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Frigidaire Fcl8008/h

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Brand: Frigidaire / Type: 2 Slice

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    1 Review
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      30.08.2012 00:12
      Very helpful



      Enjoyable toasted juicy sandwiches from my Frigidaire sandwich maker


      ~Packaging and product description~

      The product comes in a white box and inside it is packed in a plastic bag, and it also comes with a user guide explaining how to use it and how to maintain it.

      The toaster is made of white metal casing. On the top panel the name FRIGIDAIRE is clearly visible as well as the two indicators lights. One is red (power on) and shows that the toaster is on and operating (heating the plates), and the other one is green and lights up when the sandwich maker reaches the correct temperature and is ready for toasting (ready indicator light). A summary of the safe use of the toaster is printed in small red print on a sticky label. The top panel also houses the top toaster plates on the inside and the bottom toaster plates are housed in the bottom panel of the metal frame. The toaster plates are made of non-sticky plastic and hold 2 slices (2 slice sandwich maker). The plates in this toaster are non-removable, fixed in position.

      At the bottom, the toaster has non-slip feet which give it a grip on the kitchen work bench and keep it in position whilst in use. The information on the wattage, disposing and more of the small print is located underneath the toaster.

      ~Operation and Ease of use ~

      Before using it for the first time, it is advisable to wipe the plates with a damp cloth to remove the dust and any leftover manufacturing residues, then switch it on and leave it for a few minutes, again for the metal plates to burn off any residual bits from manufacturing otherwise your first toast with be tainted with the smell of burning bits and all the dust.

      Loading the toaster to make the sandwich can be a bit tricky at first but not difficulty. Preheat the toaster as recommended for about 3-5 minutes or until the green light glows to show that it is ready. Whilst waiting for the toaster to heat up, load your sandwiches with the preferred filling. Put the sandwiches on the toaster and close the toaster by pressing the top panel on the sandwiches and firmly locking it in position with the locking clip which clicks in position on the bottom panel. If the sandwiches are too thick, closing it may prove to be difficulty and exerting too much pressure to close the toaster may prove to be disastrous for the toaster's proper functioning and also leaves too much mess from spillage when the filling is pressed too hard.

      From experience, I would say:

      *Use medium sliced bread instead of thick sliced bread

      *Avoid putting too much filling as some of it will spill out when the toaster is closed

      *Place the sandwich a bit further back beyond the bottom plate sandwich designated depression as the top of the sandwich maker will push the sandwich slightly forward during closing

      *Once the toast is done, now how do you know since the toaster has no timer and thermostat for the auto switch off. This comes with experience but basically once you see steam coming out, your sandwich is almost done. Switch off from mains, remove the toast and place on a cooling rack, yes it will be very hot so be careful..

      Allow the toaster to cool down a bit and clean any spillage and crumbs before they dry out on the plates. Also note that juices will collect in the bottom groove just behind the bottom plate, and this will need cleaning as soon as possible as well. I normally leave it open until it has cooled down and dry before folding it back into position.

      The toaster can be store in upright position when not in use so saving a lot of space.

      ~Safety consideration~

      The cable is thick and flexible, and the toaster comes with an earthed 3-pin plug already fitted. At the back of toaster, the cable is protected within a wire coil which is very flexible during opening and closing. The maximum power is 700 W.

      The toaster should be kept away from the reach of children especially during use and should not be left to overheat.

      During cleaning, avoid direct contact with water and do not immerse in water so clean by wiping with a damp cloth instead.

      This toaster like other electrical gadgets cannot be disposed of in the ordinary rubbish bin, it has to be taken to the designated recycling sites.


      I don't regret buying this toaster at all although I was a bit apprehensive at first because of the price and the name which I wasn't really familiar with. It is actually good; it does the job so I am glad I tried it. .

      All in all, very good value for money. I got mine for £18.00 from Amazon. It doesn't seem to be readily available in most outlets as I expected.

      It is really a handy gadget in my kitchen especially during the week with everyone rushing out, I insist on making healthy sandwiches for school and for work. It saves the pennies too as I can have a nice sandwich for less money.

      Yes I recommend it as it does the job.

      Thank you for reading and rating

      hildah11; Aug 2012


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      Short name: Frigidaire Fcl8008/h

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