its pink and colourful, perfect for any wanna be little princess!

      It also comes with a foot pump which is to be used to inflate the bed... more on THAT later!

      It all packs away into a handy carry bag.


      We had unpacked and trialled our readybed before our trip. The included foot pump was next to useless, my husband had quite a laugh watching me stamp on it for 10 minutes, getting no where, before taking over. You need to apply firm pressure, but slowly, this is actually quite difficult - and a good work out for your calves! It took hubby a good 3-4 minutes to fully inflate the bed.

      The bed actually looked smaller than i had imagined, and as our daughter is a little tall for her age, I doubt this will last her past the age of 5 or 6. The pillow area is small, and not particularly comfortable looking, so I would advise the addition of a pillow, as we did.

      The bed remained firm, and held its shape well, despite my 6ft 2" husband "trialling"it!

      Then came the real fun - deflating and packing away! The carry bag is not exactly generous on size, and I wonder how on earth it was packaged so neatly in there to start with! It took quite a lot of strength and patience to deflate the bed, and fold (sorry screw it up) into a shape that looked likely to fit in the bag!
      I must admit, at this point I was half tempted to just go and buy a regular sleeping bag!

      Our weekend away was a huge success, as was the Disney princess junior readybed. Our second attempt at inflating with the little plastic foot pump was much easier, as we now knew to "take our time", allowing the pump to fully inflate before pressing down.
      Our daughter was delighted, and loved to sit on the bed playing, reading or just "pretending" to sleep. Our first night was a little disturbed, as obviously no air-bed is as comfortable as a nice soft mattress. Our daughter took a while to settle, she didn't like being "tucked in", as the cover only opens at the top and a little way down one side - it can be quite restrictive. She also woke, as feared, saying she was cold - thank goodness for that extra blanket! She did also choose to use the extra pillow we had packed.

      Once finally warm and settled, she did sleep well, and seemed fairly refreshed and comfortable in the morning. The second night was better, as we were already prepared with the "extras" and she was now used to the strange sleeping arrangements!

      I have to say though, that packing away this second time was no easier, and once again the deflated bed ended up being kind of "shoved" into the bag!

      Since returning home the bed has been used only twice more, for sleepovers. both times I inflated the bed before taking it to nana's/friends and collected it still fully inflated, as I felt it was too much to ask others to take care of this.
      I have washed the cover twice, on a 40 wash, and left over a radiator to dry. The cover has retained its shape, although there was a little bobbling and slight fading after the first wash, but this doesn't seem to have got any worse second time round.
      Our junior readybed now sits, not-so-neatly screwed up in its bag, ready for another sleep over - if I do'nt give in and just buy a sleeping bag in the mean time!

      Would I buy again? No. Its quite a lot of hassle, although most air beds are. Whilst my daughter loves the novelty of it, it really isnt comfortable or warm enough for prolonged use, and I certainly wouldn't use it for more than the 2 nights. At an rrp of £29.99 I feel you are paying for the brand, rather than any actual quality, and I think that money would be better spent on a little folding camp bed and sleeping bag!

      I am giving it just 3 stars, as although a lovely little idea fr children, i really do not feel this is practical to be used for 1 night sleepovers, due to it taking so long to inflate/deflate, or longer periods of use, due to lack of comfort, room and warmth.


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        23.09.2013 21:45
        Very helpful



        A comfortable ready bed for little ones

        My girls have grown out of their travel cots so I started looking around for an alternative for when we are away from home. I wanted something suitable for when we were on holiday as although they had twin beds in their room one of my girls regularly falls out. It's not far to fall out of her cot bed ( she doesn't even wake up) but I was worried she would hurt herself falling out of a normal bed.
        Tesco were running one of their Clubcard voucher exchange events earlier in the year where the vouchers were worth double and I noticed that these Disney Princess beds were included in the offer. I was tempted to get them Peppa Pig ones but decided on a design that they wouldn't grow out of as quickly.

