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Tefal Enjoy 5-Piece Pan Set

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    3 Reviews
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      16.05.2012 19:41
      Very helpful
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      They're good enough for me!

      I bought these pans online when I moved into my own place. The set has an R.R.P of £70 but I paid just £35 as part of a half price sale. You get a 14cm milk pan, two saucepans which are 16cm and 18cm and you get two frying pans which are 20cm and 24cm. The frying pans have heatspots that let you know when their optimum temperature has been reached.

      All of these pans are excellent quality. Firstly the handles are really comfortable to hold and they're both sturdy and durable. Just be careful with them as they do get hot quickly. I sometimes have to wrap a tea towel around them just so I can hold them. However they cook food to perfection and they're really versatile. I can cook anything in the frying pans. They're perfect for steaks, sausages and stir frys. They're excellent quality and they're non stick too, although I would suggest using some cooking spray just to make sure that nothing does get stuck to them. They're really easy to clean and they wash really well. I just wash them with washing up liquid and a pan scourer and they're as good as new.

      The milk pan is of great quality too, as are the saucepans. I use the saucepans to cook rice and pasta. They also allow me to cook without worrying about rubbish quality pans. My food tastes so much better with these pans and they're ideal for the whole family to use (whoever is cooking should I say!)

      I would recommend these pans. They're excellent quality and they're good enough for me, even if i'm not the best cook in the world!


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        24.04.2012 21:24
        Very helpful



        Good value pan set

        I have a Tefal set containing 5 different pans which I bought from Tesco for £39. The reason I bought them as a set was because they worked out cheaper than buying them all individually and all 5 of the pans that the set contained were pans that I would use on a regular basis.

        The set contains 2 different sized saucepans with lids, 2 different sized frying pans and a milk pan.

        The saucepans are good sizes and large enough for me for most tasks in the kitchen. The frying pans are of a similarly good size and I use the smaller one when I'm just cooking for myself and the larger one I have guests round. The milk pan is the smallest but it is still large enough for heating up a tin of soup etc.

        The whole set is really good quality and all the pans have been coated in Tefals special non-stick coating which is excellent at repelling food and stopping it from sticking to the pans as long as you make sure and not use any harsh abrasives on it such as metal utensils or scouring pads when cleaning them. If you do they will scratch away the non-stick lining and ruin the pans.

        The frying pans both have thermal spots in the middle of them that change colour when they are at the right temperature for cooking. Because of the non-stick coating I also don't have to use as much oil and can cook things in them much healthier. The handles are also heat resistant but only to 180 degrees so you can only really put them in the oven on low temperatures to keep food warm otherwise they will melt.

        To keep the pans in good condition you just need to clean them in hot soapy water with a damp cloth and because the coating does such a good job of stopping food from sticking you shouldn't need to scrub them. They can also be put in the dishwasher but I prefer to just use the hot soapy water as the dishwasher can be a bit harsh for them.

        I think these pans are well worth buying as they are really good quality and £39 for 5 different Tefal pans is really good value especially as there isn't a pan in the set that you won't end up using at some point.


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        24.02.2012 14:30
        Very helpful



        A good set of pans, but a bit pricey taking the weak screw into consideration.

        There is a scene in Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights where his two chefs, inexperienced with English food, attempt to cook chips in a Wok. Now, I never tried to cook chips in a Wok, but I have tried to many other things that should go no where near a Wok. For the first 2 weeks of moving into our newest house the only utensils we had were a Wok and a wooden spoon. The comedy factor wears off after about 5 seconds when you realize, this can't go on much longer. We had every intention of becoming normal, functioning people on payday when we would get a set of pans, but that was a month away. Luckily, my girlfriends brother came to the rescue when he came to visit and treated us to this pots and pans set from Tefal.

        ---------TEFAL COOKWARE---------

        Tefal make all kinds of kitchen gubbins. I've come across their brand name in kitchens and friends kitchens lots of times over the years - they seem like a kitchen standard. So, when we saw he picked up a Tefal set we were pretty pleased. I like to cook a lot from scratch so wanted something that could take daily hammerings and that were of a good enough quality to do a wide range of cookery things. This set is in the mid-to higher price range when it comes to Tefal cookware sets.

