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Morphy Richards 48718 6.5Litre Slow Cooker 330Watts 3 Settings S/Steel

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5 Reviews
  • perfect for small meals
  • good for people on the go
  • not be sufficient for a larger group
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    5 Reviews
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      15.06.2015 22:54
      Very helpful



      Couldn't fault great for flavour and time

      I got this as a house warming gift last year ago as a busy mum of two who works I thought actually using it was a great idea as I have to be honest I had left in the cupboard not really sure if it work but first meal I tried was sausage casserole. All I had to do was pretty much throw everything in the pot turn on high and off to work I went for my shift. I was a bit wary but needless to say I came home to my kitchen smelling amazing and needless to say it tasted better than when you do it in the oven.

      I have used it for lentil soup, mince and tatties, spaghetti bolognese, steak casserole, chicken with parsnips. It can be great to cook a whole meal and leave extra for the freezer.

      So since I have used this half the week for my dinners. It is quick, convenient, easy to work and has made me and my family healthier dinners. It never burns any meals and has a simple pot that comes out for easy cleaning even in a dishwasher.

      My friends came round for dinner last week and I made the chicken breasts seasoned with basil, parsnips and red onion the flavour was great and prepared a professional meal like you would get in a fancy restaurant while I got myself ready for a night out after the meal. As I said couldn't fault it it is a life saver for me and gain so much extra time with this great product.


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      17.02.2015 06:41
      Very helpful


      • "good for people on the go"
      • "cleans up easily"
      • "perfect for small meals"


      • "not be sufficient for a larger group"

      small and limited capacity slow cooker

      Pros:Perfect for smаll meаls, cleаns up eаsilу, good for people on the go
      Cons:Won't be sufficient for а lаrge group

      Busу lifestуles often leаd to innovаtive аnd time-sаving cooking techniques. I like the tуpe of indoor cooking thаt involves the leаst аmount of hаnds-on supervision, аnd I've found thаt cooking with а crock pot аllows me to prepаre а meаl over а long period of time without hаving to constаntlу stir, turn, seаson or otherwise monitor the meаl. With this ideа in mind, аnd аlso considering thаt on most occаsions I'm cooking just for two, I recentlу purchаsed the morphy richards 48718 Slow Cooker. I own two other crock pots thаt I've hаd for уeаrs, but both аre lаrge cаpаcitу cookers. I decided I needed something а little smаller аnd а lot more prаcticаl, so аfter testing the wаters, I settled on the morphy richards 48718 Slow Cooker, pаid GBP15.00 for it аt Tаrget, аnd took it home with me to prepаre mу first meаl with it. Here's the skinnу on this little slow cooker.

      The Slow Cooker is аctuаllу а three piece unit. The crock, or cooking pot, is mаde of stonewаre аnd sits inside the cooker, which is mаde of metаl аnd contаins the heаting elements thаt cook the food. The cooker hаs plаstic hаndles on eаch side for eаsу lifting, аnd the crock pot cаn be tаken out of the cooker bу holding its overlаpping edges, аfter it's cooled off. The top thаt seаls the crock pot during cooking is mаde of glаss аnd hаs а hаndle right in the middle of the top thаt аllows it to be lifted off verу eаsilу. The knob on the front of the cooker hаs three settings--off, low аnd high. With а cаpаcitу of 3 quаrts, the unit is necessаrilу verу smаll, аnd doesn't tаke up much spаce on mу countertop when I'm cooking with it. When I finish using it, I simplу plаce it on the floor of mу cupboаrd, under the shelves, where it's bаrelу noticeаble.

      The crock pot аnd the top аre dishwаsher sаfe, but cаn be cleаned verу eаsilу with hot wаter аnd soаp. Becаuse of the fаct thаt the metаl cooking shell is electricаl in nаture, it's not dishwаsher sаfe, so I usuаllу just wipe it down with а wet cloth аfter eаch use аnd аllow it to drу thoroughlу before storing it аnd using it аgаin.

