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Brand: EasiYo / Type: Ice Cream Maker

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    2 Reviews
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      27.02.2012 19:28
      Very helpful



      Super tasting all natural home made yoghurt - but expensive

      *** Yoghurt - "le lait de la vie eternelle" ...the milk of eternal life ***

      ---Why I Buy This---

      I first came across home made yoghurt at a friends house a few years ago. It tasted so good I decided to get myself a yoghurt maker - and tracked one down in the Lakeland catalogue about six years ago. Since then I have seen numerous demonstrations on QVC UK.
      It seemed a very healthy alternative to shop bought yoghurts and much easier to use than the electric yoghurt makers I had seen in the past.

      ---The Brand---

      EasiYo has been making yoghurt since 1992 using New Zealand milk.

      ---The Product---

      The EasiYo Yoghurt Maker is a large white insulated container with screw top lid (but has been in other colours - see below).
      Inside is a baffle for the yoghurt jar to sit on.
      You also get a 1 litre clear pot with red screw on lid.
      You can also buy a smaller 'lunch taker' jar or additional 1 litre jars.
      Uses no electricity- apart from boiling your kettle.


      * Half fill yoghurt jar with cold water (from the tap, cold previously boiled or bottled)
      * Mix in the sachet contents
      * Top up to fill line with more cold water
      * Screw on lid tightly and shake until completely mixed.
      * Insert red 'baffle' into maker.
      * Fill large container with freshly boiled water up to the top of the red baffle.
      * Insert yoghurt pot which will sit on top of baffle.
      * Place on screw lid.
      * Leave for 8-12 hours or overnight.
      * Afterwards store in the fridge.

      ---Nutritional Benefits---

      From EasiYo UK website:
      'All EasiYo Yoghurts contain an abundance of Acidophilus, stomach friendly bacteria, and the BioLife range having additional benefits of probiotic cultures, which helps to improve your digestive health!
      * Suitable for vegetarians but not vegans as they contain dairy products.
      * All ingredients in EasiYo Yoghurts are specified non-GM.
      * All EasiYo Yoghurts are gluten and wheat free.
      * Helps after antibiotic use.
      * EasiYo is rich in Protein.
      * EasiYo is a great source of Calcium.
      * Helps with the Synthesis of Vitamins
      * EasiYo Yoghurts typically contain around 3% lactose in the final product. This is slightly less than cow's milk (4.6%).
      * Contains - Riboflavin, Thiamin, Vitamin A and E'.

      ---Yoghurt Maker Colours---

      The standard maker is white with red touches but it has been on sale on QVC UK on occasions in:
      * Silver
      * Pink
      * Black


      As well as yoghurts (including low fat and luxury) you can also now buy packet mixes for drinking yoghurts, ice creams, cheescake, mousses and jellys (like a sort of milk jelly). There are also fruit squirts to use as toppers or fillings.
      The yoghurts come in a wide variety of fruit and sweet flavours.

      ---Cost of Starter Kits---

      Lakeland - £14.99:
      * EasiYo Yoghurt Maker
      * Yoghurt Jar
      * 1 x 135g Bio-Natural Yoghurt Mix (makes 1 litre)
      * Berryfruit Concentrated Fruit Squirt
      * EasiYo Recipe Booklet.

      EasiYo.co.uk - £11.99:
      * White Yoghurt maker
      * Yoghurt jar
      * Natural yoghurt mix
      * Berryfruit concentrate pulp
      * Recipe book.

      ---Cost of Mixes---

      These can be bought singly or in packs and vary according to the type bought.
      Expect to pay from £1.75 upwards per litre - extra if you have to pay postage.


      Both the yoghurt maker and the packet mixes can be purchased either direct form EasiYo, Lakeland, QVC UK or numerous Health Food stores and also other websites including Ebay.

      ---Other Uses for Yoghurt Maker---

      If you search online you will find recipes for making yoghurt in your EasiYo Yoghurt Maker - but without the need to use their packet mixes - using either fresh milk, UHT milk or powdered milk.
      I must add I have never tried this myself - but as the maker will keep your mixture at a warm temperature similar to a thermos flask I can see how it would work.

      ---Cleaning Yoghurt Maker---

      The jars have straight sides and easy to wash lids and just need a normal wash in soapy water.
      The maker itself does not really need washing as it only contains boiling water but can be either washed or wiped over if required.