        The sets range in colour, quality and amount of pans in each set. This set, as I mentioned is mid-higher as its a few notches off the most expensive but there are 4-5 sets cheaper in price, and quality to this. Most of the pans in this set, from what I can see can be bought individually, but buying them in a set is cheaper and if having matching cookware in your kitchen is your thing these all have the same build and style.

        Colour-wise, these are black but Tefal also do a 'Bistro' range of these pans that are red and from what I can tell, pretty much the same as this range in build and style.

        Price wise, Tefal is a big branded name so you're paying a little extra for that. Pot and Pans sets are available from a wide range of manufactures so if your on a budget there is a set with the same style pans as this but from less known brands for much cheaper. This Tefal set, will set you back about £80 - but if you hunt around Amazon you'll find some sellers that have it for less. If memory serves, I think ours was bought from Argos for £80 - about 2 years ago, so the price has hardly changed. If you go cheaper in the range of sets you'll be starting at about £50, to the max in the range about £100. So, all in all - Tefal offers something for a fairly wide range of people and their relative purchasing situations, which goes some what to explain why they are popular.

        They are also famously non - stick, both the pots and pans

        The most striking feature of Tefal pots and pans is the unique thermo spot. And this set is no exception, with a thermo spot on each of the two frying pans.

        -----------THERMO SPOT----------

        I remember many years ago, lots of adverts on TV featured products with this 'thermo spot' but I wasn't intersted in cookware back then, so didn't take it in much. However, I must have absorbed something because when I first go hold of a pan with one of these red dots in the center of it, I got a bit excited. Its very straightforward feature - a red dot in the middle of the pan that has a pattern in it. When the pan is 'optimum' temperature for cooking the dot will turn solid red and the pattern will fade out. This is handy little feature to amateur and even those seasoned cooking at home.

        To get the best results from a frying pan, its best to put the food into a hot pan. If your cooking meat it will sear it quicker loosing less flavor, or if your cooking things like onions or chillis it will saute them better and quicker. A recent example (as used in a previous review to those eagle eyed readers) is pancakes, as I made a load earlier this week. Putting pancake mix into a cold pan will cook your pancakes badly as they will start to cook in the cool pan but as the pan heats up will begin to burn. Whats worse is it will take you ages to make the 10 pancakes required to finally get sick of eating them.

        One slight downside of this thermo spot, is that it tells you when its hot enough but not too hot. When its at 190oC it goes full red, but doesn't seem to indicate when its too hot. So, even though they take some of the responsibility away from the cooking process, don't let the pan do all the thinking. A pan too hot will ruin your food quicker than a pan that's not hot enough.

        ----------THE TEFAL COOKWARE SET-------

        This set contains 5 Teflon coated aluminum pots and pans. 2 frying pans (one 20cm, one 24cm) and three saucepans (14, 16, 18cm) This is a fairly good range, especially for me - as I share my house (and cooking) with just my girlfriend. The largest saucepan is big enough for our needs - infact its the one that gets the most use, and the large frying pan is just the right size for our needs. Throughout the week the pans all get used at least a couple of time but its the largest pan and largest frying pan that end up on the draining board the most.

        The largest pan, in my experience has coped with large portions of pasta - cooking enough for 6-8 hungry people. I think you would be hard pressed to find a pan set with a pan that can serve more, you'd have to buy a larger separate saucepan for this. So, on this count the set is not that restrictive. The frying pan also get a lot of use due to its size. Its large enough from cooking many basic things, but anything stir-fry size and upwards you'll need to bust the Wok out.

        Each of the saucepans come with a clear glass lid, plastic black handle and small steam hole. In the past, I had a stainless steel handle on a stainless steel lid and was forever burning my hand taking the lid off, no problem here though, as the plastic handle - as well as the handles on the pans themselves is heat proof and is safe to touch even after being on the hob for hours.

