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Flat Fan Heater. 2 heat settings. 3kW output. Overheat protection. Thermostat to control temperature and save on running costs. Frost protection - avoids temperature falling below 5 degrees C.

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    4 Reviews
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      08.11.2011 15:48
      Very helpful



      Definitely worth buying

      I bought this in 2004 for nearly £20 from Comet store. It is a great fan heater.

      It is very pale grey in colour with dark grey front panel. It has vents on top and 2 knobs on the top right side- one for heat or cold setting and the other for the heat level which is marked from 1-6.

      It's heating capacity is 3 kw. It heats the room efficiently and very quickly. It takes about 10 minutes for a bedroom to get heated. I use this to heat the room instantly especially after coming from a long holiday and house is very cold.

      It can also be used as a fan because of its cooling function- although i don't see it's need much in this country!!

      I have another heater from Currys but it doesn't live up to the standard of Delonghi.

      It does make relatively loud noise but not much when compared to other heaters of similar kind. I can still sleep with this sound or even watch TV.

      The inside coil/fan tends to get red hot when the heater is ON- I am guessing it is normal but seems a bit dangerous. It is well guarded though but I still keep it away from papers and clothing items. I haven't had any problems because of this but still better to be careful.

      It is light weight and easily carried to any rooms. Can be taken even in cars to take on small winter breaks.

      It's thermostat functions makes it shut off automatically when the room is heated and turns on if it gets colder- thus maintaining an almost even temperature throughout.

      It was a very good value for money. I have been using it for the past 7 years and haven't had any problems. I would definitely recommend this.


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      19.08.2010 22:02
      Very helpful
      1 Comment




      When we lived in our flat, the heating packed up in the middle of the freezing cold winter - the last thing in the world you want to happen. And when our landlord told us he wouldn't be able to get the engineer out until the next day I was nearly in tears. We had no heating whatsoever and my little girl was only 3. So we layered on the clothing and my mother in law brought us round this Deonghi fan heater.

      The heater was made out of white plastic with a thermostat setting on the top and black plastic grating for the front. My mother in law told us it a 3kw output and that there were three settings - cool, medium and hot and then a further setting numbered 1-6 which controls how hot "hot" actually is.

      We all stayed in our bedroom that night and tried to warm the bedroom up before we went to sleep. We switched the fan heater on and the first thing that really impressed me about it was that it made barely no noise. The fan heater we had from Argos used to make so much noise it was impossible to hear anything on the TV if the volume was low but this just made a slight whirring noise of the fan and that was that.

      We fiddled about with the temperatures for a few minutes, trying to find the perfect one. My first instinct was to whack everything up full blast and we found that when you put it on heat setting number 5 the heater would get really warm and then cool down again after a few minutes. It took us a minute to realise that the heater had an overheating protection system in place. I was in panic mode thinking we had broken it! The strange thing was when you moved it up to number 6, the overheating protection didn't kick in and the heater was dishing out a fair bit of hot air. I am not sure if there was a fault with my mother in law's heater or if this is how it should be.

      It did warm up the bedroom really well but the heat didn't stick around for long. We had to switch it on and off throughout the night to keep it warm in the bedroom. The length of the cable was also pretty annoying as it was quite short. We couldn't get it to stretch close enough to us so it was like trying to sit around a campfire!

      I know my mother in law purchased it in Argos but I am unsure of how much it cost her. I do recommend it as it is a good heater whilst it keeps you warm but once the heat is off, you do notice the heat disappearing out of the room but this isn't down to the heater. The only thing I did find with this was that it did murder our electricity bill a bit even after just a days useage so do keep an eye on the electric is you purchase this.


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        10.01.2009 09:04
        Very helpful



        I don't know what i would have done without it.

        After moving into our new house about 10 months ago now which we rent privately the first thing the landlord promised was that he would sort the fire out in the living room. It is one of them coal burner ones with a door,but unfortunately one of the sides had collapsed therefore it was unsafe to use. As we moved in during a cold spell and it wasn't quite spring yet we had to come up with a safe way to heat the living room as we have two young children who would be using the living room quite often.

        My partners dad gave us one of these DeLonghi fan heaters where you simply plug in, choose your settings and away you go. At first i was very impressed with the heat that the heater that kicking out, as for such a small product i wouldn't of expected it.

