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Morphy Richards 48787 6.5Litre Flavour Savour Slow Cooker Saute 800Watts

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    1 Review
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      02.12.2012 21:06
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      A fantastic 3 in 1 slow cooker, well made and well thought out! - there's also a smaller option too.

      If you have been visiting my main profile page for a few months you'll see that I have been promoting the use of my slow cooker for the impending frost and wintertime. A slow cooker is a great appliance that we, UK buyers seem to have an affinity with, much to the annoyance of brands like Tefal or Cuisinart whose soup makers seem to fall at the first step of offering nothing more than a larger liquidiser with a heating element matched by a small capacity and an expensive cost price. Those who have seen past the gadgetry and who already own a slow cooker will know of the ease of use, low wattage run element and generally being able to do exactly what claimed soup makers do, other than having to use a hand blender if you want a finer consistency to your soup. But a slow cooker has plenty more tricks up its sleeve, from making rice to pasta dishes, stews and even puddings. I already bought a larger slow cooker this year (my "black hot cauldron,"_ but soon after broke the inner pot by accident because of its weight. After considering what to do and looking at alternatives, I found the Morphy Richards Flavour Savour 6.5L Digital Slow Cooker 48787 as an ideal partner to my much smaller traditional ASDA Value slow cooker. This Morphy Richards appliance originally cost around £125 when it was first brought to market.

      Nar2's Quick Skip Product Spec

      * Model: Morphy Richards Flavour Savour 6.5L Digital Slow Cooker 48787.
      * Able to brown/seal, fast stew, keep warm and slow cook.
      * Digital timer and three function slow cooker programs.
      * Dishwasher safe pan with cool touch handles.
      * Glass lid with cool touch handle & steam vent hole.
      * Pan can also be used on a conventional hob.
      * Size 31cm by 18cm base diameter, 30cm diameter pan and 23cm height (with lid).
      * 672 watts to 800 watts total power.
      * My price £65-00 from Scottish Hydro; £64-99 from Amazon UK - general retail price £89-99.
      * 2-year warranty upon registration.

      General Design & Quality

      Out of the box, the product comes in three parts - induction digital timer combined base, the large 6.5 litre pot and a toughened glass lid with a brushed stainless steel perimeter and rubberised large handle. So unlike many an appliance that bears the Morphy Richards name, I'm delighted to find that all parts of this appliance are really well made and for the most part, well thought out. For example, the thickly rubberised electric cord (shame it isn't very long) can be snap hidden away like the round base of an electric kettle and there's even a three prong plug section where the plug can be pushed in when not in use and further drip holes added to the base incase the pot or pan boils over. Add in the general silver and black appearance and you have a very classy looking appliance that is both safe and well protected.

      One of the aspects that attracted me to the Morphy Richards 48787 is the fact that the larger 6.5L round stainless steel pot can hide the induction power base inside for easy storing and the multitude of cooking programs and versatile ways of cooking that the MR 48787 supplies. This isn't just a slow cooker, but a cooker that is low energy compared to many an electric hob that sports 3000 watts or more and offers four ways of cooking; browning, fast stew making, keeping food warm and soups. There are also 15 recipes in the user manual booklet and everything about this appliance has been written in clear and understandable English with good diagrams, making a quick and instant accessibility really easy when it comes to first use.

      With only 800 watts as its total power, this is an eco-friendly cooking appliance that could be used more in the Winter for stews, soups and puddings and its general size can be a major downside if you don't have enough workspace - with a hidden bonus that the actual pot and lid can be used on a conventional cooker - storing the induction base away or leaving it on the dinner table, provided you have a plug socket nearby.

      However, only the pan is dishwasher safe, whilst everything else can only be wiped down with a damp cloth and dishwashing liquid. This isn't a major downside - even if the pan will take up one half of my bottom wash drawer in my Bosch full size dishwasher.

      General Performance

      Although there are four ways of different cooking processes, I was a bit hesitant in reading the user manual where the digital timer is concerned. In my experience, a digital timer on cooking appliances should be limited to a microwave oven or a conventional oven - nothing else - as I find instructions can be quite poor and the whole process quite complicated. Not here though! There are only two buttons and an LED panel in the middle that shows up classy white decals against a dark grey/black background. Pushing the left hand control serves as the function button and held down for two seconds puts the slow cooker mode on with a photo of a cooking pot and "3", "2".or "1" also being highlighted that gives you the option to choose high, medium or low cooking programs and likewise equates to 6, 4 or 3 hours. Reading the manual first really helps, as I tend to know what each of the three settings are now, rather than being confused. Is it any better than a manual dial control? Not really but it is of importance where the three cooking options are concerned and each touch control button is soft and easy to push. Thereafter you have the choice to upgrade the cooking time with 30 seconds up to its highest rating. This basically gives me a lot more infinite control than fixed heat setting per level for the slow cooker, making it a bit more precise for the kinds of cooking times I want to employ rather than fixed settings. There is however a downside to the heat settings because this appliance will not allow me to continuously cook within a 24 hour period, giving a conventional slow cooker the stronger hand here. The second button acts as confirmation/start and switch off, but as soon as I began to use the MR 48787 as a much larger slow cooker to prepare soups compared to half my capacity ASDA Smart slow cooker, I began to realise how well this appliance works as well as a few surprises along the way.

