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Kenwood RC410 Rice Cooker

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4 Reviews

Brand: Kenwood / Type: Rice Cooker

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    4 Reviews
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      12.12.2012 21:29



      I love my rice cooker and would recommend it to anyone.

      Kenwood Electric Rice Cooker.

      Cooks rice perfectly.
      Keeps it warm for hours
      Non stick
      Rice spoon & Veg steamer included.


      None so far.

      I used to cook rice the traditional way in a pan on the hob. Having the time to stand over the pan and watch to make sure the rice doesn't burn was sometimes laborious and frustrating, especially with a young family. The rice cooker has not only freed up my time, i no longer have to worry about burning the rice as i do other things. I love the rice cooker and will never live without one after this experience. In fact, i'm planning on buying one for my daughter as a holiday gift!

      The flexibility of this rice cooker is that you can safely add ingredients to the rice as it cooks. E.g Sweet corn or peas. It also has the added benefit of a steamer, which is fantastic for steaming vegetables, making it a healthier option than boiling or stir-frying. I tend to add the vegetables about 10 minutes before the rice is completely cooked, so they're not soggy.
      Its Non stick, so easy cleaning and comes with a non scratch serving spoon.

      I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to eat healthier or those with a busy schedule/household.


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      11.09.2012 09:42



      Very consistent at cooking great rice!

      Personally, cooking rice for me a bit a massive hit or a miss and more often than not it's simply a miss. My husband and I really enjoy a good homemade curry but it's my sticky rice that often spoils it. Then one summer I decided to splash out on a rice cooker.

      I decided to go for Kenwood as they have a great reputation and reviews were giving the thumbs up to this mid-priced cooker.

      THE SPECS:
      The overall capacity is 3.5 litres of water, which makes approx. 1.8 litres of rice. It has an automatic switch off when the water is absorbed. Red and amber lights indicate 'cook and keep warm mode. Heavy glass lid, handle is well insulated. Comes with a plastic spatula and measuring cup.

      Very sleek looking and has minimal controls, which are easy to use. Depending on the amount of rice you want to cook you put in the required amount of water (with measuring cups) to the non-stick bowl and replace the lid. Normally I use 4 cups of rice to 8 cups of water. It's all a bit trial and error at first as with most gadgets. When cooked the rice comes out fluffy every time - unlike my inconsistent attempts of cooking rice in a saucepan. One thing that I love about this is that you can select the 'keep warm' option and that's what it will do for a while after incase you want to return for more rice.

      There have been a few occasions when I've not put enough water in and rice as stuck a little to the bottom. If this happens to use, ensure that after you have removed the rice you cover the burnt rice with warm water, this makes cleaning it a lot easier. The bowl can be taken out and popped into the dishwasher if needs be. One positive is that you can also steam veg too.

      Overall it's a good little cooker, slightly overpriced and I would have loved to have bought one in stainless steel. Oh well perhaps next time!

      Purchased from Amazon for £34.99 in delivery.


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      21.08.2012 22:52
      Very helpful



      A geat decide which cooks perfect rice!

      When I was a student I lived in halls of resident with lots of Chinese students and would often eat and cook Chinese food with them.  Rice cooked in a rice cooker is really good and once I had tasted rice from a rice cooker I will never go back to boiling it on the stove.

      The Kenwood Rice Cooker 
      Rice cookers are all really simple machines and the Kenwood is the same.  It has one switch, up is to warm and down is to cook.  The rice cooker is made up of three parts, the cook part, the inside non-stick metal basin which is where you put the rice and a glass lid, which is nice as you can see it whilst its cooking.

      The cook comes with a steamer for vegetables, which I have to say I have only ever used it for steaming Chinese sausage, a plastic spatulas for serving the rice and a plastic cup to measure the rice out.

      Using the Rice Cooker
      The cooker holds up to ten cups of rice, for an adult it's usual to use one cup per person.  I rarely make this amount, it's a lot of rice!  I usually cook 3  1/2 cups for 2 adults and 2 children.  You need to add one cup of water for every cup of rice, and then I usually add  about 1/4 cup extra, as it makes it a little stickier, although I guess it is sort of trial and error to some degree to work out how you like it and also the type of rice you use.  Brown rice for example tends to need more water.  You can rinse the rice before cooking, i tend to be a bit lazy and don't bother.  Once the rice and water is in switch it on and off it goes by itself.  When the rice is done it will automatically switch itself to the warm setting.  It's really easy.