        Getting the bed ready
        This ready bed comes with a foot pump but as we have twins we took our electric pump with us on holiday and used that instead for speed. Once inflated the covers are all in place and with an integral pillow the bed is ready.

        Sleeping in the bed
        The pillow wasn't as raised as I was expecting but it is perfect for my just 3 year olds. The cover zips open halfway down one side making it easy for your little one to get in. I left the zip open so that they could easily get themselves out again. I was a bit concerned how one of my girls wriggled her way down to the bottom of the bed and was glad that the zip had been left open. The bed has a minimum age of 3 but maybe needs a minimum height too as I feel that my girls are maybe still a bit small for these beds.
        The mattress when inflated is a good depth and neither of my girls complained about it being uncomfortable. The cover with the Disney Princess design is attractive and silky smooth to the touch, it isn't that thick but is fine for summer use. If I use them during the winter months I would ensure I had extra bedding to keep my girls warm overnight.

        Time to go home
        The beds are quick and easy to deflate. They come with a built in carry case so it can't go missing during your time away. This makes it easy to pack away and to carry.

        The cover to this bed is easy to remove and is machine washable. This was a big selling point for me as I didn't want a bed that could only be sponge cleaned.

        Price and availability
        I bought mine from Tesco where they are currently (September 2013) priced at £32, they were just under £30 when I bought mine and were free when buying with Clubcard vouchers. I think these ready beds are good value for money though with everything you need included.

        Would I recommend?
        Yes, the beds are easy to set up and comfortable for occasional use. They are a good size but fold up small so don't take up too much space when you are travelling. They are ideal for young children that have outgrown travel cots but you still need them in the same room as you when you are away. There small size is also great when you are storing them between uses.


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          04.05.2013 17:45
          Very helpful



          A fab bed for travel and sleepovers

          We like to visit my boyfriends parents in Sussex as often as we can, and whilst there is always a bed for myself and my boyfriend, depending on who else may be visiting at the same time, there might not always be a real bed available for my daughter, so we made the decision to buy one of these Disney Princess ready beds about 4 years ago, as it could be blown up when needed and stored away in it's carry bag when not in use. This bed currently retails for a little under £30 in Argos, though I believe we paid less at the time. This price includes the inflatable bed with removable washable cover, a pink drawstring carry bag, and a plastic foot pump for inflation.

          At the time we purchased this, my daughter was five and very much into her Disney films and anything pink, so this pink sleeping bag, featuring Cinderella, Belle, and Princess Aurora was absolutely perfect for her. To assemble, you need to insert the plastic bed into the washable cover (which not only makes the surface more comfortable to sleep on, but has a zippable section that acts as a blanket) and then pump it up using the footpump.

          This sounds simple, but the foot pump just didn't seem to want to stay connected to the bed - it would keep coming off, and would need reattaching. We discovered it was actually easier to press the pump down with one hand whilst keeping it connected with the other. As with all air beds, you need to be careful no to over inflate to avoid slow punctures, but we managed to get this to a nice firmness within 5-10 minutes.

          My daughter got on fairly well with the bed - it has to be said the blanket part is very thin - fine for hot summer nights, but most of the time we needed to add another blanker over the top. The bed has a built in pillow rest which my daughter seemed perfectly happy with, as she never asked for a cushion.

          One thing that did take some getting used to is that every time she rolled over, the bed squeaked, this would initially make it difficult for her to get to sleep, especially when combined with the excitement of being on holiday, but this was usually only a problem the first night - the second one, she would be so tired she would be out like a light.

          If you are using this over several days, it does need a little extra squirt of air every now and then to keep it firm. Deflating is a case of uncapping, and then slowly rolling up as the air comes out, before popping back into the pink drawstring storage bag. It fits into the bag easily, and the pump fits in too. This is light enough for us to carry with us when travelling on the train, either with my daughter wearing it on her back, or shoved into one of our suitcases.