      The Slow Cooker suits mу purposes perfectlу. I cаn plаce mу food in the cooker in the morning before I leаve to go to work or plау golf, аnd when I return lаte thаt аfternoon, I hаve а meаl thаt's well-cooked, hot аnd reаdу to eаt. Аll the work is done on the front end, аnd the cooking tаkes plаce while I'm otherwise occupied, аll without аnу supervision or tinkering with the food. Аfter I enjoу mу meаl, cleаning up tаkes less thаn 5 minutes аnd the unit is good to go for the next use.

      One of mу fаvorites is roаst beef with vegetаbles. I like to plаce а smаll roаst in the crock pot, аlong with potаtoes, onions аnd cаrrots. I аdd one cаn of beer аnd seаson the food with sаlt, pepper, Cаvender's Greek Seаsoning, gаrlic аnd а touch of red pepper. I cook mу meаl on the low setting for аbout eight hours, аnd the result is succulent roаst beef with well-mаrinаted vegetаbles thаt's аlmost the perfect sized serving for two people. I hаven't experimented with the high cooking setting уet, becаuse most of mу meаls prepаred with the Slow Cooker will tаke аnуwhere from six to ten hours, so the low setting is perfect.

      I recommend the Slow Cooker for the person who is on the go. This crock pot аllows me to prepаre а nice meаl in аbsentiа, аnd the 3 quаrt cаpаcitу mаkes it perfect when I'm cooking for just the two of us. It tаkes up verу little spаce, cleаns up eаsilу, аnd cooks а roаst until it literаllу fаlls аpаrt.

      If уou cook for а lаrge fаmilу, I would suggest getting а lаrger crock pot, becаuse the Slow Cooker hаs limited cаpаcitу аnd wouldn't cook enough food to feed а big herd.
      The Bottom Line: This is а nice crock pot for cooking while уou're аwау. It's аlso good for one or two people.


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      11.01.2015 22:24
      Very helpful



      Hardly any time to prepare and your dinners ready when you are. Simple and amazing

      I was looking online when I came across this slow cooker, I was unsure whether or not I would use it. I asked myself questions like what would i cook in it? would I enjoy the meals being sat there in the day time cooking, but everyone told me I was missing out.

      so on a day out shopping with the family I brought this, I thought to myself why not? im always out with no time to cook, or if I even make it back home in time, im rushing doing dinner for my daughter and having to do the daily chores as well. Using this means I can prepare my meals in the morning and know that when I come home after a busy day out that my dinner will be cooked and ready to dish out to the family.

      There are so many meals I have been able to cook in the slow cooker that all the family enjoy, including my 3 year old little girl.
      so far I've been able to cook : casserole, stew, curry and chicken, but there is so much more im looking to try.

      Knowing that I can come home and have a good healthy hot dinner, instead of something quick is enough to put a smile on my face. The slow cooker is enough to feed 6 people and if there is too much left over, im able to keep it warm for later or freeze it. Cooking healthy dinners hasn't been easier.


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      26.02.2012 20:39
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Hot food ready for when you arrive home, cook tasty impressive dishes with minimum effort.

      There really is nothing quite like returning home from a day out walking in the cold, to a ready prepared, hearty hot meal - ready and waiting to go, and that is why I recommend that anyone fond of the outdoor pursuits purchases a slow cooker. This one, when used at capacity will make between 4 and 6 servings (depending on how hungry you are).

      Easy - before you head out, put in stewing steak, veg (carrots, potatoes, leek, onion, parsnip, sweede - you can even buy stew packs of ready chopped veg to save time!) and pour in a bottle of Ale. Switch on, leave for your day out hiking, and return home to a hearty hot stew ready to eat (delicious with crusty bread!).

      Or, for something a bit more spicy - add chicken, chorizo, chilli, peppers, onions, white wine and mixed beans (soaked overnight if bought dry, or drained if bought tinned) and eat with rice or warm pitta bread.

      This slowcooker can be cleaned in your dishwasher, so not only is cooking a doddle, but cleaning is too! If you don't have a dishwasher - it's not too hard to wash the removable crock pot in the sink - but can take some effort to hold up to scub if it doesn't fit in the sink. Of course, don't go putting the whole device in water or the dishwasher! Just the removable pot!

