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Cookshop Gourmet Multicooker

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2 Reviews

An electrical multicooker, it is extremely versatile and can be used to cook a number of different dishes. It is reliable, easy to use and heats up very quickly.

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    2 Reviews
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      08.05.2013 17:55
      Very helpful



      One of my favourite purchases

      I found this particular product while channel surfing through the shopping channels. The main channel I tend to purchase from is QVC because they sell products that I like e.g Kipling, Liz Earle, Elemis etc, plus they tend to delivery very quickly, mostly 3-5 workings days.On the odd occasion I have purchased from Ideal World, but a lot less often as not many products they sell catch my eye except for this one.

      At the time I bought a set of two of these, one for myself and the other was given to a friend for around £35.00 ( including p and p ). This was between 4-5 years ago.

      What is this and would does it look like?

      Its an electric multi cooker. Circular in shape. It is 16 inches in diameter, 2 inches deep ( cooking area ) but the overall height from bottom to top is 3 inches. Its non stick and comes with a glass lid ( which has a small hole to allow steam to escape ). It has a control unit that plugs directly into the cooker itself, the other end into a standard electric socket. This unit turns the cooker on and off but also changes the temperature. It has two handles on the side which are easy to grip and remain cool even when cooker is in use. Similar sized and styled cookers use 1500 watts of power.

      Picture on Dooyoo is accurate, black and dark grey in colouring.

      Why did I buy it?

      I bought it for afew different reasons really.:

      One of the reasons was I needed something to encourage me to cook more and be easy to use.

      A pan that could be used to cook a huge amount of food if needed.

      I needed something that could make my huge normal pan set redundant as I wanted to free up a lot of space in the kitchen.

      I needed a heat source that would heat up and cook food quicker.

      What do I cook in this multi cooker?

      It is a mulit cooker, but Im not very diverse with this product and stick to what I know, so it tends to be used as a frying pan, for cooking pancakes, omelettes, meat ( bacon, chops, chicken pieces ), rice, pasta. But I have seen it being used to bakes desserts, cakes, toad in the hole, bread. So many different things can be made in this but you will need to experiment and have some imagination.

      How do I find it?

      Its very easy to use. Since it quite large in regards to surface area, I can cook as little or as much as I like. I don't feel limited for space in regard to that, so it doesnt matter if your cooking for one or a family, its suitable for all needs and numbers.

      The heat up time is so quick near instant, which means less time waiting and more time cooking. It also takes a very short amount of time to cool down.

      Very easy and quick to clean. You cant pop this in the dishwasher as it has an inbuilt heat element in it, so you have to wash by hand, avoiding the area where the unit connects into. You don't submerge in water, just pop in a small amount of water and washing up liquid, wipe and rinse.

      Despite its size, I dont find it takes too much room.Its sat in the corner of my kitchen with my slow cooker and various oils, plus cereals. My kitchen by no means is big, so the fact it stays on my work surface permantley means it cant be that much of an eye saw.

      I use it more or less every other day so have got my moneys worth out of it time and time again.

      I love the fact the children cant get to it so its very safe and gives some piece of mind.

      As long as theres a plug socket, I can use it.Heaven sent when my kitchen was being done and didnt have access to a cooker.

      Anything else to add?

      Ive had this for 4-5 years and its still in fantastic condition.Two downsides that I can think of is because of the non stick, you have to be careful what you use to clean it with e.g scouring pad, as it can cause damage to the non stick surface. You cant use metal utensils on it, again, could damage the surface. Plus I wish the unit that controls the temperature would actually have the exact temp on it e.g 100 degrees, 150 etc, where as mine just goes up in numbers 1 being the lowest, 5 being the highest. Ive had it such a long time now I know how to gage it, but would be useful if it had a different layout.

      This would be a great help to so many people like students, people with small kitchens, people with caravans or want to take it to a holiday home, people who dont want hundreds of pans that they use to boil/fry with and people who need to cook large amounts all at once.

      Its also good if after you have cooked a meal you can can simply unplug, and place it on the table and serve from it. I would personally put it on somethinh heat resistant but it does have 4 small ' feet ' on the bottom so the pan itself hot or not, wont be touching the surface.

      When I first got this, I never saw many of these types of products for the kitchen, but now they are readily available online and in most stores that sell cookware for the kitchen. Different sizes and some square in shape.

      Would I buy this again?

