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Bellini BEPM10 Popcorn Maker

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Brand: Bellini / Popcorn Maker

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    1 Review
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      23.12.2008 01:01
      Very helpful



      A great little machine of you like popcorn

      On the rare occasions that we go to the cinema we always have a big container or popcorn between us so when I saw a bag of popping corn in Asda I thought I would make my own. Years ago an old boyfriend of mine used to take me to visit his parents and his mom would make popcorn in a big saucepan so I figured that I could do it too.

      I have a set of Le Creuset saucepans which are cast iron so nice heavy based pans then. I had a couple of tries at making the popcorn but it kept sticking to the base of the pan. I tried adding butter but it tasted disgusting and I threw that batch away. I still have a grey stain on the base of my pan!

      It was at this point that I decided to admit defeat and look for a popcorn maker! I searched the Internet and the best price that I could find which looked sturdy enough to do the job was £14.67 and then I had got to pay postage on top of that. I toyed with the idea but then forgot all about it until........

      We were in Currys at the weekend looking at radios and I noticed a display of 'fun' gadgets for Christmas including a drinks fountain, a chocolate fountain and - guess what? - a popcorn maker. The cost of said popcorn maker had been reduced to £12.50.

      We took a good look at it and decided to go for it. We thought that at £12.50, if we didn't use it very often, it wouldn't really matter.

      The machine in question was the Bellini BEPM10 Popcorn Maker which comes in a nice sturdy box ideal for wrapping as a Christmas present! The box has a picture of the popcorn maker on the side together with the words:

      Freshly made popcorn - perfect for parties, movie nights or low calorie snacks

      Popcorn ready in 2 minutes

      Easy to use

      Party pack included


      We took our new toy home and of course we had to try it straight away! Well, we needed to make sure that it worked didn't we?

      Dave took it out of the box and read the instruction leaflet. This is simply written and explains how to make the popcorn, how to add butter, how to clean the popcorn maker and a few recipes for flavoured popcorn.

      The popcorn maker is a very simple machine and consists of a base containing a motor with an on/off switch on the side on top of which is a plastic dome with a chute for the completed popcorn to come through and a measuring cup which sits on the top of the dome covering the top opening. The picture at the top of the review is very clear and shows the popcorn maker accurately.

      So, to make your popcorn, you just measure a cupful (well it is more like a little dish than a cup) of popping corn, put it into the hole in the top of the dome, place the cup onto the hole and switch on the machine. You must also remember to place a deep bowl beneath the chute to catch the popcorn as it comes out of the machine.

      It is quite noisy as hot air blows through the machine and it is this which will pop the corn. After about a minute the popped corn will begin to shoot out of the machine. We found that most of this ended up in the bowl but there were a few bits that shot off in different directions around the kitchen! After a couple of minutes all of the corn had passed through the machine and most of it was in the bowl.

      We tried the taste test but it did taste a bit bland just as it was so I sprinkled some sugar over it and I ate that bowlful.

      Dave said that he wanted his popcorn to have the sugar sticking to it so he decided to try his with butter and sugar. To melt the butter you just put it in the measuring bowl / dish when you put it on the top of the dome and the hot air that pops the corn also melts the butter. When Dave's popcorn was ready he poured the butter onto the hot corn and added some sugar and it did stick much better than mine had but it tasted a bit rich for my liking.

      We both found about 20 unpopped corn kernels in the bottom of the bowl after we had eaten the popcorn so we just threw them into the fire - and no, it didn't make them pop!

      Cleaning the popcorn maker was easy enough. You just need to wipe the dome with a damp cloth. It can be washed in soapy water if necessary but as you never put any ingredients in the actual machine other than the corn this probably won't be an issue.

      The 1kg bag of popping corn was £1.98 from Asda and for a good sized bowl of popcorn you only have to use a small amount so the bag will last for ages.

      I thought I would write the review straight away in case any of you fancied a trip to your local Currys to get one as a stocking filler for the children or husband!


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    • Product Details

      Top your popcorn with butter and your favourite spices / Just as if you were at the movies / Short name: Bellini BEPM10

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