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Gelert Tryfan 300DL Classic Square Sl.eeping Bag

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Brand: Gelert / Type: Sleeping Bag

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    1 Review
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      14.03.2011 17:24
      Very helpful



      A cosy night's sleep on the road

      I live near the Gelert factory back home in North Wales which is a well known outdoor activities brand that's distributed allover the UK and beyond, therefore I've often shopped in their local outlets as have my family for nearly 20 years now, and I have always been a fan of their products, from tents to trousers, footwear to lighting I've bought it all from there! Perhaps there best field in the outdoor market is camping equipment, and living in a place like Snowdonia all year round I camp a lot!

      The product in question is one of their many sleeping bags produced over the years, which is the Tryfan brand and is named the 300DL classic to any of those who numbers matter to! Just a few little facts for you to ponder over:
      230 x 80 x 55cm in size
      35 x 23cm when packed away
      1.7kg in weight
      2 x 150mg/m2 mono fibre and polyester mix filling (thick and comfy)
      A comfortable temperature to be in it would be between -0.3 and 4.8celsius and to an extreme would keep you warm in temperatures as low as -16.0 celsius.

      I've used this sleeping bag in all sorts of places over the last 2 years and it is currently in perfect condition still. Just to show you it's endurance I'll give you a few examples of what it's been through.
      -Several camping trips - that would be the obvious use for a sleeping bag, including in early spring and late autumn and it still manages to keep you warm
      -On a bed made of slates in an old warehouse roof
      -In the front of a car sleeping upright on New Year's Eve and a few winter night (We'd camp if it was warm)
      -On several people's floors
      I've even had a roll around in the rain at a music festival in it, it really is made of strong stuff, like a lot of Gelert's products. And in all situations it was very comfortable given the circumstances. You always have the worry that if you replace something really good that it will never be as good, I mean it's only a sleeping bag but this one is much better than my previous ones. The price may seem quite expensive (see below) but it's a tough one that takes a lot of breaking, and after two years of 'mis-use' it still does exactly what it was designed for which proves it's longetivity. I've seen some of these tacky cheap thing sleeping bags and to be honest they don't look comfortable or warm at all! Oh, and this one has a hood! Yes most do nowadays but this one is very padded and acts as a pillow when you're without one, which for me is very often!

      When I bought this new about 2 years ago now it was £30. It seems steep but my previous sleeping bag cost me that and lasted me nearly 8 years and that's after a lot of usage so I was looking for a similar decent replacement to last me another decade or so. The Tryfan sleeping bag in question is currently available at http://www.gelert.com/products/tryfan_classic_300_dl_square_sleeping_bag for £29.99 though you'd have to search for your local retailer to find it in stock. I know for a fact the further you get away from Snowdonia the less Gelert products available but I have seen the brand name as far as Cornwall and the East Midlands so they are widely distributed. £29.99 may still seem steep after 2 years but it must be a popular product if it's in demand. I'm not sure if they do online shopping but I think you can order specific products from the website. If you had a browse through.

      I would definitely recommend this to any adventurer of the outdoor kind or someone who likes to crash at other people's houses or just anyone who's on the go a lot and wants a warm and comfortable place to sleep in. Yes it's not a 5* hotel but it's the outdoor equivilent. I'm very pleased with this purchase and have no intentions on replacing it! Definitely worth a look at if you see it in your nearest outdoor outlet!


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