      ---My Opinion---

      I have only ever made the yoghurt for myself - but was pleasantly surprised by how simple it was to use.
      I would pick up extra packs of the yoghurt mix when in our local town in our local health store.
      Each packet would make one litre of yoghurt which would last me for about four days.
      I find the taste and texture of the finished yoghurt very pleasant - it comes out really nice and creamy. I have not tried the ice creams or drinking yoghurts.
      You cannot fault the taste of any of the fruity versions and I have never had one that I did not like.
      EasiYo are always bringing out new varieties and they can be used in lots of pudding and sweet recipes - personally I just ate it!
      The yoghurts are simplicity themselves to make and they are nicer if put in the fridge for a while after making to firm up a little.
      When freshly made they are good and solid, the way I like them and are so tasty they do not need fruit or anything added to them to make them palatable - though you obviously can add whatever you wish to them.
      Many people use the plain yoghurts in cooking - such as with curries etc.


      * I have had a few packs that failed to 'set' after the required time. This has put me off a little.
      On QVC they say this might be because the kitchen temperature was a little low - but I have done it exactly the same as successful batches.
      * The cost can work out expensive as I have to buy the mixes online - they are quite expensive for 1 litre anyway but add on postage and it is a lot to pay - especially if they do not turn out as well as expected.
      * May be bulky to store in a small kitchen if not used very often.

      ---Star Rating---

      3 Stars.

      ---Would I Recommend?---

      Yes - but a bit expensive and did not always set well for me.




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        26.02.2012 22:11
        Very helpful



        simple to use, easy to store, easy to clean and AMAZING results. What more could I ask for?

        I was so happy to see that dooyoo have the EasiYo system on their site. This is one of, if not THE best "gadgets" I have ever used and I'm surprised I'm the first person to write a review of this incredible product. 


        EasiYo is a thermos style fresh, LIVE yogurt maker that consists of no moving parts and uses absolutely no power.


        ( * )  = number of contents

        The main EasiYo system ( 1 )
         - This is a large, white, plastic, thermos style respectful in which the yogurt will be made.

        The the yogurt jar ( 1 )
         - This is a smoky coloured, soft plastic, large, 1kg sized jar with the large red EasiYo logo on the front and a chunky, red, screw off lid - this jar is where the yogurt mix will be placed.

        The bevel ( 1 ) 
        - This is a chunky, red, plastic, circular support system - this is what the yogurt jar rests upon within the main system.


        It couldn't be easier to use but you will first have to purchase an EasiYo yogurt sachet they are sold everywhere that the EasiYo system is sold both online and in stores and come in a mouthwatering verity of flavours and styles, each sachet makes 1 litre of yogurt.
        1/ Simply pop a kettle on to boil

        2/ unscrew the White lid off the top of the EasiYo system.

        3/ remove the yogurt jar from inside the main system and unscrew it's lid.

        4/ fill the yogurt jar half way with COLD drinking water (tap water is fine)

        5/ empty in the contents of an EasiYo yogurt powder sachet (sold separately) in to the yogurt jar onto the water.

        6/ add two to four tablespoons of sugar if desired (only do this if using an unsweetened yogurt sachet, if using a sweetened sachet DO NOT add an more sugar) then lightly stir with a spoon.

        7/ fill up the remainder of the yogurt jar with more cold drinking water

        8/ screw the red lid back onto the yogurt jar and shake until the contents of the sachet, the sugar (if added) and the water have mixed completely (the contents mix incredibly easily with very little shaking required. All it requires is a few light shakes, just like using a cocktail shaker, and the contents blend beautifully)

        9/ push the red baffle down into the main system. Push it all the way down to the bottom.

        10/ by now the kettle will have come to the boil. Pour some boiling water down into the main system until it reaches the top of the red baffle (this is very easy to see and do).

        11/ now simply place the premixed yogurt jar down into the main system and it will rest comfortably upon the red baffle. (once placed upon the baffle the water will rise up around the sides of the yogurt jar).

        12/ replace the large White lid on to the main EasiYo system, and then forget about it for ten to twelve hours (I find leaving it over night is best otherwise I can't help but keep checking it).

        13/ after the time has past your yogurt is ready, but needs to be chilled. Simply unscrew the White lid and remove the yogurt jar and place in the refrigerator until chilled. Or if you have left it a little bit longer than required the water in the EasiYo system will have completely cooled and the yogurt will be at the perfect temperature (that's my faviroute way of having it).


