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Fackelmann Stainless Steel Frother

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Brand: Fackelmann / Type: Milk Frother

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    1 Review
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      19.03.2013 13:56
      Very helpful



      frothy coffee in an instant

      Fackelmann is a German company I believe, and so not surprisingly it's also very popular in Austria. I've just spent a week in Austria visiting friends and I've come back with a huge stash of little Fackelmann gadgets. The only one of the items that seems to be on Dooyoo is this little Fackelmann milk frother. I best get suggesting the other gadgets that I bought! I paid just Euro3 for this little milk frother in Austria, I've had a quick look on Amazon and they are available for around £4 on there.

      This little milk frother does take batteries, 2 x AA batteries, which are not included.

      This little milk frother is suitable for frothing (frothing - is that even a word!) both hot and cold milk, although I have to say that it does work much better with hot milk, it creates much more milk froth or foam with hot milk. Maybe this is the nature of hot milk, and maybe hot milk will always froth up more than cold milk? I'm not sure. Anyway it's easy to use and it takes only 20 seconds or so to create nice foamy frothy milk for my cappuccino or latte.

      All I do with hot milk is heat my milk in the microwave in a little plastic jug first, then once it's nice and hot get to work with this nifty little gadget. It's important to stress here that you should only switch the little milk frother on once you have inserted the little twirly end of the milk frother into the milk, if you switch it on first and then insert it into the milk whilst it's twirling then your milk will go everywhere once the twirling bit hits the milk, it's like taking a milk shower! I learnt this the hard way! So insert the twirly end into your hot milk, with the milk frother turned off, and then just flip the little plastic switch on the side and the end will start to twirl and your milk will start to foam up and froth. I find that about 20 seconds creates the perfect amount of froth for my latte or cappuccino. Again I feel that it's important to stress here that you need to turn the little milk frother off whilst it's still inserted into the jug of milk, otherwise if you try and take it out of the jug of milk whilst it's still twirling - yep, you've guessed it, milk shower again! I always pour the milk out of the jug and hold the froth back with a spoon, like they do in coffee shops, and then I just spoon all the lovely foamy froth on to the top of my drink. This creates very stable milk froth and I find that it lasts to the end of my drink, it doesn't 'melt' and disappear.

      With cold milk I find that I need to twirl for about 30 seconds, and even then I don't get as much milk froth as I would with hot milk, it's pointless keeping going for any longer than about 30 seconds as this doesn't seem to create any more froth. I've just accepted that cold milk doesn't seem to froth as much as hot milk.

      I only drink skimmed milk in coffee, or very occasionally semi-skimmed milk, and I find that this creates perfect milk froth with both types of milk. I've also used this on whole milk as my mum will only take whole milk in her coffee and it works perfectly on whole milk too. I would say that the fuller fat the milk the more milk froth you get, if I make my mum a cappuccino or a latte then hers with full fat milk always has more milk froth than mine with skimmed milk. I do get a perfectly adequate amount of milk froth with skimmed milk or semi-skimmed milk though.

      This is easy to clean, it can't go in the dishwasher, and obviously you can't immerse the body of this in water as it contains the batteries, however all I need to do to keep this clean is just insert the twirly bit in some soapy water as if it was a jug of milk and then switch it on and the twirling action will clean the little wire parts in the soapy water. I then switch it back off and take it out of the soapy water, give it a shake and then leave it to air dry.

      I'd definitely recommend this little milk frother; it's cheap, it's easy to use, it works well, and it's easy to clean.


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