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Prima PRS005 Steam Cooker

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Brand: Prima / 3 Tier Steamer with a 60 minute timer and automatic shut off feature

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    1 Review
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      24.10.2007 08:58
      Very helpful



      you can actually taste the difference in food cooked this way.

      I must admit not being in a rut exactly but using the old and tested things instead of using something new. I use saucepans or my pressure cooker for cooking vegetables and steaming fish.

      I am also a Clara. You know, Children Left And Returned Again. So when they returned yet again (but thats another story) it was with the idea that why dont you use a steam cooker Mum as it is easier, healthier and vegetables taste better.

      So I bought a Prima Steam Cooker Model PRS005 from Tescos for £9.99.

      Why did I buy this one? To tell the honest truth it was the price because I thought if I couldnt handle it or didnt like it I wasnt wasting too much money.

      I was in for a big surprise.

      It comes with a base with a reservoir in it for the water. You have a maximum level which you fill up to. On the side of this base is a dial with the minutes marked on it for how long you want to steam the food.

      Then you have three steam trays and two tray dividers.

      You will find holes in the bottom of the steam trays to let the steam go up the trays that you use to the top one.

      You put the food in the tray, place a divider on and then place another tray and so on till done the 3. The top tray will have a lid on it.

      You can use just the one tray or three depending on how much you want to steam.

      When placing the vegetables in the trays I always make sure that somewhere the holes can be seen an no food placed there as this does tend to get the steam through to the top tray just that bit quicker.

      The food tastes great and yes better than done in a pressure cooker. You can really "taste" the food.

      There are a few dos and donts with a steamer.

      Dont add wine, stock or any other liquid as all the food will taste the same and you wont be able to tell your carrot from your fish.
      Dont over fill as it will block the steam getting to the top.
      Be careful when you have finished cooking and take the lid off. The steam is very hot.
      Potatoes especially taste superb done in this steamer.

      The bowls are all easy to clean whether washing up or in a dishwasher.

      Since I have had this steamer I have not used the pressure cooker so you can tell how pleased I am with it. Also of course it is healthier - so they say.

      Thank you for reading this


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