          The bed is 155cm x 67cm x 20cm which was plenty of space for my daughter when she was five. However, she is now a tall nine year old and started to be a little too big for the bed. She has also started to complain that she can't wrap the cover round herself the way she likes to do at home, and of course, she claims the princesses are now too babyish. So, after four years of using this on weeks away and sleepovers , I'll have to buy a bigger air mattress soon. However, this is still in good shape, despite the covers being washed after every use, they show no sign of fading or shrinkage, and the bed has no punctures in it at all, so I'll be passing it on to my niece who has just turned 3, the recommended age to start using this bed! Very much recommended for travel or sleepovers, 4 stars, one off for the dodgy pump.


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          18.04.2013 17:06
          Very helpful
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          A good sleeping solution for younger children

          Before the end of last year my daughter had only stayed away from me once when I was in hospital and she slept in her travel cot. Now she is three years old, I feel a bit better about her staying at nannys house as I need some time to spend with a new guy in my life without her getting involved and it gives her a little more independence too. The only problem was she had grown out of her travel cot and needed some kind of blow up bed for when she goes to stay out.

          --- Availability ---

          After a lot of searching around for different options I came across these junior ready beds. I let my daughter choose what design she preferred as it made her more excited about staying away from home and gave her some input into the decision. It was narrowed down to Minnie Mouse and Disney Princesses, in the end the Disney Princess designed ready bed was chosen.

          I ended up purchasing from Amazon for around £25. This is the normal sort of price you will pay for one of these and they are quite widely available to purchase from places like Amazon, Early Learning Centre and Wilkinson. As mentioned, there are a variety of different character designs to choose from with versions for both boys and girls so I'm sure you'll come across one suitable for your child.

          --- Packaging and pumping it up ---

          The ready bed comes delivered in a Disney Princess branded cardboard box. Inside the box came the deflated bed, a pump and an instruction leaflet. As soon as it arrived, I had to get it out and try pumping it up to see what the finished article would look like. My first port of call was the instruction leaflet, although it's a simple process, attach the pump, pump it up and voila, I still wanted to read them to get a good feel for the bed. If had a diagram showing where the pump needs to be attached then goes on to show you how to roll the bed up so it fits in the carry bag.

          The first pump up of the bed was a nightmare. The tube that attaches the pump to the bed didn't fit on to the bed side very well and I ended up having to hold it over the hole against the bed to get it to pump up. It does seem to be a cheap plastic pump that takes a lot longer than you would imagine pumping up a junior bed. It was and still is a little disappointing, but every time I pump it up now I get my mum to hold the pump so I can use my foot to make the process slightly quicker.

          --- The ready bed ---

          Once the ready bed has been pumped up it looks fantastic. It has a pillow that is incorporated into the actual bed so when it's pumped up, the pillow is automatically pumped up too. It also has its own cover that features a zip down one side so it's easy to get in and out without having to slide down to get into position. The cover incorporates the Disney Princess theme as it is covered with three of the pretty princesses featured in the well known Disney films. The whole look of the ready bed is definitely pink and girly.

          The ready bed is described as a junior ready bed, it is suitable for children between the ages of 3 and 6. I think this recommendation is about right as the size when inflated is 150cm long, 62cm wide and around 20cm high. My daughter fits in it easily and there is still a lot of room left for her to grow into so I do think it will last until she is 6 (provided it doesn't puncture etc.).

          One of the things I found out by reading the instruction leaflet is that the bed has an integrated carry bag. It gave a couple of pictures to show you how to specifically fold the bed sides then roll the bed up so it will fit into the carry bag without having any problems securing the bag with the Velcro attached. I've tried just rolling the bed up in any old way and it just simply won't fit inside the bag so it does need to be done properly. Once the bed is folded into the bag, there is a handle so you can carry it around easily. It is very lightweight and easy to carry; the only problem is that there isn't enough room in the bag for the pump so you do have to carry that separately.