      For a start, the pan itself doesn't have a full or maximum fill level, other than going by the bolts of the handle inside the pan. Go over that line and you'll run the risk of water boiling over and water spitting out of the lid. Also with the fact that the whole pan and lid are entirely made of stainless steel (with the exception of the view glass on top of the lid) the product is not at all heat insulated. This isn't the kind of appliance you can leave responsible children around, but rather guard by them to ensure they don't get hurt with the kinds of heat that this appliance radiates.

      The highest heat setting that the MR 48787 gives off is around 200° Centigrade. I find it easier to brown or seal meat with this kind of appliance, knowing that any splatters that do occur keep them retained within the pot and the glass lid. A far easier proposition than leaving it open in a combination oven or microwave where splatters would have to be wiped down, regardless of whatever self-clean catalytic liners your larger appliance may have.

      Meat and fish are cooked excellently well in this kind of pan, as are soups and stews with the open, wider design allowing for all food to be cooked efficiently and equally. Stews especially, can be cooked with the "fast stew" program provided you brown and sear the meat first before adding any additional gravy liquids and vegetables and the pan's easy design makes it handy to use any kind of kitchen server freely when serving the food out of the pan, not forgetting that you can lift the pan off completely and take to the dinner table. All of these findings aren't any different to the other slow cooker I had, but the difference with the Morphy Richards is that it is a very clean design and easier to wash despite the bigger circumference pan as well as being a great deal lighter to lift off than standard thick ceramic coated slow cooker pots.

      I have gone onto successfully cooking a whole pasta and Bolognese with this pan - starting off with the pasta first and then shortly after preparing mince Bolognese and adding the pasta in afterwards. The size of the pan makes it supremely easier to cook than standard pots and pans on my gas stove.

      When the pan nears its timings, the MR 48787 will automatically turn the power down to a keep warm mode for an hour. I figured this out when the pan in slow cooker mode eventually lets out a loud beep to let me know to either change the heat setting after checking the cooked food or to switch off the pan completely.


      Although Morphy Richards claim that the Flavour Savour 48787 has a 6.5 litre capacity, it is actually 5 litres just below the bolt markers in the pan. Also, the size of the pan isn't exactly compact, enjoying the same kind of shape as a large mixing bowl or a 3 or 4 tier food steamer.

      Also the cord isn't very long, requiring a plug socket either behind it or just next to wherever the MR 48787 is placed - or at the same time, taking advantage of the fact that the pan can be used on a standard stove, be it gas, radiant or even halogen/ceramics. What a pity then that the pan itself isn't of the induction type or the base unit itself, as this could give owners another dimension to the product, overall.

      Another downside is that the MR 48787 doesn't have a delay timer (but you could always buy a mechanical plug timer) and for the fact that it can't cook for 24 hours straight unlike conventional slow cookers. But then again with such a high powered element, for safety's sake it makes a lot more sense not to have such a long-run time since the MR 48787 really doesn't require it due to its high power and faster cooking speeds.

      Final Thoughts

      I am very surprised by the Morphy Richards Flavour Savour 6.5L Digital Slow Cooker 48787. On the one hand it is like a slow cooker but with a much higher heating element with a wider cooking aperture that speeds up cooking time and with a better chance of giving various food prep to cook far more quickly and equally. Tie in the easy to use soft-touch controls, digital display, brushed stainless steel and black contrasting paint and you have a very classy looking deep set pan on an electric trivet that offers a bit more than a standard slow cooker alone. As an appliance that covets a stove for its extra number of burner rings, this slow cooker alone could easily replace a top hob as well as the pan and lid itself being able to be used on a hob.

      The cooking programs are simplistic and easy to control and this appliance does retain succulent and tasty abilities to enhance dishes that can be marinated for a long period, ideal for coming home in from work. Above all else, if your kitchen is big enough for a Jack La Lanne juicer, or Kenwood Chef, then the Flavour Savour 6.5L Digital Slow Cooker by Morphy Richards should fit in quite nicely. There's even a smaller 3.5 litre capacity model also available with the same lift off pot design; now that's convenient to know! Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2012.


      MR promotional video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuCh3I5YVGU


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    • Product Details

      Morphy Richards 48787 Flavour Savour 6.5L Digital Slow Cooker / Making fantastic & nutritional meals is simple with the Morphy Richards 48787 Flavour Savour Digital Slow Cooker / It is perfect to save you time energy and money / It has has 3 in 1 cooking functions meaning you can seal fast stew and slow cook in one product / It is very useful to cook all kinds of dishes such as fish chicken fresh vegetables rice even deserts / Stainless steel 800W 6.5L capacity Dishwasher safe parts / Short name: Morphy Richards 48787

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