        The two smaller saucepans and smaller frying pan get use, especially when cooking meals with lots of components - with them all being just the right size. If pushed, I would say I'd prefer two 16cm pans as I find the 14cm can be a little small, and another large frying pan. That said, in the hundreds of meals I've cooked only a handful of times I've felt they are a bit restrictive.

        As they are Teflon coated aluminum they are not only very lightweight, non-stick but easy to clean. Although non-stick, I always cook with oil - I only take advantage of the Teflon coating when it come to the bit I hate, washing up. The pans are usually (depending on how disastrous my experimentation was) very easy to clean - in fact I can't recall a time when I last scrubbed one.

        As the pans are aluminum they are quick to heat up and the heat is distributed well, but - the first real negative, they loose heat fast. This can be OK if something is burning and you whip it off to save it, but using the saucepan to cook its slow cook things of simmer things for a while not much of the heat will be retained in the pan - it will all be coming from the hob. So, turn something down and it cools fast and turn it up and it heats fast. Ideally, a good saucepan would store a lot of the heat, meaning it could simmer something for a longer period of time more evenly.

        The pans also boast the fact they are oven safe upto 180 for one hour. Although the handle is plastic it is heat proof enough, and as I've test this it works as stated. I presume longer or hotter in the oven will damage the Teflon coating and the plastic handles - but so far even I've not been incompetent enough to test this theory.


        These are, as mentioned, Teflon coated aluminum pans - rather than the other broad category of cookware, stainless steel. Roughly speaking, aluminum is more likely to be found in the home, and steel in a professional kitchen. The biggest reason for this is the demands put on pans with daily use in a professional kitchen would destroy aluminum pans within a short space of time, meaning they had to be replaced. The non-stick wears away and they are just not that robust. Steel cookware however lasts much longer - year on year, and will provide the same cook quality as it first did several years down the line.

        This pan set, despite being aluminum has done pretty well. The non-stick is still there and nothing has worn much, only some of the screws have come a little loose. Unfortunatly the frying pan totally come away from the handle last week. This irk is particular to this pan, rather than the metal used. The screws, are not only not that robust, but also a have a strange star shape head. This means, to screw it back together you'll need to go though most of you're tool box until you find a flat head that fits, and even then as its not really a flush fit it will eat at the head a bit, meaning eventually it will break and can not be screwed back in.


        These pans have served very well until the loosening of the screws last week when the frying pan showed the first sign it was suffering from daily use. This is disappointing, but we have had them almost 2 years - a rough guess would be 600 uses until the first break. The pans now seem a little flimsy and I'm a bit weary of picking them up too quick as to not encourage the handles to come loose. At almost £80 I would have like to seen the join between handle and pan a little more firmly fixed, a permanent join rather than screw would have been welcome.

        That said, they have lasted well otherwise and the screw fitted back in tightly enough for a few months (I hope!) yet. I have made little use of the 'thermo spot' trusting my judgment instead, but if your just starting out cooking from scratch you will find this helpful.

        All in, I just this a limp thumbs up - with them only loosing points for being a little flimsy after 2 years - which is fairly respectable going. I don't think, when the time comes, I will replace the frying pan with another one exactly the same - instead I'll opt for a steel pan with a fixed handle just to give me that extra reassurance in the kitchen.


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      • Product Details

        The Tefal Enjoy 5-Piece Pan Set features a 14cm milkpan, two 16cm and 18 cm saucepans and two 20 cm and 24 cm frypans, all in durable coated black aluminium for maximum heat efficiency and consistency. The frypans contained in the Enjoy 5-Piece Pan Set feature convenient thermospots that let you know when the optimum temperature has been reached, and all items have PTFE non-stick exteriors as well as Longlide coating on their cooking surfaces, ensuring great performance and easy maintenance. Get ready for a lifetime of great home cooking with the Enjoy 5-Piece Pan Set from Tefal! Technical specifications Characteristics Contains: 14cm Milkpan, 16cm and 18 cm saucepans and 20 cm and 24 cm frypans Black aluminium Thermospot on frypans PTFE non-stick interior Longlide coating that promises durable non-stick cooking performance

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