        The heater is a 3kw output and you can either have the fan set to cool or either hot. It is a very compact little heater and is very small. It has three different heat settings- cool, medium and warm and then it has 6 different settings to control the temperature with one being the lowest and 6 being the highest. If you have the heater on number 6 it will constantly kick out hot air, but if you have it on either 4 or 5 it has a overheat protection system where if it gets to hot it will stop working, and then when it feels like it's gone to a lower temperature again will kick in blowing hot air again.

        It has a thermostat to control the temperature as well and since we have been using it, have found it to be very safe and ideal. It warms up out rather large living room in no time at all and the heat circulates around for ages. I have yet to use it as a cooling fan so i cannot comment on how well it cools.

        Unlike some other fan heaters i have used in the past i have found that it doesn't make a loud noise, just a simple low whirling noise which is hardly noticeable. Plus it doesn't dry up the air as much, which i also found with other heaters.

        After using the heater for many months we decided to purchase a new heater a few weeks back as the old one was getting to old! And with the landlord showing no sign of the new fire, we have found that it's the cheapest and easiest way to heat the living room for now. Most of the heating in out house comes from the rayburn, which some days is not needed, and then if it gets a little chilly instead of lighting the rayburn we will use the fan heater for a while just to add some warmth to the house.

        Both me and my partner agree that the heater does a great job and is excellent value for money, the new heater that we brought a few weeks ago cost £20.00 from Amazon, and about £25.00 in Argos which is still pretty cheap. Its practical, safe and we didn't see any rapid changes to our energy bills neither.

        The only downfall really is that is only has a short cable attached, so you need to have a plug socket close by. But i suppose that they make the leads short for safety reasons.

        I would defiantly recommend this product as a short term solution to heating rooms, although i must point out that they are not safe to use in bathrooms.


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          25.07.2007 16:36
          Very helpful



          A good fan heater with good power and cold air option.

          Fan heaters have always had a tendency to dry out my throat, partially because the heat they give out usually dries general air out too, having been impressed with our Delonghi convector heater however, it made sense to consider a fan heater at some point since we didn’t have one and this seemed to be a back up plan from the recommendation from a friend. Although fan heaters are notoriously expensive to run, they are cheap to run if used as a cool fan instead and whereas some fan heaters from years gone by don’t have a cool fan option, this was one of the options I was looking for. As it so happens this year with Scotland getting the best of the warm, sunny weather and not being able to open my windows for fear of flying ants coming in to breed on my windows, I’ve had this Delonghi fan out to supply cool air into my bedroom.

          ** Delonghi Fan Heater HTE 330/333 **

          Delonghi as a company have been making heaters for almost 30 years. Out of their fan heater ranges, there is a lot to consider from six types of oscillating fans, to 6 models in their upright range, and 3 flat types. The Delonghi HTE 332/3 flat model was the one on offer which I have purchased at a price of £21-99. Argos currently have this model on sale at £19-95 (cat no 4159074).

          ** Nar’s Quick Skip Review Spec **

          • Choice of 1.5kw (cold air), 2kw and 3kw settings – all through the rotary dial.
          • Thermostat control – cuts out if left on for a longer time.
          • Frost Protection – supplies minimal heat.
          • Overheat safety cut out
          • Portable and light weight: (H)13.5cm (W)26.7cm (D)25.7cm: beige and grey colouring; offensive and easy to keep clean.
          • 2 metre power cord length.

          ** Controls **

          This portable heater has two controls. The first dial for example sets up the ambient temperature whilst the back control dial functions the heat fan or cool air fan setting. There are possible selections between 1 to 6 but anything after selection 4 starts to bring through heat almost immediately. Similarly the fan heater selection dial only lists "1," "2," and a symbol of a fan blade to indicate fan only whenever cool air is needed, handy I suppose for Summer seasons and the like. The 1st setting imparts the 2kw heat level, whereas setting 2 imparts the full amount of heat available; 3kw.

          Being cheap to buy there is no actual indicator on this heater to show that it's on other than audibly whenever it's turned on, the fan starts to whirr. Whilst this is a slight disappointment, on the main fascia of the machine there is a half diameter "curve" which acts as a guideline marker to select the dials to go on and off. At first I didn't think anything was happening when I turned one of the dials on to activate the heater but it pays to look closely!