      It's fantastic for cooking for groups, and keeps your food warm, ready for if anyone fancies seconds! Cook big batches and freeze portions, for stress free healthy eating night after night!

      Your food won't burn or boil over - no stove watching required! Stick the ingredients in, and leave it until you're ready to eat (althouh remember it'll need a few hours to cook at least!).


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        15.02.2012 03:03
        Very helpful



        The new top chef in town who ALWAYS gets my compliments!

        I had been thinking about investing in a slow cooker as everyone I knew seemed to have one and the amount of praise I had heard about them made me curious as to what all the fuss was about, being a busy single mum of two and a full time career I was known to often have the odd moan and grumble with regards to how hard it was to juggle everything into the daily routine and how there was never enough hours in the day to do everything that needed to be done.

        I wanted to try make some changes that meant I was able to provide my family with wholesome, tasty, healthy, and homemade dishes at least once a day instead of the convenience foods I had become accustomed to with not having enough time to provide them with healthy nutritious meals made from scratch, I had relied heavily on processed foods, microwave meals, fast foods and take away food, this concerned me due to their much publicised connections to various health related issues but I had never had the time to prepare, make and serve evening meals from scratch every day, evenings are quite often pretty hectic for us and we are sometimes lucky to be seated for our evening meals before 8pm!
        A slow cooker seemed to be the answer to my prayers as a product that promised to make my life easier , that was easy to use and provided my family with lovely nutritious evening meals on a daily basis that was not too time consuming and was reliable.

        ==THE PRODUCT==

        I came across this Morphy Richards 6.5 litre Oval Slow Cooker from Argos priced at a reasonable £34.99.

        *330 Watt
        *Oval Shaped Ceramic Pot
        *6.5 Litre Capacity
        *Removable Ceramic Pot
        *Heavy Toughened Transparent Glass Lid
        *Cool to Touch Stainless Steel Body
        *Dishwasher Safe
        *Three easy Heat Settings

        Low 6-12 Hours
        Medium 4-10 Hours
        High 3-8 Hours

        ==Dimensions- Approx==

        Height- 25cm
        Width- 42cm
        Depth- 29cm


        Instruction manual
        2 year Warranty
        Starter Recipes

        ==WHAT I LIKED==

        This was my first slow cooker and my first impressions were that it was huge, much bigger than I expected it to be and quite heavy too, I thought it looked big enough to easily feed a family of 8+.
        I liked the size and oval shape of the ceramic pot because it made it ideal for slow cooking joints of meat, and this also makes it ideal to be taken straight to the table after cooking for ease of serving.

        I like that the product is quite weighty, strong and sturdy with rubber non slip feet, the last thing you need when using hot cooking products is for it to be sliding all over the kitchen work tops and spilling hot liquids that could burn.

        I think the heavy toughened transparent lid is ideal for allowing you to see your food whilst it is cooking without having to take off the lid and loosing the heat it needs to cook thoroughly .

        I thought it was easy to open and very easy to set up, it was as simple as just removing the packaging and placing the ceramic pot inside the stainless steel body, then you're ready to go, easy!

        The instruction manual and booklet guide is a nice informative easy to understand read and has some very useful do's and don'ts, hints and tips and also includes some really easy excellent tasty recipes to gently ease you into slow cooking and get you off to a good start, I found these recipes a godsend during the first few uses as I did find it a little odd to be honest at first, getting used to the recommended order of putting different types of ingredients in and what food groups required a littlle more preparation before leaving to slow cook.


        There is nothing quite like coming home to the delicious smell of welcoming home cooked and ready to be served hot food, I love it.

        We made a chicken stew this weekend and we got a massive and impressive 10 servings out of it and having used my slow cooker almost every day since I bought it back in October 2011 i have found that this is typical of the actual amount of servings you get from each meal cooked in the slow cooker due to its large size, although this is obviously dependant on what is cooked and the quantity of ingredients used.

        We also often cook whole chickens for a Sunday roast lunch in the slow cooker and this is useful because it leaves the oven free for all the other trimmings which is usually either crammed in or cooked in relays due to not having enough space for everything to be ready at the same time.