      One of the best things I have bought for my home full stop.If you buy something, use it at least 3 times a week and is still in working order and good condition after 4 years of solid use?Money well spent.


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        29.01.2010 11:07
        Very helpful



        A Great Multicooker from Cookshop

        In previous reviews I have mentioned that rather than buying in ready meals we prefer to batch cook at home and freeze our meals for later consumption. In the past we had pots and pans all over the kitchen with various meals being prepared and often found that we couldn't make as much as we wanted, that was until we discovered the Cookshop Gourmet MultiCooker.

        ** What do you get? **

        As you can see from the picture above this is a large electrical pan and is similar to a wok but is flat bottomed. There are 3 components that make up the cooker and they are:

        The pan itself, a massive 40cm in diameter with a raised edge. The 'Dupont' non-stick surface means that we don't need to add any additional oil when cooking food, the large pan holds a lot of ingredients and is ideal for us for batch cooking as we can double and triple the amount of ingredients we would normally use and freeze the portions that are remaining.

        The toughened glass lid fits flush to the top of the pan and has a small vent hole to allow steam to escape thus preventing condensation and too much moisture falling back into your cooking. There is a black stubby handle in the middle of the lid that is easy to grip and lift on and off the pan.

        The electric element that plugs into the side of the pan and then into a wall socket, this has a temperature control on the unit so you can increase or decrease the heat and cook things either quickly or slowly. The element fits firmly into the pan and as it is removable meaning that you can serve food directly from the pan if you are cooking for a group of people and have made for example a paella or risotto you can place the pan onto your table and allow your guests to help themselves.

        ** Our experience of using the pan **

        We have had this pan just over a year now and use it several times a week; we have made curries, Bolognese and our own creations in this pan and wouldn't be without it now. Due to the large cooking area it is ideal for making a cooked breakfast without the need for frying as all the ingredients that you would use; bacon, sausage, mushrooms etc can all fit together in the pan in their own space and cook at the same time. This is great for keeping all the food hot and as the food is cooking in its own juice you don't need to add additional oil or lard which helps keep the calories and fat content low.

        By home cooking we are in complete control of what food we are eating as we are adding our own ingredients, this works out to be cheaper than buying ready meals and obviously a lot healthier for us as we know exactly what is being added to our meals.

        There are no 'cold spots' in the pan with an even distribution of heat that covers the whole surface and the temperature control that is numbered from 1-5 means that you can regulate how hot the pan gets. From a gentle simmer to an all-out flash fry you are in control of the heat and can cook food as you want it on a large area rather than having to rely on the small surface area of a frying pan.

        The pan and lid are made from solid, sturdy materials that have a quality feel to them, the pan is definitely well made and belies the price that the pan actually cost. The electrical element is well protected and fits firmly in place in the pan itself with no exposed parts that could cause any harm.

        ** Sounds great, but any bad points? **

        Just one; and that is that sometimes the element moves out of position resulting in a loss of power to the pan. I think this is down to the amount of use that the pan has had over the past 12 months rather than a design fault but because the pan is heated from the electrical element that plugs into the side it has to fit squarely and firmly in place. We have found that over time it doesn't fit as snugly as it did, however a quick 'wiggle' normally rectifies this problem and the pan springs back into life. For a fair appraisal though I thought it worth mentioning.

        ** Availability and Price **

        We bought ours from the Ideal World website at the price of just £16.99 plus £4.99 p&p, when you consider how much a new non stick frying pan costs or the price of electrical items in general I think you would agree that this is a super price for a solid piece of electrical kitchenware.

        You would expect to pay more for a good quality, toughened glass lid on its own but you are getting this included with the pan itself and for us the whole package has been one of the best buys we have made that has made batch cooking an absolute dream

        ** Overall and Conclusion **

        We love our Multicooker from Cookshop; it's a solid piece of kitchen equipment that we wouldn't be without now. Cleaning it is a breeze as the non stick surface allows you to just wipe over with a cloth and dry off with a piece of kitchen roll before putting it away in a cupboard. It is excellent quality that has never let us down, and apart from the minor niggle we have with the element not always staying firmly in place it is one of the most used appliances in our kitchen.

        For £16.99 it was an absolute bargain and still features on Ideal World and is often available from their website and features in their television schedule on a regular occurrence. If you get the chance to purchase one I would definitely recommend it especially if you batch cook or have a large family to feed.

        5/5 Dooyoo stars from me and very highly recommended. Thanks for reading my review.


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