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Air Purifier

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    1 Review
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      12.08.2001 20:34
      Very helpful



      Last Q&A op for the foreseeable future and also the last time I’ll be taking the micky out of the ‘mighty’ Impaled Nazarene with my title. Promise. Q: How does an electric box help allergy sufferers then? A: Well, with the older ones you could give none sufferers a (very) mild electric shock whenever they mocked you but now I’ve got a newer model I can only use it for sensible stuff. Q: Such as? A: Well, basically it zaps lots of particles so they get attracted to the ground and, well, float down towards it. Dust, pollen you name it. Q: So I have to dust more if I use one? A: Yeah, and you also have to watch where you place it as over a long period of time the dust and grime can get rather attached to the surfaces nearby so either give everything a bit of a wipe from time to time or take some more potent cleaning potion to it somewhat less often (Or just repaint if it’s near anaglypta (How the hell do you spell that??). Q: But what’s stopping me kicking it all up off the floor and breathing it in again. A: Fairly regular vacuuming sessions with a decent cleaner should ensure that any allergens stay out of your nasal passages. Q: So does it do any fancy stuff? A: Nope, the Boots Ioniser is a plain and simple one. But you can get some that add perfume to the air (Handy, I think not) and some that remove carbon from the air. Only last time I checked I wasn’t allergic to all life on the surface of the planet but it wouldn’t surprise me to much! Q: So it’s just a box you plug into an electrical socket? A: Yup, it’s a white box 20cm x 10cm x 5cm with a little sticky out bit which is the business end and needs to hang over an edge for it to do the business properly. It has a couple of LED’s on the top, one for power and one more intriguingly called “Ion Check”. Sounds like something off Star Trek but is actually useful.
      When my previous ioniser gave up the ghost I only discovered it for sure by the way it wasn’t trying to turn the side of my bedside table black. On this ioniser it checks it’s own efficiency and communicates this to you via the LED. The only downside is that the blinking LED could keep you awake if it’s in a bedroom, I just covered it with some thick black paper from an art shop. Q: All this electrical stuff, is there anything I shouldn’t do? A: Yup, get it wet while it’s on (duh) and also avoid letting the business end touch anything metal. My ioniser sits under a metal CD tower and whilst moving everything around during redecorating I managed to let the two meet, resulting in the ion check light going mad. Q: So, how effective is it? A: Well, of all the allergy relief stuff I’ve reviewed this is the hardest to quantify as it has the least effect. I’ve recommend them to other people who have fairly mild hayfever and they found that a nights sleep in some clean air helped them cope the next day. But, whereas some of the remedies I’ve recommended could cost you around £20 a month, this will cost you around £20 for years and years. So take a gamble and try it! www.boots.co.uk and it still looks the same model after over five years!


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    • Product Details

      By emitting negative ions that are naturally found in clean air this unit helps to provide relief from hayfever, asthma and other respiratory problems. Includes an ion check light.For use in the home or office.

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