        All parts can be washed with warm soapy water. The main unit MUST NOT be submerged in water just use a clean damp cloth to wipe the inner and outer surface clean. Very easy!

        Storing the EasiYo system is easy too, all parts fit comfortably in to the main unit then simply screw on the lid and store away until required.


        There is nothing better than coming down on a summers morning and unscrewing the lid of the EasiYo system and lifting out the now wonderfully heavy yogurt tub full to the brim of the thickest, tastiest all natural yogurt that I have ever tasted in my life.
        You will never eat or want to eat any shop bought yogurt again I promise you.
        THAT'S how good it is.

        YOGURT FLAVOURS AVAILABLE (all prepared the same way as above)

        Natural - YUM! lovely with fruit, fresh or tinned

        Apricot - YUM! Soft, mild, flavour, lovely straight from the fridge.

        Cherry - I'm not a fan but my family are.

        Lemon - no I don't like lemon deserts but again my family do.

        Peach - YUM! soft and delicately flavoured just divine.

        Strawberry - very nice. 

        Toffee - very sweet but very very nice.

        Raspberry - I don't even like raspberry jam so it's no wonder I didn't like this one.

        Summer Fruits - lovely dolloped beside a pavlova.

        Vanilla - always a classic and for good reason it's VERY nice.

        Apple & Blackberry - this tastes far more of the blackberry than the apple.

        Banana - lovely, but if I closed my eyes I wouldn't be able to guess the flavour.

        Boysenberry - YUM! strong tasting but delicious.

        Blackcurrant - one of my least favourite.

        Caramel - unsurprisingly this is very similar to the toffee but milder and less sweet.

        Forest Fruits - again this one is very nice dolloped beside pavlova or summer pudding.

        And finally my absolute favourite, Mango, this is a thick, fresh tasting tropical dream.

        YOGURT STYLES AVAILABLE (all prepared the same way as above)


        Flavours -

        These are still a lovely thick yogurt but you CAN tell the difference. I suggest you don't try any of the full fat versions before these and you will think they are amazing.


        Greek - very thick but gorgeous.
        Sweet Greek - very thick and even more gorgeous.

        Custard - OMG this should be illegal.

        Greek n Honey - very thick and luxurious.

        Low Fat Greek - lovely and thick just don't try the full fat first.


        living in a cold country that has harsh, wet winters it's no wonder our body takes a belting in the form of colds and coughs and even the flu. And in those times of need we tend to turn to antibiotics for help. They do their job very well and soon get us back on our feet but what we don't realise is that they have completely wiped out all the good bacteria that live in our gut and help us fight off future infections. The fact that we caught the cold in the first place probably tells us that we were low in these good bacteria in the first place.
        Natural yogurt is a great source of these good bacteria. The fresher the yogurt the more LIVE cultures there are to help these essential good bacteria thrive in your body. Just one spoonful of EasiYo contains not millions but billions of these live cultures and each one helps keep you stronger for longer from within.


        The EasiYo Fresh Yogurt Making System is an incredible product. It couldn't be more simple to use. It's just as easy as dropping a teabag into a cup and adding water.
        It tastes SO good you'll be convinced it's bad. 
        In my opinion every home should have an EasiYo.

        Thanks for reading :0) 2night.


        The EasiYo system can be purchased in larger Holland & Barrett stores or on their website : Hollandandbarrett.com for only £16.99

        The EasiYo yogurt sachets can also be purchased in store or online at : Hollandandbarrett.com starting at £2.49 to £2.99 each.

        *This review is also published on Ciao under the same user name*


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      • Product Details

        EasiYo Yogurt Maker in White The EasiYo Yogurt Maker's unique design makes yogurt as 'easy as making a cup of tea' / No electronics no mess no fuss simple easy / perfect yogurt every time guaranteed! The real yogurt bases are made from the finest quality New Zealand milk powder and come in a large range based on fat content plus Specialty ones such as Greek Organic and Probiotic Biolife / There's a range of EasiYo Real Fruit Squirts and the EasiYo Cookbook / full of favourite recipes for low-fat dips sauces dressings smoothies and wonderful low fat desserts / Just 3 steps to the perfect fresh live yoghurt! Step one / Half-fill the yogurt jar with cold drinking water / Thoroughly mix in the contents of the sachet and shake / Step 2 / Pour boiling water into the Yogurt Maker / Step 3 / Place jar inside / The boiling water will rise up around the base of the jar / Short name: EasiYo EY-120039

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