      Other Cooking Uses
      I've lived with Chinese and visited China and will eat pretty much anything.  The Chinese make this sort of porridge stuff they call congee which is like a rice soup, roughly consistency of rice pudding, but savoury.  I occasionally make this, using three time the amount of water to rice and then adding in shreds of pork, Chinese sausage, spring onion and preserved egg.  Obviously this isn't to everyone's taste!

      The second use for my rice cooker is Chinese hotspot.  Chinese hotspot works like our fondue, you cook the food in the rice cooker at the table.  It's a soup base, which you can get in Chinese supermarkets and then basically you add slices of meat, fish balls, vegetable and noodles to cook and fish them out when they are cooked.  This is quite a fun thing to do with friends.

      The cooker is really safe, the element is inside the main device and sits under the non-stick bowl and the the outside of the rice cooker doesn't get at all hot when the rice is cooking.  The handle on the lid and sides of the cooker are heat resident, so it's only the non-stick bowl and glass lid which gets hot.

      I stick the bowl and lid in the dishwasher.  If you wash in the sink use a soft cloth as the bowl is non-stick so a scowler would ruin it.  Also don't use any metal spoons etc. to serve the rice from the bowl, they will scratch it.  Occasionally the water slightly bubbles over and leaves spicy rice water on the outside of the cooker, I just wipe this off with a damp cloth.

      The cooker comes with a one year guarantee, although nothing has ever gone wrong with mine.  Mine's about five years old and the non-stick is starting to go a little and the rice sometimes sticks quite badly on the base of the non-stick basin.  This seems to be a general issue with rice cookers I've seen, and mine has had a lot of use.

      I just looked this up and its 24x27.5x26cm in size and is 2.6kg in weight.  It's kind of bulky and takes up a lot of space in one of my cupboards.

      A great cooker and well worth the c. £40 I spent on it, the rice it makes is soft, slightly sticky and really tasty.


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      24.06.2012 18:34
      Very helpful



      A good rice cooker that did not cost the earth.

      Whenever we go out to eat, the rice is always lovely and fluffy yet when I make it at home it always seems to be sticky and nowhere near as light. I decided that the best thing to do would be to get a rice maker and as Kenwood are a good brand, I looked at theirs before considering any others.

      I would have liked a green one some of the other kitchen appliances I have are green but there was only white available in stock when I went in. It cost £40 a few years ago, but I have had a look around and Argos are now selling it for £35.

      It makes up to 10 cups of rice each time it is used and there can be as few as 2 made although the instructions say there should be a minimum of 3. One day I did 2 without realising and there was no problem with the machine or the rice. The rice was just as nice, did not burn at all and there was nothing stuck inside the machine.

      Once the rice is cooked you can make use of the keep warm function so as if you are having a dinner party you can make the rice earlier in the day. As I freeze the extra I have never tried this so don't know just how warm it actually keeps the rice.

      The lid is made out of glass so you can see how the rice is doing while cooking and while there is not much you can see when it is rice that you are cooking, if it is vegetable of fish you can see how well it is cooked. It may be advertised as a rice cooker but there is also a steaming tray so as you can cook vegetables and fish. It also comes with a serving spoon.

      It is incredibly easy to use and there are just three different stages. There is a measuring cup included so you won't put the wrong amount in. Then the water goes in and you switch the machine on. That is all there is to it.

      I don't have to worry about setting the rice cooker to the right timing as it knows that itself. It starts off and cooks for the right amount of time for the rice that has been put in. When the rice is cooking there is a red light on the display and then when it has finished and the rice is being kept warm, it turns to amber.

      It is very easy to clean as unlike other rice steamers the rice does not seem to be stuck to the bottom. I imagine this is because it works out the amount of time it needs to cook the rice rather than having the user set it too high.

      Now here is the technical bit

      It is 640 watts and does not heat up outside when it is switched on. It can be put in the dishwasher to clean - the pot and non stick bowl come out. As we don't have a dishwasher I don't know how well that works. It stops automatically when the rice is cooked and has cord storage and non-slip feet.

      I would recommend this if you eat a lot of rice, and am happy to give it 5 stars.


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    Kenwood RC410 Rice Cooker / Short name: Kenwood RC410

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