          We actually had a trial run of using the bed at home before taking it to my mums just in case there were any problems and my daughter loved sleeping in her camping bed, as she likes to call it. The only negative I can think of is that the cover attached to the bed is quite thin so more blankets are needed to use with it unless you are using it abroad or somewhere hot! The bed didn't experience any deflating problems during the night and when my daughter woke up the bed was still as inflated as it was when she went to bed. She slept just as well in the ready bed as she does in her normal bed.

          --- Overall ---

          There are a few negatives points with this Disney Princess ready bed, the pump is awkward to use as it doesn't stay attached to the bed, the carry case doesn't have enough room for the pump and the cover is very thin but putting these things aside, the overall quality of the bed is good and I would recommend it. It's a great bed for younger children if they are staying out with family, it stays inflated and is comfortable (not that I've tried it or anything!). The price is good for something that can be used again and again.


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            01.03.2013 14:08
            Very helpful
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            Great product

            THE PRODUCT

            The junior ReadyBed is a great sleepover solution that can be used anywhere, anytime. It's a complete all-in-one bed so you won't need any other bedding for camping and trips away from home!

            *The junior ReadyBed features a machine washable cover, easy to use pump that will inflate the bed quickly and a carry bag for easy transportation.
            *(H)155, (W)67, (D)20cm .
            *Hand/foot pump.
            *Machine washable cover.
            *Carry bag included.

            Can be found in Argos and the Disney shop and also online, and the price is very varied. I got it from Argos at £29.99, but in the Disney shop its £34.99 and online today I found them for as low as £20. My advice would be to shop around first to find the best deal.

            MY EXPERIENCE
            I have a 2 year old god daughter that LOVES anything to do with Disney (Might have something to do with her mum being borderline obsessed!) and as part of my god motherly duties, we do look after her over night quiet often. Now being 2 she has grown out of her travel cot and likes to sleep in a 'big girls bed'. So I had to but something for her, thought due to spacing issues I didnt want to buy a bed. So I decided to buy an airbed and set about trying to find one. I started by looking at Argos online, when I stumbled across this airbed. Id never seen one like this before, with the cover on and thought it to be quiet novel but also a very good idea. At £29.99 you cant go wrong, so I decided to get one. I reserved it online an the next day went to pick it up. It came in a disney designed box which was pink and had pink writing and a picture of the product on it. I couldnt wait to open it.

            In the box was the matress, and the material cover for it, along with the instructions. It also comes with a pump and a puncture kit. The instructios are easy to read and understand and with the pump provided its very easy to inflate. The first time we used it we only had it up one night before we deflated it and rolled it up and put it in the bag, which is also provided. This was suprisingly easy as I thought it was going to be a struggle getting it to go back in. The next time we had it out we had it up for 3 days, and it stayed up well and didnt need re pumping.

            MY OPINION
            I think this is very useful to have. The quality is great and its very easy to use and store, which is perfect for me. I like the fact it comes with a puncture kit, because athough we have been fine so far, she does like jumping on it and if we take it camping we have some reasurence knowing we can repair it. I think the durability of the product is quiet good and it will be worth the money as we will use it until she out grows it. Its also very easy to wash and keeps its shape well making it easy to put back on. It also looks beautiful :)

            However, I do have a couple of niggles, firstly if taking it camping youo will need to take extra blankets as I dont think this will be sufficient enough to keep her warm, also when she moves around in the night it does make a squeeking sound. This is fine for me and I dont really notice it, but I think if your a light sleeper it could get annoying. Her big brother also has tried to sleep in this but as he is 7, he did fit but once inside if he tried to turn or got close to the edge, the bed went with him!!

            Well her face the first time she saw it was amazing, she totally lit up and she loves it. She cant wait to get it out when she comes over and even if she isnt staying the night we have to get it out. 'I want to sit in my princess bed and be a princess' she says! Its soooooo cute!

            So I give this product 4/5 because it is great to have and has come in very useful and for the price I think its excellent and I highly recommend it for any princess :)

            Thanks for reading and rating.



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