        I have noticed that you do not need to add as much liquid as it suggests when cooking meats, as the meats produce their own juices during cooking which can add to the overall flavour and results.

        I have easily and effortlessly cooked beef joints, legs of lamb, gammon, chicken and fish in this cooker and the results are always the same, perfectly cooked meat that falls off the bone and is so juicy and tender it melts in the mouth.

        Also makes perfect casseroles, chillies, stews, soups, curries and a loads of other recipes you never thought you would be able to make in a slow cooker, there is also a fantastic range of desserts which can also be made in this, our favourite is rice pudding, we even did a homemade porridge over Christmas that was left over night to cook and was just delicious, the possibilities are endless and experimenting is easy once you have got the hang of using it.


        Well it is certainly the best kitchen item I have purchased in years, an excellent buy, and one which I know has made a considerable transformation to my family's evenings as I am no longer a slave to the kitchen.

        I prepare evening meals every morning at the same time as I am preparing breakfast, it is always quick and easy to do and buying a few good slow cooker recipe books has helped me to never run out of yummy ideas for meals.

        Having a slow cooker benefits my family a great deal as far as time and routine are concerned, there is always extra portions left over that I put in freezer bags and freeze, making yet another quick and easy homemade meal that is ready to eat within short notice and in times of time constraints.

        I honestly do not know how I coped before having this slow cooker and I often kick myself for not buying one sooner, it has made my life so much easier and has added around an hour and half to my time of an evening, it also allows weekends to be more enjoyable by freeing up more quality family time, we just bung a casserole or a chilli into the pot in a morning then we go about our family activities and come home to the wonderful smell of a dish ready to be served, the house smells like I have had an invisible chief slaving away in my kitchen all day who has also done all the washing up due to there being no mess in sight.

        A stress free meal. Perfect!

        I will say though that I have noticed a fib in the list of promised advantages, it states that this product, and I quote has 'a cool to touch body' which I have found to be a porky pie!

        The stainless steel outer body does in fact get quite hot to touch and could burn if you were not careful, apart from that I have found everything with this slow cooker to be just as it promises to be and I am overall very pleased with my purchase, in my opinion it is well worth the £34.99 price tag as a mid-ranged product the quality is outstanding, the cooker itself looks very attractive and stylish, and if I were to work out how much cheaper it has been to prepare cook and serve homemade meals from scratch by using this product then I am sure it would have already paid for itself due to the lower costs compared to the costs of my previous reliance on convenience and fast foods.


        Yes, definitely, it is a valuable and versatile asset for any family which is convenient, durable, easy to use and a god send for those who find the cooking chores a bit of a daily battle for time as I did.

        I am guessing that most households already have one of these by now but for the ones that don't I would highly recommend to try this slow cooker and you will not be disappointed with the positive impact such a simple kitchen addition will have on your family's daily routine and how easy and simple it is to provide healthy homemade daily meals with minimal effort .


        It is worth mentioning that when cooking meat I would recommend to use the highest setting for the best results of juicy and succulent meat every time with no exceptions.

        When cooking meat joints don't add too much liquid because the meat produces a lot of its own juices.

        I also recommend that when cooking a chicken or indeed any other meat or joint that has a high content of fat, to use an up-turned heat proof plate which is placed in the bottom of the pot for the seasoned chicken or joint to sit on, this way it does not sit in the fat whilst cooking, there is so much room in this cooker that there is no problem doing this.


        I have rated this Morphy Richards Slow Cooker an excellent 5 out of 5

        Thank you for Reading

        My reviews appear on both DooYoo and Ciao



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      • Product Details

        Morphy Richards 48718 6.5L Slow Cooker / The Morphy Richards 48718 6.5L Slow Cooker is ideal for cooking flavour filled curries warming soups and casseroles / As this model is dishwasher safe the cleaning up is easy too! Toughened glass lid Brused stainless steel finish Removable crock pot 6.5 Litre Capacity Cool touch handles 3 heat settings Dishwasher proof 350 watts / Short name: Morphy Richards 48718

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