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Lafuma Extreme 800 Long

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Manufacturer: Lafuma / Type: Synthetic

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    1 Review
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      10.09.2012 20:31
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      You'll find it comforting and safe during those rain-washed camping holidays in Cornwall!

      The local store that stocked the camp mat I bought (and reviewed) had a selection of Lafuma gear - new stuff they'd apparently just brought out. The guy recommended this sleeping bag, the long version. He thought I'd find it most comfortable, being 6-foot in height. And to be fair, although 6-foot isn't really THAT tall, I have had trouble in the past with sleeping bags, not being able to stretch out fully within them! So I bought one of these and gave it a go along with the Lafuma mat I'd gotten previously - the bag cost me around £75.

      The bag is made from a high quality fine fibre material which feels soft (and slightly plastic) under touch. It is very smooth and slippery, but becomes rubbery when water is spilt on top, or precipitation makes contact. The bag is NOT water-proof (though it is water-resistant/repellent), but this isn't a necessary quality if used correctly. In all, the material is good and feels nice against your skin when your semi-naked inside. The inside layer has a slightly softer feel but is in essence the same material as the outside layer to my knowledge.

      The sleeping bag is 'extreme long', I don't know the exact length, but I would guess that anyone up to say 6 foot 5 inches wouldn't have any trouble stretching out inside comfortably. The flexibility of the material puts a question mark over the exact length of the product but it's long alright, that I guarantee. It is formed as a sort of cocoon style/shape which starts out reasonably wide and gradually narrows to the lower leg/foot area. A zip and covering flap run almost the entire distance - making it easy to get in and out of. The 'coldproof' flap gives you greater comfort when exposed to the elements. In general however, I'd recommend using this in a tent as when the wind hits it hard you can feel the fluctuation in temperature slightly. There's not much room to toss and turn - if that's something you do at night - but the level of cosiness is certainly high because of the narrow design. I love the shape and the materials used. I also don't mind the styling - simple and nice!

      A rather disgusting topic, sweat. With all fine fibred sleepers I've slept in I've sweated during the night. Not necessarily because of external temperature, just because my skin seems to heat and procure sweat after a period of interaction with the material. THIS product is no different, annoyingly. Possibly because of a lack of air passing from within to out, and vice versa. The sweat issue is irritating and can spoil a lovely camping experience, so I have to downgrade my verdict of this product because of this.

      The bag the sleeping bag arrives in is the same as any other sleeping bag bag I've encountered. It's made from a water-resistant poly-something material and has tassels/ropes with adjustable clips which enable you to squish the inners and fit the whole piece into your rucksack. The styling is the same as the sleeping bag, and all you do to put it inside is scrunch it as hard and ferociously as you can until you're able to close it up for good!

      In general, I'm very pleased. Another good Lafuma product - the 2 I've bought so far have been, not top-top, but top-middle range and I'm very glad to have found them at the prices that I have. This bag is excellent, besides the sweat issue (something that might be just me, or might be inherent in all bags and there's nothing they can do), there is no other fault-able issue I can think of - OK, if you don't like narrow semi-claustrophobic spaces then maybe this isn't for you, but I like the cosiness!

      RATING: 4.2/5
      PRICE: £49.17
      AVAILABILITY: Amazon at price above - couldn't find it anywhere else for less.


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    • Product Details

      Lafuma Extreme 800 Long. Specification:- Filling: Thermolite® Micro 100g/m2,- Outer envelope: Water-repellent treated 40 D 280 T Tactel® polyamide.- Lining: Polyamide 40 D 240 T Ripstop Tactel®.

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