          ** Using The Delonghi **

          This is a super little fan heater. Compared to the Woolworths heater which I had loaned before purchasing my own, this unit is more compact, more powerful and less bulky to trip over. The long power cord means that the heater can be put into a more discreet place over time, whilst the heat settings can provide a good roasting.

          I have been more impressed with the Antifreeze/Frost protection device because when I have left the room for more than an hour and put this selection on, the Delonghi maintains a minimum level of heat which cuts maximum energy spending. This model can also regulate the level of heat once the room has reached whichever heat temperature you like, without burning a hole in your electricity bill! And when my quarterly bill arrived, the bill showed that I had incurred an extra £15 which for some may well be expensive, but my quarterly 3 month bill in my opinion isn’t so bad for paying this extra with the use of this fan heater.

          The safety cut out feature is a good additional selling point. Like my other Delonghi heater, which rings out if it falls over, this heater will cut out automatically if the front vent of the heater is covered over. The model will switch off as well if it over heats, which if it does must be unplugged and allow to "rest" before plugging back in again. According to the manual the heater will switch on after a couple of minutes rest. Like all fan heaters on the market, the front where the heat spills out, should never be covered.

          The cool air facility actually pumps out cold air! When changing from heat to cool air, the fan doesn't pump out half-baked cool air; it actually emits cold air as opposed to warmish cold air which on other heaters feel as if it will never get cold.

          Storing the heater away is child's play. Although there is no cord wrap located at the bottom of the heater, the rubber cord can be swung around the main body of the heater and slides well under any small low surface. I've kept the box just to make sure the main body of the Delonghi doesn't come into contact with anything, or if anything should go wrong with it before the year is out to cover the 1 year guarantee.

          The heat levels are fantastic. I do find though that the first setting allows more uniform heat over a long period of time. The second setting really roasts my feet off but can become too stuffy over long periods. It's good to know however that this model can give out so much heat though.

          ** Any Downsides? **

          There are a few downsides to this unit.

          Firstly, it's a fan so my throat is automatically going to dry out, isn't it? Well, not if you put a glass tumbler of water in the room with you! Funny as it may seem, my dad advised me to do this and I can see why; with water being air borne when dry heat is applied to any room, it levels out the breathable air in the room. I'm no scientist at the end of the day, and if it levels out the humidity in the room, then I'm first in line to try anything other than a sore throat. Fan heaters are notorious for drying out room air, so try this if you find you get a sore throat or cough if you have a fan heater, not just this model.

          The noise on the highest setting of the Delonghi has proved to be noisy. But when you're typing reviews and doing general work around the fan, the noise can be forgotten. Again compared to the Woolworths version which is less powered, the Delonghi is a smidge noisier, sounding like a fast table fan rather than actual whine.

          ** Dust **

          Over the years I have used fan heaters on occasion, particularly when central heating systems have gone up the spout; halls of residences seem to spell memorable uses, and it is the question of dust which can prevent an actual fan from working properly. The problem is, I have never come across any manufacturer which has an optional dust cover to gain access to the main top fan which cools the motor whilst it is pumping out heat at the front. The top fan over the years and certainly over the time of being used, catches dirt and looks quite unhealthy, yet no manufacturer, even Delonghi manages to include a dirt fan cover where the user can clean out the dirt which accumulates on the fan. This model doesn't have this feature, but in its defence the top fan has an enclosed wall which should minimise dust where the fan blades turn.

          ** The Manual **

          The manual is a simple blue and white booklet which has been written in 15 other languages, the first being English. The manual points out, all the features and controls on the machine in a single drawn photograph of the model and there is a helpful "Warnings," section which, amidst all of the warnings listed, informs the user that this fan cannot be wall mounted or used around laundry.

          ** Conclusion **

          For instant heat I'm generally impressed with this fan heater, even though I am not a great consumer when it comes to using these types of heaters whilst cool fresh air is also obtainable. I prefer convection at the end of the day, but for instant measures where nothing was available the Delonghi delivers yet again! The only problem is that my parents have taken a like to it, and now settles with them whenever they need instant warmth. The trick however is to keep it at setting 1 for less cost to electricity bills. Thank you for reading. ©Nar2 2007.



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          Short name: DeLonghi HTE332

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