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Wilko 5L Slow Cooker

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2 Reviews

Brand: Wilko / Type: Slow Cooker

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    2 Reviews
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      14.06.2013 01:39
      Very helpful



      A bargain item and a great size of cooker - so i can freeze spare portions

      =Wilko 5 Litre Slow Cooker=

      =A Slow Cooker=
      A slow cooker, is a large cooking pot that you plug into the wall socket and leave for an extended period of time to cook the food, almost like simmering on the hob, but with not having to keep standing there ans checking it.

      =My Last Cooker=
      My last slow cooker finally gave up, I had it about 7 years so got the money's worth from it, but when I was looking at replacing it, I wanted a larger slow cooker, (5 Litre) as I tend to do a bulk cooking session, and then freeze the remaining parts into single serve ready for when we need something quick to heat up.

      =Can Cook Joints of Meat=
      A slow cooker is so versatile, that you can cook literally anything in there, at Christmas, I cooked a Gammon in cola and it was so soft and succulent, that the meat just fell apart, although I tend to use mine for casseroles.

      On the front of the cooker, there is a dial and this has the markings for "off, High, Low and Auto".

      If I am cooking a casserole I tend to start the meal off on high, and when it is bubbling, I then turn it down to low, so it keeps the food at a simmer pace.

      =The Lid=
      The lid is a glass lid, and has a handle in the top middle, the glass is heat proof, so no chance of burning your fingers if you catch it.

      =Try to keep the lid on as much as possible=
      I know it is tempting to keep checking the casserole, but when your only heating this by a plug it soon goes cold, and does take a while to bring the temperature back up.

      =The Inner Pot=
      The inner pot of the slow cooker is a ceramic based material, and this is easy to clean when you have finished cooking,

      =Sear the Meat=
      If you are cooking a meat based dish, I always seal the meat first, not only to keep the flavour in but to give the meat some colour. It does take on the flavour of whatever you are cooking.

      =Would I recommend=

      I would highly recommend this slow cooker, I have had this one for about 18 months now, and I love using it, the aroma of the food smells so lovely, if you been out and come back you have a hot meal ready and waiting for you with little effort.

      From memory, I paid around £20 for it, which I thought was really good value as I had seen similar sized cookers for £40+.

      =Recipie Books=
      If you have a look on Amazon there are plenty of recipie books that are designed just for slow cookers, as well as looking on Money saving Expert, as there are threads dedicated to Slow cooking and you may find a surprise or two.

      =My Favourite Recipie=
      Beef in Red Wine.

      1lb Stewing Steak - diced
      2 Carrots - cut into baton shapes
      1 Onion - finely chopped
      1lb mushrooms - finely sliced
      3 tablespoons Beef gravy Granules
      1/4pt red wine (or more if you wish)
      3/4 pint water
      Tablespoon Oil for frying

      1. season the beef - put into a small sandwich bag, spoonful of flower and dash salt and pepper - shake well. (the flour acts as a sealant to keep meat juices in

      2. Fry the beef in the oil, until all sides are cooked a nice brown, (I tend to drain on a piece of kitchen roll)

      3. Transfer to casserole dish

      4. fry the Onions in the same fat - till golden, - drain - add to casserole mix

      5. Make the gravy granules with boiling water to mix, add the red wine and top up with hot water and mix well

      6. Add this to the slow cooker
      7. Add carrots - you can add any vegetables, I sometimes just raid the freezer and see what frozen veg there is

      8. Stir well - if you find the sauce is too thick enough - add some more wine or water, - if not thick enough - add some more gravy granules and water to the mix.

      9. Turn on slow cooker, - on high - allow to boil

      10. Turn down to low - add the chopped mushrooms - stir well

      11. Usually 6 hours it is ready.

      I use mine with boiled potatoes, filling for a jacket potato.


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      27.02.2012 13:09
      Very helpful



      Perfect appliance for making a yummy dinner

      I think I can safely say everyone's go to meal in the winter is a nice hot stew with some fluffy dumplings!. I wanted a slow cooker which didn't cost the earth and would give us a nice dinner I could make the night before and leave cooking all day and just make the dumplings when I got home.

      A slow cooker is a a machine you can bring out of the cupboard or keep on the side which plugs into your wall socket. It is used for simmering, which requires maintaining a relatively low temperature to cook your food thoroughly and giving you results that are unbeatable with any other method of cooking. I can put a joint of meat inside with some water and let it cook all day, and when it dinner time, it is cooked brilliantly and is very tender and soft. We recently cooked a gammon in it for my partner and daughter (as i'm a vegetarian i don't eat meat) and my partner told me it was so lovely, he would never eat it cooked in the over again!. This slow cooker can hold up to 5L volume and is just the right size for any family. There was smaller one available, but as I wanted to be able to cook joints of meat inside, I needed it to be much bigger. You have a dial on the front with the options for "Off, High, Low or Auto" I usually put mine onto High while I'm still home just to start the cooking off, then when I leave, I put it down to Low to let is simmer throughout the day keeping it at a regular temperature and no bubbling. It has a heat proof glass lid and cool touch handles so you won't burn yourself trying to get at your dinner!.
      The glass lid is best kept on all day as if your cooking stew or something with a similar liquid base, the liquid will evaporate and you will be left with a mess at the bottom on the pot. The good thing about the glass is that the steam will rise to the lid and drip back into the liquid so you don't lose any of that. The liquid will thicken as the veggies and meat start to cook as they thicken the sauce. The pot inside is made from what I can only guess as ceramics and can be taken out for you to clean.

      When cooking meat, I always sear it first so it's sealed and speeds the cooking process up a bit so when cooking in the slow cooker, the meat when it comes out is so soft and just falls apart. i think thats important for a stew or casserole as having tough meat in a stew is rather off putting!

      This product is a brilliant thing to have in your home, You can always rely on it to cook you a wonderful dinner while your out for the day. We use it when we are in all day too!. The smell when you walk into your home is mouth watering as you can smell that simmering stew around the house. Its also great as if you do it in the evening before, you can chop your veggies and sear your meat so the next day, you have no washing up to do!. I find it brilliant also to make dinners for my daughter. She is 2 and a half and she enjoys to eat what we call "sloppy dinners" as she can make a mess and all the veggies are hidden as children at her age are very fussy about what they eat. Thank God it's nearing winter now and we can fill out tummies every night with a lovely slow cooked dinner!.

      We bought this about 11 months ago and it was £20 and still is! You can either purchase it instore or online but remember online is £4.95 delivery charge making it much cheaper so buy instore!.

      Also on Ciao


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