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DeLonghi Argento Waffle Maker W 30

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Ideal to prepare excellent ¶Belgian Waffle÷. Bake a large, round waffle that separates into 4 triangular sections. Deep pocket Belgian waffles can hold butter, syrup, ice cream and other toppings.

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    3 Reviews
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      02.08.2013 12:53
      Very helpful
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      A great buy, makes great waffles!

      I have never had waffles before...unit we went to Florida on holiday and that was it! I was hooked. I tried the frozen ones but they are just not very nice so I decided to invest in a Waffle maker.

      I paid £29.99 for it and I feel that I have got a really good bargain!.

      The machine heats up in about two minutes. There are four sections that kind of link together but the four different sections can be slit in four separate smaller waffles for children. The waffles cook in about 2 minutes, depending on how well you like your done. The waffles stay crispy long after they have been removed from the machine.

      The none stick coating inside the machine, means that it is very easy to remove the waffles without them sticking. However, do not use a metal implement, such as a knife to get them out because it will scratch the surface. Once the non stick surface has been scratched, your waffles will stick. I use a slim wooden spatula

      This machine is quite small and not very heavy so I store mine in the bottom cupboard. The exterior is very easy to wipe clean and the lid closes very easily and stays shut until you open it.

      The only thing I would have liked to have seen is a set of recipes with the machine but non were supplied.


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        30.04.2008 12:45
        Very helpful



        For lovely tasty Waffles this machine is a must!

        To go with my Delonghi toaster and kettle I decided to keep up with tradition and add a Delonghi waffle maker to my wedding gift list last year. I registered at John Lewis where it can be purchased for £29.95.It is obviously a very popular item as it took months for it to be finally delivered to us but we were very impressed when it did arrive. We choose it because it mentioned on the information that it, "makes Belgian style waffles par Excellence"!

        For anyone who does not know what a waffle is, the dictionary gives the definition as "a waffle is a light batter cake cooked in a waffle iron, between two hot plates, patterned to give a distinctive and characteristic shape." Being half American I have always loved my waffles and syrup for breakfast, so this machine was a must for me. Waffles can be served both sweet and savory. As I mentioned before, the Americans like to serve them for breakfast with butter, maple syrup, cream and lots of different fruit toppings but they can also be savory when teamed with say chicken, made popular by the restaurant Roscoe's in California. Apparently waffles have been served in America since 1620 when the pilgrims brought the method from Holland. Thomas Jefferson (the third President of the United States) brought a waffle iron from France, and waffle frolics or parties became popular in the late eighteenth century.

        Now, back to the Delonghi waffle iron. It is made from die-cast aluminum plates which according to the pamphlet, distribute the heat evenly allowing you to cook your waffles to perfection. The waffle iron is really easy to use. You firstly whisk up the batter (I use an Aunt Jemima's waffle mix from the United States, you can buy it here in specialty shops but it is very expensive. Alternatively you can make your own but as I don't know how to do this I stick to the shop bought variety) Then you must turn the machine on. There is an adjustable thermostat that lets you choose your desired temperature for medium or crispy waffles. This is great, as, like my toast, I like my waffles quite light while my husband likes them quite dark. Once the appliance reached the set temperature a little green light will come on to let you know that it is time to pour the batter onto the baking surfaces. This is a great help as I generally never know when to cook things on machines and then they end up being undercooked or overcooked.

        The maker has a handle that allows you to close it without burning your hands which is a great safety feature and it also has a latch so the maker stays closed throughout the cooking process. Now, and I have found this out from experience, you only need to use a little bit of the mix for each waffle. When I first started I poured the mix right up to the top of the maker and when it started cooking it all seeped out the edges and made an almighty mess. If you pour a dollop into the middle it will spread out when the lid has been closed and makes a perfect waffle. Obviously if you want them a bit thicker you can add a bit more batter but not right up to the edges! The green light turns off during the cooking process and then only comes on again once the waffle is done, another great way to let you know your food is ready without having to keep lifting up the top and spoiling the food.

        The waffle maker does have a non-stick coating but I lightly greased each side of the waffle maker before use just so it would be easier to get the waffles out. Cleaning it was a little bit of a pain as obviously the sides will be a bit greasy once the waffles come out and because of all the holes and ridges it is hard to get all the little bits of batter out of the cracks but the non-stick does help and the batter does come out eventually. This did not put me off using it again. The plates are detachable so that makes it easier too. The outside can be wiped down with a damp cloth as the machine cannot be immersed in water.

