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Coopers Insulated Food Servers

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Brand: Coopers of Stortford

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    1 Review
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      18.03.2013 19:26
      Very helpful



      Attractive and lightweight insulated dishes

      ===The Product===

      Three insulated food servers - (2.5L, .5L & 1L).
      White plastic exterior with two handles and clip on lids.
      Inner dish is mirror-finished stainless steel.
      They are insulated with thermal polyurethane foam between the inner and outer layers.
      Has twist and lock lids.
      Will keep food hot or cold.


      £14.99 for three - but being sold as buy one and get two free.
      If bought online you will have postage to pay (£4.99) but Coopers often do deals where you get free postage for orders over a certain value - often £25 or £30.

      ===My Opinion===

      Coopers have one shop but tend to sell mostly through their website or their little catalogues which often arrive with your Saturday newspapers.
      I have had my eye on these insulated dishes for a while but it was my husband who actually decided he wanted them as he he does a lot of cooking.
      I do not know why they bother with the 'buy one get two free' business as they come as a set of three in different sizes - but three for £15 is quite good value.
      When ours arrived I was dismayed to hear rattling in the box, and when I opened them the smallest one had its side smashed and was unusable. I therefore did not bother to wash the other two as I expected to have to send the whole lot back for a replacement.
      I phoned Coopers and explained about the smashed dish - they were most helpful and said I did not have to bother returning the broken one and that they would send me out a replacement anyway - which I thought was very trusting and great customer service.
      To begin with I gave them all a good wash in some soapy water. They are also surprising lightweight.
      The first time we used the two larger dishes was when my husband made curry and rice and he had to wait for a friend to arrive - so he cooked the food in plenty of time and in a very relaxed way put the food into the two dishes to serve.
      Before using for hot food you fill the dishes with boiling water for a few minutes - the same way as you would heat up a thermos flask. The lids are put on and then twisted so that little catches go underneath a catch by the handles - so the heat is sealed in. They keep the food piping hot for ages, and I have tested them out with boiling water and the water is still quite hot after over five and half hours. Not that you would want to keep food hot for that long, but these are marvellous for family get-togethers and also I can see they will be a great help for me when serving up Christmas dinner. I just wish I had had them when my sons were younger and coming in for food at all different times.
      The instructions do advice that the fuller the dish the better it will keep the food hot - so it is best to use the size that fits the amount of food you have prepared.
      These are marvellous for any sort of vegetables or stews and curries. I wish I had had these when I was trying to take in meals to my husband when he was in hospital.
      These three dishes will also keep food cold. This time you fill the dishes with cold water for a few minutes before adding the food. they are great for keeping salads and other cold foods fresh when you are having a buffet or taking a pudding or sweet to friends. We also use them when ferrying food to events in our village hall. They will not keep things like ice ream frozen for long but they will keep foods at a cool temperature which is more preferable than having things sitting on plates in a warm room when having a party.
      I am so glad we bought these dishes and am only sorry that I did not have them many years ago when I was catering for more family parties. If I was still doing large family events I would definitely get at least two sets as I think they are really worth the money.
      As well as being very practical these white dishes would blend in with most table settings.
      It advices to just rinse these out and not to use in a dishwasher - but they only need a quick wipe out anyway and they come up like new.
      Coopers also give all their products a 12 month guarantee.

      ===Star Rating===

      5 stars

      ===Would I Recommend?===





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