        The amchine is fairly small and can actually be stored vertically when not in use so it will not take up too much room in your kitchen cupboards which is great.

        No my only concern with this machine is that it does not turn off automatically, the only way to turn it off is by unplugging the waffle maker from the socket so to keep safe make sure you always do this.

        All in all if you do buy this machine, which I recommend, you can look forward to lovely tasty waffles!


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          24.04.2006 20:29
          Very helpful



          Smart trendy machine to cook lovely waffles.

          Waffles! They bring back happy memories of a holiday with my sister in Belgium when I was only 13 years old. My Grandmother bought me a waffle iron from the Woman’s Weekly magazine about 36 years ago, which I still have but it has seen better days. Having treated myself whilst out for a meal and thoroughly enjoyed a Cinnamon waffle and ice cream and toffee sauce, I resurrected my Waffle iron, which is heated on the gas cooker, it cooks one at a time, is a bit messy and they kept sticking. I was so disappointed that I searched the net and bought a modern electric machine.

          *Why De Longhi.?*

          A name I trust as my coffee machine is used everyday and is fabulous, so I happily decided on this beautiful trendy looking machine. The Argento range is now a design statement in its own right. The design with its exclusive non-marking finish will add that extra bit of style to any kitchen. In fact, you can buy other matching items, if you want to treat yourself more!

          *Where did I buy it from?*

          I choose to buy off the internet, as I had not found a waffle maker in any shops nearby. The Electricshopping.com had the best offer. Normally priced at £40.20, it was on offer at £33.50 and no postage charges, unless you want next day delivery.

          *What does it look like?*

          Just like the picture! Two tone chrome, retro design with a curved handle. It has a Die-cast aluminium plate with embedded heating element and it guarantees great cooking results due to even and quick heat distribution. There is an adjustable thermostat, which is an easy round knob, and a viewing window, so you can choose soft or crispy waffles. There are two small lights on top, one for power and one for ready. The machine beeps when ready to start cooking and again when cooked. There is a latch to unlock the machine, which is easy to open.
          It is 26cm in length and 22cm wide, and approximately 11cm in depth. Weight is a surprising 4½lbs. A sturdy feeling, no lightweight model this little beauty. The inside has black non-stick plates, 17.5cm in diameter, divided into 4 triangular sections.


          I have left mine on the work surface as I keep using it, but it will stand upright, saving space.
          Using the waffle maker
          Before using, the plates need to be wiped clean with a moist cloth. Switch on the appliance and the red power light comes on. Adjust the control to the desired crispness. When it is ready the green light illuminates and 6 beeps sound to let you know it is time to pour in the batter. They recommend lightly oiling the plates before adding the batter, Close the lid, the green light goes out during baking , but will light up again when the machine beeps 3 times to let you know it is ready. I usually know, as I can smell the waffle! Open the machine and remove the beautiful, crispy, delicious golden waffle with a plastic or wooden spatula. Are you drooling yet? The machine is ready almost immediately to add more batter. Turn off when finished and wipe with a moist cloth when cool.
          It does say the plates are removable for cleaning, but I have not managed to remove them and can’t work out how to! So they get a wipe!

          *Instruction Booklet*

          Basic information, plenty on safety, but no recipe! Fortunately, I had made waffles before and had some recipes.


          A card came with the machine, and guarantees a minimum one-year cover.

          *How do I eat them?*

          In every way imaginable! Delicious with butter and strawberry jam, cream if you’re not watching your weight! I like them with ice cream and maple syrup. Cinnamon waffles are good too! I have eaten leftover ones cold, and heated in the toaster for breakfast with marmalade, but freshly cooked are best.
          My husband found a recipe for Potato waffles, and they were good with gammon and sausages! Perhaps we’ll try them with herbs next, but I was afraid garlic might taint the plates and spoil the taste of the basic waffles.

          *A luxury item?*

          Well yes and no! Basic waffles are really quite cheap to make and a fantastic easy desert, especially if you get unexpected visitors. I will get lots of use out of this machine, and much enjoyment, as the results are always perfect. Disadvantage – there has to be a disadvantage! I’ll probably put on weight if I add too many luxury toppings!


          150gr melted butter or oil
          350gr SR Flour
          2 Eggs
          350ml milk
          Mix all the ingredients together to form a smooth batter. It is easy to make half the mixture for smaller families.

          First class machine. Delicious results. Thumbs up from my family.


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